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#6756: Well, that's pretty risible, don't you think?

John Glenn named first man on Moon by NY Daily News despite layers and layers of fact-checkers.
The moon landing is one of the most heavily documented events in modern American history. There are more books and documentaries about it than I can count. Still, some New York Daily News staffer decides to shoot a Tweet from the hip and bumblefucks it.
John Glenn is the only astronaut whose name they can remember, because he was a Democrat politician after his astronaut career was over.

Hard to believe, though, that Apollo 11 took off 50 years ago today. Half a century ago--66 years after the Wright brothers' first powered flight at Kitty Hawk--a spaceship headed away from Earth towards the Moon, with the intent of landing there.

50 years after Kitty Hawk was 1953. By 1953, we'd broken the sound barrier and were starting to build airplanes that could touch the edge of space.

The pace of progress has slowed somewhat. *sigh*

* * *

A very nice encapsulation of everything that is wrong with electric cars.
A 1985 Yugo is functionally and economically superior to any new electric car.

It listed for $3,995 brand-new back in '85, which is just under $10,000 in today's money and so about one-fourth the MSRP of the new electric Mini. It had an 8.5 gallon tank that took less than five minutes to refill and averaged about 38 MPG--which meant it could travel about 300 miles before it needed to stop to refuel.

One needs to be very "open-minded" to accept paying $26,000 more for a car that is incapable of doing what a Yugo could when Ronald Reagan was president and people were renting VHS tapes from Blockbuster.
There were quality problems with Yugos, of course, being made in a Communist bloc country and so forth. The ones that worked were good cars, though.

The Hyundai Excel cost, in 1985, $4,995--a thousand dollars more than the Yugo did--and had much the same specifications, with much better reliability. That's a bit less than $12,000 in 2019 dollars, or $24,000 less than the electric Mini.


* * *

But you see, the more people that are armed in a community, the less likely it is that someone will try to rob them. It's nice to see that there are some politicians out there who understand that.

* * *

I can't help how I hear this quote in my head. In my mind, Horseteeth is standing there, screaming through her tears, mascara running, a total mess, possibly in the rain, "YOUR HEART AND MIND ARE RACIST!"

Borepatch says, "Trump is playing the Democrats like a fiddle. He is forcing the spotlight of public attention on their most extreme members who are poisoning the public's view of the entire party."

At the debates which were held not too long ago, all 19 candidates ran as hard left as they could, because they know they've got to capture the radicals first--as Bernie Sanders did in 2016--in order to have a ghost of a chance of coming out on top. What they can't do is publicly say, "Hey, Horseteeth, put a fuckin' sock in it already--you're a lunatic if you think that will work," because then the hard left will abandon them.

But the things they're saying to court the hard left do not play well with the moderates. I'm talking about blue-collar workers, the guys who string power lines and build highways and put union bumper stickers on their work trucks, people who thought Johnson was okay but who wouldn't vote for McGovern even though Nixon was their only alternative.

The Democrat nominee needs those votes. But it also needs the hard left vote. Hillary Clinton made the mistake of thinking she had the moderate vote sewn up; that assumption cost her the 2016 election. (Well, that, and the fact that she's an unelectable harridan with delusions of grandeur.)

The Democrat party also needs the black vote. (Autoplay warning.) The black vote is something the DNC has taken for granted since 1965, since Johnson bought it wholesale with his "Great Society", even though the Civil Rights Act was passed over Democrat objections. Prior to that, blacks voted reliably Republican since "Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves" and Lincoln had been a Republican. (Martin Luther King, Jr. was a registered Republican.)

The problem for blacks--and Democrats in general--is that the scream "Racist!" no longer gets the traction it once did. No one makes more than a token effort to defend themselves from the label, because it is applied lavishly and uncritically to anyone who opposes Democrat policies. Labeling someone a racist in 1994 had a much greater effect than it does 25 years later; that's because everyone to the right of Fidel Castro has been called a racist, one way or another. Like the boy crying "wolf" it just stopped working, and then when real racism arises, it's ignored: "Oh, that crap again." By now, hollering "racist!" does not change any minds; it merely confirms the biases of the people most likely to fling the label around.

