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#6748: This is what "abject failure" looks like.

Twenty tons of cocaine. This is one shipment of the stuff interdicted by the feds. How many do they miss? How many tons of cocaine are imported into the United States per year?

The war on (some) drugs ignores the lessons that we should have learned during Prohibition. If people want something, they will get it, regardless of whether or not it is legal. Making drugs illegal does not keep people from using them; it merely makes criminals rich who supply them. Usually the people who make the most money at it are not people you'd want to sit next to at the annual Rotarian dinner. Or even attending it. They tend to be very bad men.

As mind-boggling as the idea of twenty tons of cocaine is--that's a semi-load of cocaine--it just goes to show that narcotics smuggling is big business. 145 tons used by the US in 2010, and that was the low figure. Can't find anything more recent, for some reason. If twenty tons is $1.3 billion, then 145 tons is a bit shy of $9.5 billion.

Legalizing narcotics has been tried, and it works. I don't recall offhand the country that did it (it was a scandinavian one, but can't recall which one exactly) and all the horseshit that comes with illegal narcotics got better.

Of course, it's also a fact that what worked nicely in a racially and culturally homogenous country with less than a hundred million citizens who have a very strong work ethic will probably not work as well in the United States. But we do have our own example; the Prohibition. We saw what happened when we banned alcohol: we got organized crime. Much the same has happened with banning recreational drugs, and all this has done is to drive up the street price of the stuff and enrich a bunch of very nasty criminals.

There is, in fact, so much money involved in the drug trade that I'd wager there are plenty of law enforcement people and politicians on the take. It's worth it to let the cops or the feds make some arrests and confiscate some on the way in, because the cops get to look good and that takes much of the heat off.

Dirty as can be, but none of those folks will want the gravy train to end, and will campaign quite effectively and legally to keep narcotics illegal. It doesn't even look bad. And the drug cartels want the stuff to remain illegal because it makes it cost more, netting them more money, so they take steps to make sure it remains illegal.

Stupid and corrupt as it is, that's the way it goes.

* * *

"Safe sexting". *whimper*

Lucky for me the linked post echoes my own sentiments, because I simply don't have the energy to deal with this one right now.

* * *

How bleeding incompetent can you be?

England's Ambassador to the US resigned, which is good considering that he doesn't have the common sense God gave a peach tree.
Sir Kim Darroch has resigned as the UK's ambassador to the US after Donald Trump vowed to no longer deal with him over bombshell comments he made in leaked diplomatic memos.


The leaked documents revealed Sir Kim had called Mr Trump 'inept' and described the current White House as 'uniquely dysfunctional'.
Here's what you do when you have such opinions about the country to which you are an ambassador: keep that shit to yourself and--more importantly--
While it is true the ambassador fell victim to a leak, only a complete fool would ever have put such gravely insulting words about the leader of his country's most important ally down in writing in the first place. The level of ineptitude that is the most obvious hallmark of modern life makes one feel embarrassed for our historical epoch.
"Ineptitude" is a good word for it.

* * *

I want to see the law that says I can't do this. Guy has a permit to demolish a building, but when he does it with his pickup truck, the cops come and tell him he can't do it that way.

Oh, and, "he had a permit to demolition the building"--well, WTF, it passed spell check, right? *rolleyes* But it was his building and it was on his own property.

The concluding sentence sums it up nicely: "If you want to know why Red rural America hates Blue urban America, it’s because of shit like this."

* * *

The free rider problem, in a nutshell. The reason that socialism always leads to oppression and horror is because of that very issue. If people don't have to work to live, they won't. Period. The takers far outnumber the producers, because only the True Believers will work their asses off for an equal share of the pooled production. The state must then force everyone to become a true believer, either through education or coercion. The vast majority must simply have guns held to its collective head, and they must believe that those guns are loaded and ready to blow their brains out, so you get "maintenance of terror" on top of all that.

The national socialists classified certain people as "useless eaters" and executed them. The USSR's solution was more general, such as the Holodomor.

As long as production requires labor, that will be the case. If there ever comes a time that production requires mere capital, then the problem inherent in Universal Basic Income is reduced, at least.

The simple fact is that a society needs to make work a virtue, and shame those who don't, regardless of its ability to support a vast swath of unproductive citizens. "Shame" is a notion that is passe, of course, because we must never be judgemental! But I notice that back when people had a sense of shame at breaking the rules of society, there was a lot less crime than there is now.

* * *

"Shame is passe" might be understating things a mite. Bill Clinton is the poster child for the shameless society. That post is worth reading.

* * *

San Francisco is a third-world shithole. It is starting to have a negative effect on the tourist trade.

* * *

So, last night I watched six, seven eps of True Tears. The story is better than I remember it being. Can't remember when I watched it last but it is very good indeed.

Problem: I have "Reflectia" (the OP) stuck in my head. Argh etc. But only two episdoes left of that one.

* * *

Today it's f-ing hot outside--over 90--and the weather site says "104". It runs between 6-10 degrees hotter than the actual temperature; as I recall it's sited poorly so that once the sun hits the thermometer it reads way too high. Anyway I believe the patio thermometer, which said "94" the last time I looked at it.

Upper 80s this weekend. Whee!

* * *

Waxing gibbous moon in the sky, about 100-110 degrees around the ecliptic from the Sun. The Moon moves around 12 degrees per day, and yesterday was first quarter, so I'd expect it to be about 102 degrees from the Sun, so that fits.

I remember that--when I was a kid, in grade school--seeing the Moon during the day was unusual. It only happened on really clear days, and rarely at that. Seems to me that as the EPA has tightened its grip on pollution the sky has gotten more clear and the Moon is more visible.

...which is not to say I think the EPA is the greatest thing ever. It's done its job, which was to clean things up; they're clean enough and anything further is overreach. The standards set in the 1980s are good enough, clean enough, safe enough.

And it's nice to see the Moon in the daytime.

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