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#6741: Well, THEY didn't know anyone who was planning to go.

Media didn't think anyone would go to the President's Independence Day speech. He had, of course, a huge crowd, because he's a vastly more popular President than the media would like to admit or even acknowledge.

* * *

Creepy Joe B. seems to have forgotten who was President and who was vice-President during the 2016 elections.

But the simple fact is that he's actually correct. Russian meddling didn't happen in 2016.

* * *

Germans don't realize how sweltering hot it gets in the US. As soon as they get US-style heat and humidity, though, they shut down. They have to, because they don't install AC in their buildings.

* * *

Stranger Things 3 is heavy on the "grrl power" and that's reason enough for me not to want to see it.
It's not actually, The Bad so much as it is Even More The Meh. Grrl power. The first season was pretty much about boys, men and male problems. This season it's a completely vagina filled year at Stranger Things. The boys are along for the ride and so far they can't get anything right. We'll see if this lasts.
I think that's pretty funny, considering how everyone predicted that was going to be the case.

To make things worse, though?
Steve, (who is now hero,) has to suffer a massive loss in social status because he is now a hero and rich boys can't be heroes. Also the Duffers needed one of the heroes to have a job in the mall. So the same father who gave his son a freaking BMW 7 series, (a high end executive's luxury car) now forces him to get a job in the mall since the moron couldn't get into "Tech".
That was also predicted, that this character would end up being de-rich-ified because he's a good guy and we can never have a rich good guy. Only antagonists can be rich.


Anyway, season 2 was bad enough that neither Mrs. Fungus nor I are interested in seeing this one, even though I'm hearing tell that it's a better story than the last one.

* * *

Oh, wow! Who could possibly have predicted this? Venezuela has death squads! Someone go talk to Sean Penn and Danny Glover and ask them what they think of that.
To be fair, Venezuela's Death Squads have been a part of the country for decades, but they were more a case of Star Chamber than political prosecution. But Chavez developed the "Colectivos" whose mission was to scare and kill political opponents and every frigging body in Venezuela knows that. With that, add the SEBIN (Venezuelan Internal Police) and the Bolivarian Police's FAES (Special Actions) known to be engaged in extra curricular kidnappings and killings for personal profit and what you have is a country caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place for living in fear. Hell, a couple of days ago I posted a video of a death squad in Venezuela popping people behind some industrial building.
The asshats who champion socialism claim that when there are mass graves it's the "wrong" kind of socialism being practiced. But the maintenance of terror, the death squads, the mass graves--all of that is an inevitable consequence of socialism. You cannot have socialism without the threat of violence.

* * *

"In preparation for two upcoming friendlies against Russia, the U.S. women's national team played the FC Dallas U-15 boys academy team on Sunday and fell 5-2, according to FC Dallas' official website." So, this is the same soccer team which is riding roughshod over European teams, and has that lesbian who refuses to go to the White House to meet President Trump. That team.

...gets its clock cleaned by a team composed of boys under the age of fifteen.

This is why you keep biological males out of womens' sports. These are the best women soccer players around (evidence: they're beating Europe's best female teams) and they can't win a scrum against boys?

"They went easy on them!" I'd still expect them to win, considering that they're professionals. It shouldn't even be close. Certainly the boys should not clean their clocks like they did. But winning 5-2 in soccer is just flattening someone.

* * *

I wasn't going to comment on this but it made me laugh out loud. Asked what the first thing he'd do as President Joe Biden dredged up this winner:
...the first thing I would do is make sure that we defeat Donald Trump, period.
Okay, so you're Joe Biden, and you're sitting in the Oval Office on January 20, 2021, and your chief of staff comes in. "Okay, Mr. President! Gosh, it's sure good to say that to you, Joe! Mr. President, what should we work on now?"

"Our absolute first priority is to defeat Donald Trump."


* * *

I agree with this 195%. Men have no say in whether a woman gets an abortion, but if she decides to keep the child he's on the hook for child support. I think as long as it's solely the woman's choice, it should solely be her responsibility. (Unless they are married, in which case it's a joint responsibility until and unless there is a divorce.)

