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#6743: I'm glad I was raised to know better.

Yes, you are SO funny, aren't you. Dumbass girl on video in a store, opening ice cream, licking it, and putting it back in the freezer. Now faces a "felony tampering" charge.

"One of the things that the USA has done very right is food safety. From refrigeration to packing to food handling, this country has never stopped trying to keep food as safe as possible."

Here's the thing. Imagine there was no video. Imagine, further, that this girl had hepatitis or something even worse, and no one knew she'd licked the ice cream, and someone ate it. Or, imagine that instead of licking the ice cream she sprinkled strychnine on it.

There needs to be real punishment for this.

* * *

As if I needed any more evidence that Rolling Stone doesn't know shit about music here they go an say that 1984 was the "best year" for pop music.


I don't know what year was the best for pop music, but I know that 1984 was not it. I strongly suspect any year in the 1980s was not it. And that's speaking as someone who came of age in the 1980s, who ought to be saying the opposite--but I am not, because 1980s music simply was not very good.

Understand that I do not hate the majority of music that came out in that decade; I simply don't think it's the greatest ever. Plenty of catchy tunes, plenty of fun songs--but no, not the greatest.

* * *

Some rabbi you are. Not being an expert on Judaism, I suppose I am speaking from an anatomically unlikely orofice here, but it seems to me that if the Mosaic Covenant was broken it was people who did it, not God.

The Old Testament in the Bible is essentially the history of Judaism prior to the birth of Christ. It tells a simple tale, over and over again, of how the Jews were chosen by God and had good times, then forgot God and fell away from Him, and were punished, only to be delivered from their woes after coming back to God. Over and over again this happens, each one a parable of fall and redemption.

The Holocaust may have been another one of these stories. For a freaking rabbi to imply that the Holocaust happened because God abandoned the covenent--it just boggles the mind. It ignores thousands of years of history of the jewish race.

But of course modern leftism is so much smarter than anyone in history... *rolleyes*

* * *

Why are you surprised? The Chicago Public School system is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democrat Machine. Waste and fraud are what they do. So, sure, they'll throw away an entire dumpster-load of usable books; why not? After all:
This happens every single year, but under the radar and out of sight. We also told everyone about pallets of computers and printers and assorted software, still wrapped in plastic and sitting in school storerooms across the city--because if CPS doesn't spend the money, they might have to return it to taxpayers. And that is a no-no.
Chicago teachers just got a 14% "cost of living" raise. The same inflation that our government has said isn't happening apparently leads to a 14% raise for government employees.

I sure would like to get a 14% raise simply because I kept my job another year.

* * *

Just STFU you morons. Jeeze-louise.

But it brings up an important point.

The necessity of freedom of speech does not extend merely to people being allowed to be critical of government.
You cannot counter a conviction or an ideology if you suppress the expression of it. The sense of exclusion and oppression will help it to flourish. It will grow in the darkness, and you will lose all knowledge of its extent or its virulence. You will also lose any skill you might have at arguing against it. And one day, when it's grown muscles and become confident, it will roar out of the shadows and take you by the throat.
Rush Limbaugh often talks about "the marketplace of ideas". I'm sure he got that notion from elsewhere, but he's my source for it, and it's really an apt description of what a fully-functional republic needs.

If you want to talk about "the national debate" or "the national conversation", freedom of expression is an essential component of it. All voices must be allowed to speak; they must be given room to say what they want to say. They must not be shouted down, drowned out, vetoed by hecklers.

...because some of them will be fucking lunatics. Because, I said, not "even though". You want the fucking lunatics to get up and espouse their lunacy and vent it in public, so that the public can see for itself what fucking lunatics they are.

Okay, you want the Illinois Nazi guy standing there with his sign saying, "race mixing and communism are jewish". You want the American communist party standing around with their red flags and hammer-and-sickle signs. You want the PeTA idiots wandering around with their "meat is murder" horseshit on display. You want the media to cover it all.

That way, people can see for themselves what the ideas are, what these groups want, how they express themselves. The people can see this and say, "Holy shit, these people are nuts!"

...because any cause that is allowed to fester in total darkness, unseen, can later erupt without warning.

And besides, the people who are making this argument about playing Nazis in video games are the same ones who scoff anytime someone says that certain types of music cause suicide.

* * *

I am constantly amazed that an unhinged leftist like Joss Whedon was capable of writing a character like Malcolm Reynolds. After reading the tweet embedded in that post, I am desperately trying to figure out what color is the sky in Joss Whedon's world.

* * *

Chicago failed at bribing the Olympic committee. Why am I not surprised? Remember how Chicago was out of the running after the first round of balloting by the committee? After then-President Jugears gave a speech extolling the wonders of Chicago for the 2016 summer games?

I am still so very, very happy that Chicago didn't get the games. It would have been a disaster. Not just because of how traffic would have been during the things, but because of all the money that would have been spent building facilities and venues, money that would have ended up being completely wasted at a time when Illinois in general and Cook County and Chicago in particular are totally fricking broke.

Still can't help some schadenfreude, though, over the water conditions. Lake Michigan is clean, so clean that Chicago gets its drinking water from it. Can't say that about Rio de Janeiro, now, can you?

* * *

Gay rights organizations don't care about Andy Ngo because he's got the wrong politics. He's gay, but he's a right-wing gay, so as far as the gay rights people are concerned, he doesn't exist.

Funny, isn't it? Gay rights people siding with the people who mobbed a gay man? Almost as if they were communists first and gay second.

* * *

Democrat politicians have all sympathy for illegal aliens. They have none for victims of illegal alien criminals.

Nancy Pelosi wants to publicize illegal aliens dying while detained because that helps her side. She ignores the victims of illegal alien criminals because doing so also helps her side. Can't have the American public knowing about the heinous crimes committed by some illegal aliens; that goes agains the narrative that illegals are just here because they're fleeing persecution and misery!

Nancy Pelosi always makes me want to vomit, but this kind of shit just makes it worse.

* * *

Yesterday I had a headache that alternated between "oof" and "migraine" just about all day long. It finally went away around 10 PM-ish but it left me feeling drained and irritable. Today I woke up with a crick in my neck. Probably related.

And when I did wake up, it was to thunder, because it was raining. So, probably won't cut grass today after all. It's sunny now, though.


...but last night I saw lights on over at Joe's place, and cars in the driveway all night. Today there is a pile of stuff at the curb--things being disposed of, presumably due to water damage--and more activity.

I really do hope they're staying. They're good neighbors. The fact that they're doing all this work on the place would seem to indicate they are intending to remain, because if you're going to abandon a place why bother to clean it?

I do notice that the PT Cruiser hasn't been moved at all. I wince to think of what its interior must be like. The big worry there would be the electrical system; water should not have gotten into the engine as it should not have been deep enough to get to the intake. But, who knows?

* * *

And it's Saturday, a day of rest, and I want to rest.

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