atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#675: I should be in bed.

I watched all 24 episodes of Momoiro Sisters this morning, at one sitting. They're only 6.5 minutes long each, but they add up; and I watched single episodes of Tokimeki Memorial, Seto no Hanayome, and Pretty Cure beforehand.

Oh well.

Momoiro Sisters is vintage 1998, and it's really entertaining; I couldn't stop watching it. It's cel-based animation--I mean ink and paint on acetate--not CGI, so the video quality isn't really all that great. It's kind of ecchi. I liked it.

Now for some news and commentary:

Fear pilot fatigue. Both the pilot and co-pilot of a commercial jet fell asleep on approach for crying out loud. That could have been bad. What do you do in this post-9/11 world when an aircraft ignores all communication and it's heading for a vital transportation hub? Scramble the fighters?

But the pilot woke up and landed the plane safely. Jeeze--something's got to be done about this kind of stupidity before a whole mess of people get killed.

The University of Delaware is temporarily suspending its racist indoctrination program which included the statement that all whites are racists. It'll probably be reinstated once the furor dies down, though.

Watch out for Chase Bank. Every time I hear about Chase Bank I am hearing bad things. I'm not sure how much is "journalism" and how much is real, but reasonable caution seems indicated.

Chrysler LLC, the wave of the future? Might be. Big job cuts, eliminating models, and tightening up the business' profitability--all things that they're all going to have to do sooner or later. Ford bleeds $5,000 for every car it sells, and GM loses $1,500 or so--it's only a matter of time before something either must be done, or the companies go into receivership. Either way, the long union gravy train is pretty well over.

I didn't know that 8 of the 19 9/11 hijackers was illegally registered to vote. (Thanks, Unix-Jedi.)

Boortz said it best:

Which political party has historically been the beneficiary from voting fraud over the past 100 years?
Answer: The Democrat Party.
And which party is consistently opposing any requirement that voters prove who they are when they show up to cast a ballot?
Answer: The Democrat party.
That pretty well explains that issue. It's not Republicans who oppose making sure that our elections are 100% honest.

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