* * *

Cholesterol is just a number and statins are poison. Limit your carbohydrate intake if you want to avoid heart disease.

* * *

Whenever you hear someone crowing about a Republican who wants to impeach Trump it is usually Justin Amash. Justin Amash has just left the GOP, thus improving the average IQ of the party.

* * *

Disagree. Imagine if every vehicle on the road obeyed the traffic laws, and drove according to a fixed set of rules governing their behavior. Things like merging, lane closures, on- and off-ramps, and so forth--all preprogrammed to do the correct thing, every time.

A lot of routine traffic jams would simply vanish. Instead of traffic slowing to a crawl a mile from a lane closure, it would continue to move along at the speed limit, because the behaviors that cause the slowdowns would no longer happen, such as staying in the closing lane until it closes, forcing cars to slow down and let it in.

The other fact is that exceeding the speed limit does not really save all that much time. I proved that pretty conclusively with my commute to $Major_Hardware; leaving about the same time every day and driving at about 60 MPH (instead of 75) got me there a few minutes later. And doing so raised my MPG by 28%.

When you plot time versus distance, you find something interesting. You go a mile in a minute at 60 MPH. You go one mile in two minutes at 30. The curve is asymptotic because of how the math works, but the knee of that curve--the point of diminishing returns--is pretty low, somewhere around the 35 MPH mark. Increasing your speed from 60 MPH to 75 MPH saves you twelve seconds per mile. That's fine if you're going a long distance (20 minutes per 100 miles) but if you're on the expressway for 25 miles, as I was, it saves you a whopping five minutes. And the first time you have to slow down, for anything, that advantage is completely eradicated. If traffic comes to a stop, even momentarily. If there's a construction zone where the speed drops to 45. Anything that drops your speed below 60 MPH starts to cost you time.

Oh well. By the time they have fully-automatic cars that don't need human intervention, I'll be old enough to need one, anyway.

* * *

Make them take off their masks. We don't need snipers to end antifa. We just need to make sure they can't hide who they are. "...seeing as how individually they're mostly spoiled, pasty-faced little queefs living in Mommy's basement."

But they certainly don't have any trouble taking on little girls.

The left always targets people who can't defend themselves.

* * *

It resembles a woman's equestrian hat more than it does a ball cap--but it for damned sure looks better than the conventional "HYPER-NERD!!!" bike helmets do.

* * *

A couple of bits from Pixy Misa that I wanted to talk about.

Apple still struggling to put a keyboard into their $1,200 laptop that's as good as the one in a $500 Gateway.

What if someone held a strike and nobody cared?

I'm not sure what's up with the image at Pixy's post, though. Is that supposed to be Washington-chan crossing the Delaware, or something?

* * *

When I went out this morning to get bread it seemed like it would be cooler today than yesterday. However, the weather site just said "104". That's high--recall that the weather station nearest the bunker always runs about 10-12 degrees hotter than the actual temperature--but yesterday's temp was reported as about 98 degrees. So it's still warmer today than yesterday.


* * *

Activity at Joe's house today. When I went to get the bread I heard what sounded like a gas-powered pump running. Not sure what's going on over there but they're cleaning out the furniture from their family room (which I last saw floating in hip-deep water) and it looks like they're getting rid of other water-damaged stuff. And one of them cut the grass, too.

* * *

Tomorrow I expect to cut the grass. Hopefully the back yard won't be swampy. Once the grass is cut, I'll start working on tree removal. Whee!

Speaking of which--I paid like $65 and tax for the pole saw. I happened across a Menards ad which had a gas chain saw for $100, which was sorely tempting.

Oh well.

* * *

Our tiki torches all rusted to death. I tried filling them and, with the exception of one, they all dribbled oil right back out. *sigh* Garbage day is tomorrow.

* * *

Plus side, it's Friday, and tomorrow is Saturday. Here's hoping it's a nice weekend.

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