atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6740: Fun stuff

Yesterday, on my lunch break, I went swimming.

...Mrs. Fungus had an early day and served me hot dogs and potato salad while I was working, so at dinnertime I was at loose ends. We hit the pool. I was only able to stay in there for perhaps 20 minutes, but it sure was nice.

* * *

During our festivities today I got out the little cannon she bought me for my birthday in 2017. I recalled that I had it, went and got it, and tried it.

The first shot went FFFT! because I used an inadequate amount of wadding. The second time, though, it went BANG. So I finally made with the mini-cannon!

NO I did not put shot in it; I just packed in gunpowder and wadding. That was more than cool enough.

* * *

It rained some this afternoon, but not for long.

* * *

Before doing any swimming or anything I went out to the garage and tried starting my motorcycle. No go; the battery didn't have enough juice. Put it on the charger and then had a gander at Buttercup.

I cannot figure out what's leaking. My first thought was "transmission fluid" but it does not smell like that. It doesn't smell like power steering fluid. It has too much of a smell to be motor oil. Nothing, as far as I can tell, is low, not even brake fluid.

It is, of course, unrealistic to expect a 51-year-old car not to leak fluids, no matter how newly rebuilt its powertrain is.

* * *

God love Buzz Aldrin!!!

* * *

Want and need one of these.

* * *

Tomorrow is a work day, but I'm hoping it will not be too busy. We'll see, of course.

Today, Mrs. Fungus and I lit fuses and ate steaks and relaxed in the pool (twice) and in general had a lovely day. Can't complain!

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