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#6739: Contemptible

"Mom Says She’s Disturbed By A Pedophile Lusting Over Her 12-Year-Old Drag Queen Son". "Putting this kid in a gay bar is the equivalent of taking one of the little girls from a child beauty pageant to perform in a strip club."

"Mother Of 11-Year-Old 'Drag Kid' Blasts 'Convicted Pedophile' For Sexualizing Her Child".
Desmond's parents made waves last year when the "drag kid" performed a dance number in full drag at a New York City gay bar. As he removed his jacket and bounced around on stage, howling men handed him dollar bills. The jaw-dropping event, captured on video, sparked backlash from the public, calling attention to Napoles seemingly engaging in the sexualization of her own child through such "drag" performances.
And then that whole thing about "drag queen story hour" just being about serving a "sector" of the community?

Drag queen story hour turned into "adult man dressed as a woman rolling around on the floor in full-body contact with prepubescent children hour" but it's disappointing when people object to drag queen story hour, because of course there's absolutely nothing wrong with having drag queens read stories to children, right?

Of course!
In Houston, it was discovered that two drag queens had criminal histories of child molestation and weren't even supposed to be near schools or places where children go but had escaped the library director's notice, and because he failed to do any background checks, the molesters were hired to read to children. Let that sink in. A Houston library allowed two sex offenders to read to children.
I don't know what the problem is, here. After all, adult men who make careers out of pretending to be women are obviously stable members of society, right? There's not a hint of any psychological issues there. All the major religions have proscribed men dressing as women but that's just because they're old-fashioned and stupid. Right?


* * *

I have no sympathy. The news media is reaping the whirlwind they began to sow decades ago. Starting around 2004 they stopped casting the seed by hand and began using automated equipment; by the time Obama was running for office they'd taken the mask off entirely and were in full-on "advocacy" mode. I can remember writing posts here at the Fungus about how the press would come to regret their unabashed bias.

You simply cannot trust anything the mainstream media says any longer. This was true for decades before now, but that used to mean they simply omitted inconvenient details, or slanted them. A current example is how Jussie Smolett's hoax, when first reported, was "actor attacked", but Andy Ngo being attacked by antifa on camera gets "reporter says he was attacked" for a headline. The latter implies falsehood; the former makes it sound like a fact. Another example of this is how they treat the party affiliation of a politician who is credibly accused of perfidy. If it is in the headline, or in the first paragraph, it will always be "Republican". If it's hidden way down in the article, it's "Democrat", every time.

And don't forget this gem:

The Democrat governor of Virginia, found to have posed in blackface in his medical school yearbook. Oh! And remember the picture of Anthony Weiner with his wife standing on his right side, so the caption for the picture helpfully labeled which one was him by saying "Anthoy Weiner (R) is accused of...." Remember that? "We're just telling you which one of those people is him!"

No. You are deliberately trying to plant an impression in peoples' minds. You are slanting the news, on purpose, to effect a desired political outcome.

So, LEARN TO CODE you useless motherfuckers.

* * *

Next up, The Little Mermaid is black. Just thought you should know that.

Disney is in the process of doing two things with its content. First off, they are remaking all these movies in order to secure their intellectual property in perpetuity; the copyrights for these movies will be held by the corporation but they only last so long before they expire. By remaking them every so often it keeps the characters and such out of the public domain. Second, they remake them so that they can credibly release them in theaters and expect new viewers to come see them.

But the people making the movies cannot help but recast them to match their delicate sensibilities. It is much more important to check boxes on the diversity form than it is to tell a good story, or even one that makes any sense at all. That's why the latest Star Wars extrusions are so awful; in their incontinent need to make the Force female, they've abandoned just about everything that made that series worth watching.

While there is no real reason Ariel the Mermaid can't be black, there is no reason she can't be white, either. I'd like to think that Disney selected the absolute best actress they could to play Ariel, because they felt that actress' interpretation of the character would make for the absolute best story they could tell--but I've got a fiver that she ain't, and they didn't, and after someone decided "We'll have her be black!" they grabbed the first one who looked nice and who could sing tolerably well and had prior experience with acting.

