atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6751: The best customer service EVAR

Just sterling, I've gotta tell you, STERLING customer service.

Not sure how one gets from "tree growing next to power pole" to "Transfer service" but I am positive that it's because I have a tiny little brain, and ComEd customer service is staffed by geniuses whose intellects would be the envy of people like Einstein and Newton and Feynman.

But now that I think of it, it's obvious! I mean, you can't just cut down a tree, not in this eco-conscious age we live in! I mean it''s a TREE! You know?

They just forgot to mention that the only thing I can do is to move now. Instead of saying, "Well, this is a tree we're talking about, so you're going to have to move out and let nature take it's course. Here's how to transfer your service when you move, so we don't have to touch that glorious gift of nature which is threatening the power delivery to three of our customers," they skipped over most of it, and just said, "Looks like you have to move!"

See, that's because I've got a tiny little brain, and they're smart people.

In my tiny little world, I think that if a tree is right next to a power pole, and ComEd spends millions of dollars pruning trees and keeping them clear of power lines, then having one of their crews stop by the bunker and lop off a few branches is an incremental cost and a no-brainer. I figure ComEd would say, "Thank you for pointing this out. The last thing we'd want would be for a branch to fall on our wires and cause a service disruption, or--God forbid!--a fire." But you see that is because I do not understand the gift of creation that is that particular box elder tree, and I live in this narrow, infinitesimal universe where the relative value of one tree is rather lower than something like safety.

Sarcasm off. I've posted it on Faceboob and added snark with "#ComEd", but tomorrow I'm going to have to call them and ask what the everlasting fuck they are smoking over there. I know weed is being legalized in Illinois but come on--at work? Really?
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