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#6763: That's quite the list

Representative "Omar" from Little Somalia, MN appears to have committed four kinds of fraud, as well as bigamy and perjury.

"Send her back" thus becomes a legal imperative because she lied when seeking asylum in the United States; she broke the law. She claimed to be someone she is not, lying about her family affiliation in order to be granted asylum; and because of that, her citizenship in the US can be revoked and she could be sent back to Somalia.

And should be.

"Should" does not equal "will", of course.

* * *

Screeching "racist!" no longer has much effect on people. Overused.

It's kind of a cliche to put it this way, but when everything is racist, nothing is racist. You know?

BTW hating white males is racism, too.

* * *

"In other news, water is wet" department:

Bernie Sanders is paying his people less than $15 an hour.
The Sanders campaign late Thursday issued a statement lauding its union contract. "We know our campaign offers wages and benefits competitive with other campaigns, as is shown by the latest fundraising reports," [Sanders campaign manager Faiz] Shakir said. "Every member of the campaign, from the candidate on down, joined this movement in order to defeat Donald Trump and transform America. Bernie Sanders is the most pro-worker and pro-labor candidate running for president. We have tremendous staff who are working hard. Bernie and I both strongly believe in the sanctity of the collective bargaining process and we will not deviate from our commitment to it."
I really love the spin on that one. It approximates, "STFU, you bitches! We have a contract. And anyway you should be willing to work for free to get rid of Donald Trump!"

"We pay a competetive wage" is the go-to line for organizations who have absolutely no intention of raising salaries. Of course the Dilbert answer is, "Should we continue to work as hard as we can, or should we back off to a more competitive level?"

Thus we see the Sanders campaign begin to struggle with exactly the sort of thing that wrecks socialism every time it's tried: they talk a great game about being all for the workers, and providing all kinds of free shit as if money were an infinte resource--but when it's time to start actually writing the checks, they're parsimonious because money is not an infinite resource.

The fact that Sanders is a hypocrite doesn't even register. In order to be a socialist you need to be hypocritical on a reflexive level; it needs to be automatic and instinctual, something Bernie has down to a T:

The workers who want $15 an hour from him are missing the point. You see, in order for them to be paid $15 an hour, Bernie Sanders would have to use his own money--from his campaign fund--to pay them. That's not what Bernie Sanders is trying to do. He's trying to make other people pay their employees $15 an hour. You know, the big corporations. "Like who?" You know! Big Business! *hand waving* Big corporations. *more hand waving* The rich. Of which Bernie Sanders totally is not one, three houses notwithstanding. He's fighting for you, prole, so be grateful!

* * *

This is always their answer.

The stupid girl's twiddle ID is "@Carlytargaryen" and presented with the butcher's bill for socialism in the 20th century she says, "None of those countries actually practiced true Marxism."

It's what they always say. "That wasn't real marxism/socialism/communism." No, it wasn't done right. It never is.

I notice that the people saying "that wasn't real communism" never specify what was done wrong. I think that's a question we should start asking: "Given that Soviet Russia did not correctly implement marxism, what exactly was it that they did incorrectly? What was the failure that led to them murdering thirty million of their own citizens? And how about China under Mao? Sixty million dead--what did Mao do that he should have done differently? What alternative action taken by the government of any communist nation could have prevented the slaughter in them?"

$5 says the answer approximates "I don't know." I'd expect an indignant, "Well, they didn't have to kill all those people!" Maybe blame the leader for making a mistake. "Can I point out that in 1932, if you said 'Comrade Stalin is making a mistake, starving the Kulaks,' you would have been taken out and shot for it? And if you had said, 'Chairman Mao's Cultural Revolution is a mistake' you likely would not have lived to see the sun set that very day?"

Government murdering people indiscriminately and in job lots has been a feature of every last socialist revolution in history. It's not because socialism is being done wrong; it's because socialism is so antithetical to human nature that the only way it can work even temporarily is if people live in stark terror of their government.

* * *

This is why I find the current "feminists versus male-to-female transsexuals" conflict so damned entertaining.
I might be concerned about being fair to women, but I am not in the least concerned about being fair to "feminist" Leftards. Since the current ludicrous chaos is but the inevitable end-stage of Proggy's relentless and destructive campaign to undermine families, muddle traditional sex roles and relations between them, and distort the very idea of gender itself, I want it all crammed right down "feminist" throats, just as far as it will go. I want to see them forced to abide by the spurious assertions of total, no-difference equality between the sexes they've been promoting for decades.
Them chickens is coming home to roost with a vengeance...girls.