And as I predicted, the leftists who say that America is inherently racist are ignored: "'Racist', my ass! We elected a black President twice in a row. STFU." when Donkey-Chompers stands there in the rain with her mascara running, screaming, "YOUR HEART AND MIND ARE RACIST," it's not getting any traction with people. It's not refuting Trump's point. It's not changing anyone's mind. It's not stopping Trump from saying these kinds of things, either, because the stuff Trump is saying are things that his base have been saying all along--and that's why he won in the first place.

"I cannot spare this man. He fights."

He fights, unlike the entire Republican establishment. George Bush would never have said the kind of things Trump has said, not even in private. Imagine Mitt Romney saying, "If you're not happy here, then you can leave." WTF he'd stick pencils in his ears and cut his own nuts off before he'd be caught dead saying anything like that.

But the problem is--as the link prior to that last link makes plain--the Democrats do take the black vote for granted. There would not be so much discussion about primary elections and decreasing support for black politicians if they did not; they assume that they can replace blacks with hard leftists like the toothy barista, and the blacks will still vote for them. It ain't necessarily so.

To make matters worse, though? The new voting public that the Democrats are desperately trying to import, via illegal immigration, is largely not going to give a crap about blacks' feelings. And the black and hispanic blocs hate each other. That does not bode well for the Democrat party's future.

* * *

Trump's comments got them going, all right, because these people know that their prescriptions for the USA won't make it a better place.

* * *

On training police to be present in Chicago public schools Second City Cop says, "Anyone know if the students and teachers are being taught to (A) obey the law or (B) respect the law or (C) respect the police?"

The answer to that question is, of course, "Raciss!" See above.

* * *

I still maintain that they are technically correct on one point. The people who insist that there are fifty-odd thousand genders are right when they say that gender is a social construct. It is--specifically, it is a linquistic construct. "Gender" can be whatever you say it is.

But there are only two biological sexes, male and female, and the parts you are born with determine that. How you feel about it is irrelevant; whether you think the biological sex you are is wrong is irrelevant. You are either male or female, period. (With the exception of the rare case of hermaphodism. This is a rare exception.)

If you take steps to change your appearance to resemble the other sex, you are still the sex you were born with. Absent scooping your brain out of that body and putting it into a body of the other sex, that's all you are and all you'll ever be, and cutting off some parts and adapting others to look like the other sex's parts does not change that.

A man who has "transitioned" to female is a man with mutilated genitals. He is just a novel type of eunuch. And notice that a lot of female-to-male transsexuals retain their reproductive systems intact such that they can still bear children, so they are at best a kind of surgically-created futanari.

It is, of course, "bigoted" for one to point that out.

Oh, well.

* * *

It is racist to point out the failures of leftism.
Consider "food deserts." The idea is that the impoverished are not able to access healthy food, and that explains their obesity, but I can tell you from firsthand experience, if you're just scraping by, you're not able to eat such volume, healthy or otherwise. Besides, tins of tuna or sardines are not expensive in the slightest and they are packed with protein and healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. These people are not starving, they're just making poor choices, but of course the cost--moral, financial, having an actual country--is shifted on to us despite the fact that the very idea of democracy relies on each citizen having agency. So if these people have no self-control, if they lack agency, then why do they have the franchise? Further, the question is never asked why, exactly, it is only *certain communities* that are "food deserts" in the first place. Could it have anything to do with the fact that these are crime-infested charnel houses with zero social capital, and any positive investments in the community are torched in the inevitable race riot?
You're a racist even to make the suggestion.

