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#6750: And the story just vanishes.

Oh, let's get Epstein out of the way.

Funny, isn't it, how the news coverage seems to be petering out?
The attempt to shift the focus of Epstein's crimes and who benefited from, partook in and covered up for them (spoiler alert: scores of 99.99% big time Democrat-Leftists) and hoodwink the public into looking at Alex Acosta's handling of the original case and Donald Trump's non-existent relationship has failed. And that means now a massive news blackout and embargo over the coming weeks unless and until the powers that be get Epstein to bear false witness against the President and resuscitate the all but dead impeachment attempt.
That's the prevailing theory. Epstein is going to sing like a canary and lie about Donald Trump going to Lolita Island on the Lolita Express. There's no evidence but the Democrats will take Epstein's testimony and use that to smear him and then impeach on that basis. At the very least, hit him with it in time for the elections next year.

Vanity Fair tried to quash the stories about Epstein before this latest thing cropped up.

Linked because of this:
...they are all channeling Veruca Salt, stamping their little feet, turning tantrum-red in the face, insisting that Orange-Man-Bad just has to be implicated, just because he once said something neutral-to-complimentary about a man who apparently occupied the same (elevated) social circles. Well, never mind that The Donald subsequently got Epstein thrown out of a golf club and banned from Mar-a-Largo for his tendency to perv on underage girls therein, and additionally was generous in cooperating with lawyers acting on behalf of the aforesaid perved-upon teenagers...Orange Man Bad, just because.

The tilt of this kind of coverage is so transparent; among those of us who have been paying attention to the Establishment Media Complex it seems like just another one of those torpedoes aimed at Trump circling around and holing those who have launched it well below the credibility waterline.
It's been said before that if there were any real evidence that Trump had sexually abused young teen girls with Epstein and his cohort, it would have come up in 2016, around September or October. These people are not above manufacturing evidence, though.

Big leftists are all "oh, let's not get all wrapped up in who Epstein's friends are were." He had a lot of very rich and powerful friends, which is why he managed to escape justice for so long. There's a good chance that he's got blackmail material on a whole host of powerful people, because no one seems to know where his money came from...yet.

NYPD let Epstein skip his check-ins. Again, "rich" and "powerful" got him a deal no average person could get, given similar circumstances.

* * *

Never be alone with a young woman. Always, always, always have a third party present. The candidate said that the young woman could follow him around all day and report on what she saw as long as she brought with her a male chaperone.

1) Making her bring the chaperone reduces the chance of someone calling the chaperone a liar when the woman accuses the candidate of shenanigans.

2) Specifying a male chaperone reduces the chance of the chaperone accusing the candidate of shenanigans against the chaperone.
Of course, reporter-ette is not happy about this requirement. "OH YOU'RE TREATING ME AS A SEX OBJECT!!!"

No...he's treating you like a woman. The only difference there is what you make of it.

* * *

The annoying shit is pretty solidly packed, there.
4) Gay group wearing 'lesbians are women' t-shirts are removed by police from the National Theatre bar after a transgender staff member was offended by their views — I'm trying to think how it's possible to fit more annoying shit into a single headline, but I can't — unless Michelle Obama was the trannie.
I have to say, as annoying as that headline is, it's also damned funny.

* * *

This seems perfectly reasonable to me. If Trump is not allowed to block twitter trolls, why does Representative Horseteeth get to?

* * *

The tiniest bit of accountability for the Chicago cop who was driving a city vehicle in Indiana and wouldn't pull over for Indiana cops.
Wodnicki's Ford Fusion was clocked at more than 100 mph at one point while the commander was on a cellphone, dispatch records show. "Not stopping," a trooper reported. "On his cell phone. He is not stopping. Passing. Waved at me when I pulled up next to him."
Not sure what Indiana law is regarding using a cell phone while driving, but I suppose that the penalty for it pales in comparison to, oh, felony evasion, which is what civilians get charged with when they refuse to pull over, drive 100 MPH, and then only stop when the spike strips come out.

* * *

Car2Go learns a painful lesson. April, the company stopped conducting manual background checks in favor of automated ones - and almost immediately, about 20 people orchestrated the Mercedes theft by setting up 80 phony accounts using fake or stolen credit cards as payment methods. It's still unclear whether the theft was a direct result of the policy change or not.
Give me a break. How clear does it need to be?

Of course the service was temporarily suspended operation in Chicago because of this. Big surprise. They've gone back to doing manual background checks, of course, and haven't had any further problems.

* * *

I'm sure these two stories are related:

Do not expect to retire, ever. Social Security is going to go away. Our government cannot afford the safety net it is providing, and that is not going to get better. When Social Security goes away it will have a bad ripple effect which will wipe out other retirement options; I fully expect the government to nationalize all retirement accounts within two decades--possibly sooner--because Social Security must be saved and it's for the children. Whatever the outcome of that fiasco is, it won't be any good for the middle class or poor; the elites won't notice it but anyone who numbers his assets with fewer than mid-seven figures will be screwed. Those who number them with six figures might be able to retire, but will find themselves with a vastly reduced standard of living. (As in, "ramen and cat food".) Under that? Psh. Keep working, prole.

There is no special magic to retirement, in any case. The ability to retire is a product of early 20th century socialism; prior to the progressive movement people only retired if they had to, and otherwise they worked their entire lives. This is how God made the universe.

Besides that? There a thousands of anecdotes about people who retired in their sixties and then died within a couple of years. Retirement is a killer if you don't stay active.

But a lot of people aren't going to have a choice about retiring because automation is going to put people out of unskilled jobs and--as is shown there--even some skilled jobs. Or semi-skilled, anyway.

