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#6760: Winning

Despite idiots like John Son-of-a-Postage-Stamp Kasich's bullshit about civility or whatever, even those on the Left are admitting that Trump won this whole thing hands down, and they're absolutely panicked about it. There was, in fact, polling done on Sunday or Monday and Trump's approval among Republican voters actually increased and significantly even after his "racist" America, love it or leave it comments. His rally in North Carolina further underscored it with the crowd shifting from "lock her up" to "send her back." After reciting a litany of horrid quotes about Bro-Fo and company, Trump actually brought up the Somali slag's dubious sham marriage to her brother and the fraud she perpetrated to come to the land she utterly loathes. And the wailing and rending of garments on the Lido Deck of Kristol's ship could be heard far out to sea.

Yet with everything crashing and burning all around them, what did Bro-Fo and Rancida Tliban do? Co-sponsor a bill promoting the anti-Semitic BDS movement. Perfect.
By getting up in front of the media and complaining about Trump's tweets all they did was hand him the perfect hammer with which to knock 'em down. I would not have believed it if I hadn't seen it.

Here's the thing: I am not a fighter. My instincts are to be conciliatory, to be placating, to be accommodating, and I need to get really mad before I start to fight. So when the so-called "conservatives" start to complain about how "divisive" Trump is being, and worrying about how he makes the GOP look, part of me understands where they're coming from.

Only part, though.

The "conservative" wing of the GOP has demonstrated that it is not at all right-wing, that it is in fact perfectly comfortable with ObamaCare and high taxes and NSA wiretapping and involving our military in a thousand brush wars all over the planet in which we have absolutely no compelling national interest. And what they definitely won't do is to say anything--ANYTHING AT ALL--which could be construed as being more than passively critical of Democrats or their politics or the things they say about Republicans. "Sure, they burned George Bush in effigy again, while chanting 'Not my President,' but we're gonna take the high road on this...." Why? Why don't you guys get up and tell those asshats, "We accept the results of the election when a Democrat wins the office. You people are crybabies and sore losers"? Why is "taking the high road" so much more important to you than stopping the tide of leftism? You call yourselves "conservatives" but what is it, exactly, that you are conserving, other than a status quo where the left can say whatever it wants and we have to take it?

They do not fight.

They do not fight, and when someone gets up and does fight they try to sabotage him and wring their hands, saying, "This isn't who we are!" These so-called "conservatives" active sabotaged the TEA parties, and that's part of the reason they have to look at President of the United States Donald Trump now; when presented with the choice between Trump and Hillary fucking Clinton they chose the latter!

...all of which is why I no longer identify as "Republican" or "conservative", but "right-wing". The Republicans do not represent my views. "Conservatism" has been co-opted by the country club Republicans--the kind of people who gave us EPA and OSHA, totally unrestrained, and who gutted the space program--and is worthless. It conserves nothing, it fights for nothing, and its sole function appears to be acting as a speed bump for socialism.

As for the articles of impeachment? They held a vote on tabling them indefinitely. 95 Democrats voted against that. The entire rest of the House of Representatives, save one abstention, voted to shut that shitshow down before it was even well-started.

Including 137 Democrats and Justin Amash, the former Republican turned "Independent" who was all frothing at the mouth over how Trump needed to be impeached, and got lots of attention from leftists who used his pro-impeachment statements as "proof" that Trump deserved impeachment. Hey, douchebag: put your money where your mouth is, or shut the fuck up.

And the end of that last linked post leads us quite naturally to the question of Rep. Omar (D from Shitholistan) herself and her questionable marriages. Let the headline tell the tale: "Powerline/David Steinberg: Case Closed -- Omar Ilhan, Born Omar Elmi, Married Her Brother For Purposes of Immigration Fraud". Not only did she marry her brother, but she is also married to another man at the same time. So, incest and bigamy in one disgusting little package, with a soupcon of immigration fraud for garnish.

In any case, hopefully this will put the "impeachment" horseshit to bed, for good and all, because they don't have anything, they have never had anything, and it was nothing but wishful thinking.

* * *

I like this.

Via Borepatch, who has his own suggestion that I really like: "[The Department of] Energy moved to the Permian Basin (or maybe Tulsa)." Two really hot freaking places, also deep in the heart of oil country.

* * *

Regarding President Trump's relationship with Jeffrey "Lolita Express" Epstein: the Democrat-media complex is really reaching on this point.

1992: Trump seen "partying with" Epstein at Mar-a-Lago.
Somewhere between 1992 and 2008: Trump says he's a "great guy" and has known him 15 years.
Also somewhere between 1992 and 2008: Trump has Epstein tossed out of Mar-a-Lago for perving on an underage girl
2008: Epstein arrested and given a gentle pat on the wrist. Trump ceases all association with him.
2016: Trump wins election to Presidency
2019: "Muh Russia!" fails and Democrats need something else, dredge up this.
You see, the problem here is that while I'm certain Trump did say that Epstein was a "great guy", and Trump did associate with Epstein, all the articles regarding this association leave out one crucial fact: WHEN HE DID IT.

