atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6764: Well, that escalated quickly

Mrs. Fungus and I had been in the pool for a couple of hours, just enjoying our little swimming pool on a very hot summer day. She got out, as a first step towards us doing something about dinner, so then I figured I might as well, too; but we ended up lounging in our gravity chairs and doing nothing but enjoying the day--and then to the north we saw clouds massing.

...and not ten minutes after that, they had rolled south, and the sky was darkening, and the temperature dropping.

The thermometer went from 97° to 83° in fifteen minutes.

The radar doesn't show any significant precipitation, but the threat of rain was enough to prompt us to action. We cleared up our gear and headed inside.

Forecast for tomorrow is 77°. I guess the heat wave is over.

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