* * *

Horseteeth is calling her own majority leader a "racist" apparently because she's completely incontinent when it comes to advancing communism.

* * *

This is actually just. Funny thing: I have never had any beef with reasonable taxation. I dislike the fact that fifty percent of my wages disappear into the government maw in various ways, but the idea of paying for certain things does not bother me. The two constants in the world are death and taxes. The question is always, "How much?"

So, yeah, I agree with Vox Day on this:
There is no reason global corporations should be permitted to be active in a jurisdiction if they're not going to pay any taxes there.
Confiscatory taxation is unjust. The Beatles, those old communists, produced "Taxman" after they hit it big and started paying England's 95% tax rate. But a reasonable level of taxation is necessary.

* * *

Some railroad crossings need this level of blatant explanation, though. A big flashing DEATH sign might stop people from trying to beat the train. Maybe.

* * *

Apparently the Terminator movies have never had strong female lead characters before. *rolleyes*

The good part of this is that James Cameron is involved with this one, exactly the way he WAS NOT with numbers 3, 4, and 5 in the series...which is why they SUCKED so much.

All the Terminator movies that were made after Terminator 2: Judgement Day were complete--or near-complete--shit. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines sucked enough that I lost all interest in the franchise. I didn't bother seeing Terminator Salvation, and Terminator Genisys sounded like such a clusterfuck that I had no interest in seeing it, either.

The thing is, at their core, the Terminator movies are time-travel stories. First and foremost, you need to plot your movie very tightly because you cannot interfere with the extant canon; doing that breaks the continuity.

Not that Hollywood cares much about that.

I'm hoping that with James Cameron involved in T6 it'll be a good movie, but I'm not optimistic and don't plan to see it in the theater. Pay-per-view or even waiting until it's free to watch will do, I think.

* * *

It took a bit to get to the source material for this one. I got a link to a craptastic USA Today page which doesn't allow ad blockers from ASM826 over at Borepatch. The crappy newspaper site doesn't let you read anything unless you whitelist, and if you whitelist, it immediately spams your browser with a crapton of shitware. But I got a link to the source that the shitpaper used and that actually gives details about the problem.

(The linked video--I only watched about 3 minutes before I started skipping ahead, and as far as about halfway it doesn't actually talk about the actual problems with the PowerShift transmission. Maybe later it does, but I lost patience waiting for it.)

PowerShift is an automatic transmission that uses a dual-plate clutch instead of a torque convertor. If you like, it's somewhat akin to VW's craptastic "AutoStick" transmission, except that the PowerShift also shifts gears for you. The problem is that apparently the engineers couldn't calibrate a consistent take-up profile for the thing, so that sometimes the clutch would engage smoothly and other times it would shudder and shake. Apparently there were times when the car would simply lurch ahead, uncommanded. And at other times, the transmission would drop into neutral while cruising down the highway.

This problem was discovered before regular production began. An engineer told the higher-ups that there was a problem. It was, naturally, ignored.

I don't like these kinds of transmissions, to be honest. They incorporate the worst aspects of automatic transmissions with the worst aspects of manual transmissions.

The issue here is emissions. You see, the clutch-type coupling between engine and transmission is the most efficient interface, because once the clutch is fully engaged there is a direct mechanical link between the engine and the transmission. With conventional automatic transmissions, you use a torque convertor, which is essentially a hydraulic coupling. There will always be some slippage, though you can incorporate a lockup clutch in the torque convertor to get around that problem. Regardless, clutch yields better fuel economy than torque convertor, which is why manual transmission cars have always had better EPA figures. But with a manual transmission, every time you shift gears the engine gives off a little burp of nitrogen oxides as you decouple and recouple it to the rest of the drivetrain.

The answer--if you can call it that--is to give control of the clutch, the throttle, and the gearshift to a computer. Doing that is more expensive, but it limits the generation of nitrogen compounds while also raising fuel economy. The computer is better at synchronizing engine speed to transmission speed than a human is. (At least, any human who is not also a professional race car driver.) To the engineer, this is win-win: you get the benefits of a manual transmission without the liabilities.

But of course it's not as simple as that.

This design uses two clutches--one for odd gears, one for even. While one clutch is engaged, the other is not, and to shift gears the thing disengages (say) odd clutch and engages even. Then while you're merrily accelerating in second gear, the transmission has time to shift the odd gears to third, so when the time comes to go from second to third, it just releases the even clutch and engages the odd one again. This makes up for the fact that they can't build a reliable, fast, and inexpensive system for changing gears with a single plate clutch. At least, not for a car that costs less than a hundred thousand dollars.

And of course in practice, making the thing work nicely is hard to do. As we see here.

* * *

Some places will put up with more antifa shit than others but the right answer is to put them behind bars as soon as they start getting violent.

* * *

Now, this, I believe primarily because of "confirmation bias". But I do believe the Svensmark Hypothesis explains global temperature a hell of a lot better than "ZOMG teh SUVs" does. As mentioned many times, CO2 is a result of warming, not a cause, mainly because CO2 levels lag temperatures by a pretty significant degree.

* * *

Related: no surprises here. The people who are advocating "green" programs want nothing less than total government control of the populace.

* * *

Today's clickbait linkg: People will quit en masse if you're a big enough asshat.

* * *

Radiation exposure in perspective.

* * *

Someday when I have time. An explanation, with moving pictures, how antennas work.

* * *

People zooming ahead in the closing lane and trying to duck over at the last second really annoy the shit out of me, so I understand that one implicitly.

* * *

I've been dragging ass all day. I'm so glad it's Friday, even though a bunch of chores await me tomorrow. At least I don't have to work to someone's schedule, other than my own.

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