* * *

New York is not the center of the universe. The "decline and fall" lamented in the linked article extends to the rest of the country, too.

* * *

Your 1960s vintage computer blows a rectifier diode--how do you fix it? Interesting story.

* * *

So, the other day I went to Amazon to order a new keyboard.

My work computer has, currently, the keyboard from my 2001 P3 computer attached to it. I talked about this in January, how the keyboard I was using (an ASUS keboard that came with Floristica) had a shitty nonstandard editing key rosette, and the other problem was that it was black and I couldn't see the frigging legends on the keys to identify which was "home" and which was "end" and so forth.

This keyboard:

The keys are dead black and the legends are printed in dark grey. That's fine if you have a spotlight on your keyboard, but the way my desk is set up I needed a white keyboard over there. But all my USB keyboards are black or grey.

A trip to Fry's was fruitless. I did see some other keyboards here and there but none was suitable, all the while griping about the fact that prior to about 1998 white/beige was the default and black was an extra-cost special thing; and finally getting fed up with the stupid Asus keyboard I remembered the PS2-to-USB adaptor I'd bought for Floristica when I wanted to switch to my IBM 1390, and thought I needed, but did not since Floristica has a PS2 port.

I dug into my stack of spare keyboards downstairs and found the Gateway keyboard. It was the only one which was both white and flat (there's an MS Natural keyboard down there too) and had a PS2 connector. Plugged it into the adaptor, plugged that into the work laptop, and presto! Keys I can see, and a proper editing rosette so I don't have to look at the damned thing every time I need to page up or page down!

Except that this setup has an annoying foible all its own: sometimes it will freak out and put a key on infinite repeat. I'll be typing along and suddenly it will skip a whole bunch of spaces and then start to repeat a key.

I can't really do it here exactly since LJ omits multiple spaces, but imagine the underlines are just blank spaces:
"suddenly it will ____________________skkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk"
Like that. Sometimes it happens over and over.

I figure that it's because of the bodged-together interface (USB to PS2). The keyboard expects more power than the USB port can provide, especially considering that all the laptop's USB ports are in use for other things. The keyboard sees its power sag and it flips out. But it's annoying, particularly when you're trying to get a customer's issue typed into the ticket you're creating.

Finally having had enough of that shit I realized I can afford to buy a new keyboard so I had a gander at Amazon, and saw a nice-looking white keyboard, full-size, apparently with mechanical switches, for $25 shipped--and I clicked "buy now" on that.

Looked at my wish list and saw the figure of Isuzu Sento that I'd put there months ago, and figured, "WTF, I'm worth it!" and bought that. Then I closed the browser.

So, I'm working here on the old blogaroo and my wife comes into the room with a box. She'd thought Amazon had delivered something for her and opened the shipping box, but found the figure instead. And what was it?

RWBY Weiss Schnee. Decidedly not Isuzu Sento. Opened the box to be sure it wasn't an Isuzu figure in an RWBY box, but it's RWBY through-and-through.

I mean, the Isuzu fig was $35 and if I'm right this one's $38, but I don't know who the hell this character is and it's not what I wanted.

Looking over the box, on the side of it there's a stock sticker, and it says, "Sega Amagi Brilliant Park". So what happened is, somehow this thing got labeled as the Isuzu Sento figure when it's not, and the overworked Amazon employee didn't look twice. (Assuming it was a human and not a robot.) I know how that works so I'm not mad about him not taking the time to object to it; those people work under inhuman conditions.

The nice thing about this, though, is that to ship the thing back to Amazon all I have to do is print a return label, then take the item and the return label to the nearest Kohl's store. They'll pack and ship it back to the warehouse. Convenient.

...and once they get it back, my money will be refunded. But in the meantime, I placed another order for the Isuzu Sento figure. For a couple bucks less. But I have to wait until August for it.

Oh well.

Meanwhile, the keyboard is scheduled for delivery tomorrow. Here's hoping that goes without a hitch; that's the bit that I actually need.

* * *

So, it's 95° outside and still humid as a jungle. And the pool's waiting. Off I go!

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