And then we have the problem of crime itself. The left blames "easy access to guns" but that is at best disingenuous; if you give them the benefit of the doubt. It's actually an outright lie, though:
The firearm homicide rate in the US seems very high for a developed nation, but that’s until you look under (in?) the hood. The firearm homicide rate for white Americans is 1.7 per 100,000, which is identical to the Czech Republic and lower than countries like Canada, France, and Austria, which, to be fair, have their own issues with “diversity.” The firearm homicide rate for Hispanics in the United States is 6.4 per 100,000, or nearly four times that of white Americans. The firearm homicide rate for blacks in the US is 19.8 per 100,000, or eleven-and-a-half times that of whites. This is very obviously not a gun problem, but a people problem, and a black and brown people problem at that.
But again, it's "racist" even to notice that fact.

* * *

35 Disney World employees arrested in the last 13 years for various child sex crimes. Plus side, none of them involved kids visiting the theme park.

"Why do you rob banks?" "Well, that's where the money is!" Same notion.

* * *

The fact that retaliation against whistleblowers is illegal does not stop it from happening. It's actually a bullshit law; it's virtually unenforceable and I'm never surprised when it happens.

The stories I've read about the work environment at Googe do not make it sound like a place I'd want to work, even if I were a leftist. The place is a politically correct gulag.

* * *

"The left always goes to the gun." It's true.
...there's no way a Democratic party split happens peacefully. Why would they bother? They're going to the gun no matter what in the next few years. Even if they win the Presidency, the guns are coming out--they'll be too busy rounding us up to start shooting each other right away, but again, basic history shows what happens in a successful Leftist revolution. The execution of useful idiots, too, is a feature not a bug of Leftism in power.
I can imagine how it would work out if the party rank-and-file vote one way but the superdelegates put someone else in.

Like 2016.

* * *

AoSHQ's morning report post has a good bit:
Tuesday and of course the lead story is yesterday's utter fiasco of "The Squad" - that the four frosh Congressmen of the so-called "Justice Democrats" - who called a press conference ostensibly to slam President Trump for his "racist" Tweets against them, but instead unleashed a torrent of anti-American, anti-Semitic racialist bilge that, while disgusting to have to witness, nevertheless had the effect of making them and what they spewed the face of the Democrat Party.

I would surely have loved to have been a fly on the wall of Nancy Palsi's office as she drained her liquor cabinet and then started guzzling her own cologne or the can of Lysol under the bathroom sink, pausing only to shriek vulgarities in between swigs that would make George S. Patton blush and even Hillary say "jeez lady, get a grip!" Can you blame her? The Democrat Party, with the vital help of an allied agitprop media, has for decades successfully cloaked itself with an illusion of love-of-country as it did everything possible to destroy it while blaming Republicans and conservatives for the country's ills. Even during the Obama years, the illusion was maintained, gossamer thin as it was by that time, mostly because there was no one in the GOP to challenge it. Now, what took well over 100 years to establish is gone in the blink of an eye, and with it perhaps the last coffin nail in any chance the Democrats might have had of beating President Trump in 2020 has been nailed shut.
There is still the Democrat go-to of stealing the election by stuffing ballot boxes etc.

We'll see how that goes, though. Senator Lindsey Graham called them "a bunch of communists" which really warms the cockles of my heart, because IT'S THE TRUTH and at last someone is saying so, besides me.

* * *

The American left points to Sweden as its model for socialism but what Sweden has (had?) was not really socialism; and it worked only because it was racially and culturally homogenous.

Having imported more muslims per capita than even Germany, their crime rates have skyrocketed.

* * *

"Why Shoot Prairie Dogs?" Asks this National Review headline.

That picture seems to suggest that the answer is, "Because otherwise the coyotes will choke on them."

* * *

The weather reports say that it will be very hot this weekend. "First three-digit temperatures in seven years!" the guy on the news said, last night.

So, 2012 was the last time we hit 100 degrees? What happened to global warming?

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