And so what we have here is the Democrat-media complex smearing Trump for not having telepathy and not being a prophet and knowing who Epstein really is. They're smearing Trump for not saying "Epstein's a pervert!" before anyone knew he was.

Okay, if I'm a big name businessman and I move in the same circles as another big name businessman, what I don't do is to say, "Well, I'm not associating with so-and-so because he's a fuckin' pervert who abuses teenage girls," out of nowhere, with no proof, unless I'm a total fricking lunatic. But that's what the left is insisting Trump should have done: he should have somehow known what Epstein was doing and distanced himself from him even though no one else on the planet knew what was going on.

What in fact happened is that as soon as Trump realized who he was dealing with, he stopped the association. The stories don't mention that; they are desperately trying to make it sound as if Trump had said these things and had continued to pal around with Epstein after his arrest in 2008.

Of course the leftists are now saying "Trump's a proven child rapist" because they have absolutely no perspective and don't understand the difference between a) proven guilt; b) an alleged crime; and c) a baseless, unprovable smear.

* * *

Speaking of Epstein, he's been denied bail and he for damn sure ought to have been.

Look: with the money that guy has, once he posted bail he could go anywhere in the world he wanted to. Including places which are out of reach of the US government. Someplace which has no extradition treaty with the US and has no trouble letting someone with a couple of large suitcases full of American cash, but no passport, through customs. (I'm assuming that the feds confiscated all his ID. But maybe he has a backup somewhere.)

Does he lose all the assets he's got stashed? Well, he doesn't lose it all, not if he has half the brains God gave a rutabaga. The properties probably go, at least the ones inside the US, but he probably has a Swiss bank account crammed full of money, and that can be wired to any bank in the world. He can live like a king on that, for the rest of his life, and never have to face a single day in jail.

You know, like Roman Polanski. Who was convicted, coincidentally enough, of raping an underage girl.

* * *

Netflix has a problem. That problem is that they took on a lot of debt to expand. Problem with debt is, eventually it must be paid back. Yeah.

The other problem is that there are seven billion people in the world, and of that seven billion a significant fraction either lacks the wherewithal or the interest in subscribing to their service. That pool of potential users is not going to expand very quickly, certainly not quickly enough to sustain their current business model.

* * *

Republicans are apparently capable of strategy after all. The communist Democrats will vote against the minimum wage increase if there's a Republican procedural motion included in it, which will leave the Democrats without the necessary votes to pass the thing.

I don't want to see a minimum wage of $15 anywhere. It's bad for business; it's bad for everything. If the work being done by people in minimum wage jobs were worth $15 an hour, they'd already be getting paid that much, even if the minimum wage were set at $1 an hour.

* * *

Sorry, but stupid carries its own penalties. Short form: trio of people, armed with deadly weapons, break into a house. Guy is home alone, and he uses an AR-15 to defend himself, killing them. One kid's grandfather is unhappy that his grandson is dead (of course) but claims that he didn't deserve to die.

This story is from 2017. I remember blogging about it then.

Here's the facts: if three people break into your house, with weapons--if they have ability, opportunity, and intent to do you harm--you are justified in defending yourself, even with deadly force. I AM NOT A LAWYER so do not listen to me and do not take any legal statement here as valid, but the fact that the defender was not charged with a crime, nor even arrested, would seem to bear that analysis out.

It does not matter what the weapons are that they're carrying. Brass knuckles are considered "deadly weapons" and the fact that the dead goblins did not consider that their target might have ranged weaponry does not mitigate that.

"Ability to do harm": they were armed, there were three of them, against one person.
"Opportunity to do harm": they were in the house, uninvited, at a time when the person was home.
"Intent to do harm": they entered the house illegally, armed with deadly weapons.

That's all it takes; and sad to say that the fault for all this does not lie with the guy with the AR-15 nor with the laws governing self-defense. It has to do entirely with the upbringing of the three dead goblins. And it's really not all that difficult to understand, if you were raised right, that you don't enter peoples' houses uninvited, particularly not with weapons in hand! Grandpa, if you want to blame someone for this, try blaming your own damn kid who somehow managed not to teach his/her children this painfully simple survival tip.

Like I said, I know I commented on this before--but some stories are just so stupid I can't help myself.

* * *

I often find myself surprised that people still read "the fishwrap of record" considering how often they prove they're nothing but communists.
The Soviets launched the first woman into space, after systematically murdering some 20 million of their own citizens for the crime of having one cow more than their neighbor.

Remember that Water Duranty, the Moscow bureau chief for The New York Times was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1932 for covering up the Holodomor, in which the Soviets deliberately starved to death millions of Ukrainians.

The Soviet army would take all the food the farmers grew. All of it.