Besides, it'll annoy the rubes in flyover country. Celebrities are very happy with this selection.

As for me? No skin off my nuts. I just think it's amusing that when you pick a white woman to play a character from a manga series (Battle Angel Alita), that's "whitewashing"; but when you pick a black woman to play a (formerly) white character, that's just peachy.

* * *

I really hate scaremongering. I especially hate it when people write articles to scare folks and don't bother to include the government-imposed limits for comparison, or even any factual data at all about how much of [whatever] is actually toxic to the human body.

Example: about 100mg of arsenic is lethal. The UN says about 10 parts per billion (ppb) is the upper limit for safe drinking water in order to avoid chronic effects. Yet we frequently get stories about arsenic in juice boxes because gosh, someone found there was arsenic in the stuff. But in order to be in any serious danger you'd have to drink about 40,000 gallons of the juice at one sitting.

We can detect vanishingly small traces of chemicals in anything, and because we live in a toxic and radioactive world there's going to be stuff in our food and air and clothing and bodies that can cause health problems. But the dose makes the poison and no one lives forever.

So, this article talks about finding cadmium in alcoholic beverages stored in bottles. Or, no, here's where the cadmium was actually found: "enamels contained the most toxicity, with cadmium concentrations of 20,000 parts per million (ppm) in the label of bottles."

In the labels. Which don't actually touch the contents of the bottle unless something goes seriously wrong with containment. And let me tell you, the amount of cadmium which will leach through the glass and into the contents of the bottle will be a hell of a lot lower than 20,000 ppm.

Jeeze louise.

* * *

Sanctuary city...for guns. It's happening all over the place, cities deciding to stand up and say, "No, we're not enforcing those laws." The precedent has been set with the cities which refuse to cooperate with the federal government and the immigrations enforcement people. It'll be interesting to see if ("when!" who am I kidding?) the people who support illegal alien sanctuary cities start to decry the gun owner sanctuary cities.

* * *

I have to agree.
I myself would prefer to live in uninteresting times, but increasingly it looks like I haven't had much of a choice about the, go on, Klantifa; keep tugging on Superman's cape, spitting into the wind, and pulling the mask off that ol' Lone Ranger. I'll be right over here, munching popcorn and regarding the posted videos with appreciate interest.
Yeah, you guys go right on messing around with Jim.

* * *

Dunkin Donuts is doing the right thing.

When so many other corporations are not.

* * *

Big surprise that the Democrats are hypocrites. Democrat strategies make more sense if you always remember to look for the political advantage they hope to gain from it.

Going back to the whole "media" point in an earlier vignette, "In a normal country, hard questions would be asked by the mainstream media of those who have recently been part of this cruelty agenda." But the media is on the Democrats' side in this--as in everything else--and so they don't care to ask those questions.

But the Democrats are doing their damnedest to make the problem worse rather than better because they can hurt Trump with it, and because they get more votes next year.

* * *

"Women never lie about being raped!" Except...well, yeah. "A physician's examination...developed the fact that no horrible crime, as charged, had been committed or attempted...." Three guys almost got lynched because a girl claimed they had "assaulted" her (meaning "raped").

* * *

I had to think about this one. The picture shows the recent total solar eclipse that occurred around sunset in South America. It's a nice multiple-exposure image showing the path of the Sun in the sky before, during, and after the eclipse.

I thought, "Wait, didn't that take place at sunset? Why is it--" and then I remembered southern hemisphere.

In the northern hemisphere, the ecliptic leans south. But in the southern hemisphere, it leans north. And then the picture made sense to me.


* * *

Again, this is why I hate the idea of software as a service. If the Internet gets jacked up, you don't get any work done. "Microsoft's Office365 also seems to have experienced a multi-hour partial outage yesterday, with the service working over some ISPs and routes but not others for about four hours."

That is completely unacceptable.

* * *

The invention of directional broadcast antennas. RF is frickin' black magic.

* * *

And now I'm gonna get my holiday on!

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