If any Ukrainian citizen was caught trying to glean the fields, trying to pick up a handful of grain off the dirt to eat, they and their family would be shot.

The Soviets denied this and Duranty willingly published only the official government statements. For this, he was the pride and joy of The New York Times.
Go look up "Holodomor" if you want all the details. Walter Duranty just loved the USSR and the NYT still has the Pulitzer he won for his hagiographic propaganda about life in the USSR under Stalin.

Even though twenty million people were being starved to death when he wrote those articles.

But the NYT can't shit enough on the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing, so they're quaffing magnesium citrate.

* * *

Chicago's new lesbian-of-color mayor hasn't spent a single weekend in the city since her inauguration but she's saying that "we're losing the streets." There's a comment which captures the situation nicely:
No blame on the criminals though. Don't blame the idiots who shoot other idiots over "being disrespected", or because they're from another block, or for some Facebook feud. No blame on the toothless states attorneys office, or the restorative justice judges. And Toni Bulwinkle is chiming in, send Kermit a mean letter about The Supt. and the "misleading" of the public...because her minions have no blame in any of this. Just like the old Toyota commercial slogan..."you wanted it, you got it". Now, suck it up and live with it.
A few weeks ago I saw an interaction that was all about someone feeling "disrespected". What happened is that a woman made a left turn against traffic just as a car was also making a left turn into traffic, coming out of a driveway. She pulled right into the guy's path and nearly caused a collision, and the guy honked at her. So she stopped her car where it was and started yelling and gesticulating at him. After all, he disrespected her. Who gives a fuck about backing up traffic? After all, you'be been disrespected! You got to keep your street cred, gnome sane?

People who act like this are savages and should not be allowed to vote. Shit.

* * *

Guess I need to buy more stuff from Home Depot, now that I think of it.

* * *

This assorted post from Liberty's Torch is worth reading. And discussing, in all its parts.

Like this. "What do you suppose the chances are of getting a Ben Carson from Africa?"

#3 in the list is AOC "Horseteeth" talking about calling civil rights activists "communist" by raising the spectre of what the KKK said about Martin Luther King, Jr. She seems not to know this, so I'll point it out here: Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican, yes, but the segregationists were Democrats and they were the ones smearing him as "communist".

All the unAmerican tripe spouted by the commie bitches on AOC's team.

* * *

I really don't like the Beach Boys, either. Hate to say it. They have a couple of catchy tunes I can take or leave--mainly "leave"--but I never really thought they were all that good.

* * *

I don't think Heinlein considered this possibility when he wrote The Door Into Summer. Roomba (and its follow-ons) is an interesting gadget considering that Heinlein first wrote about a floor-cleaning robot in 1956. "Hired Girl" was the name of the thing, but it was capable of sensing and properly cleaning any type of floor that you'd find in a house. Roomba's just an automatic vacuum cleaner--but that's good enough for most houses, anyway.

But the interaction here is pretty entertaining. Two robots, one for each level of the floor--there's a step down from the main area to the kitchen, it looks like. Upper robot is cleaning the edge of the step just as lower robot happens to be going by, and upper robot mistakes lower robot for more floor and sidles right on top of the thing, confusing it enough that after trying to get its bearings for several seconds it gives up and shuts off.


* * *

And now, the bad news.

Psychopath attacks a KyoAni office with gasoline, 25 dead, more missing. (There's an update saying "33 dead".)

This article says 33 dead, a similar number injured.

Wonderduck says, "Reportedly, the arsonist was yelling something that might translate out to 'you plagiarized me.'"

KyoAni is one of the best studios in operation right now. I mean, they produced a whole host of good stuff: K-on! and the entire run of Haruhi Suzumiya and a bunch of other stuff besides.

Everyone in the building is either injured or dead.


* * *

I don't know how to follow that one smoothly, so I'll just push on.

Today's weather is HOTTT. Dewpoint is a staggering 78°, temps about 88°. It's like a freaking jungle out there. Inside, 77° and a heck of a lot dryer. God bless Willis Carrier.

And tomorrow will be hotter.

* * *

Despite the heat I intend to cut the grass on Saturday. I will take frequent breaks and drink plenty of fluids, and won't use the pusher but stay on the tractor. And, for good measure, I may employ a "stay cool" trick I used in 2017 when I was cleaning out the attic: dunk my shirt in the pool, wring it out, and put it on wet. That did a great job of keeping me cool.

* * *

Thursday will have the distinction of being the only work day this week I was able to sleep until my normal wakeup time of 1 PM.

Monday: cat threw up on bed and I had to change the sheets at 6 AM.
Tuesday: had to hit the store for sundries.
Wednesday: had to go pay water bill.
Thursday: Ahhh.
Friday: Will have to go to the store to pick up my pills.
Saturday: Fuck y'all I'm sleeping in!

...which will probably mean "I'll get up at 1 PM as always." *sigh*

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