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#6766: You heard it here first!

"Hospital staff blamed for not realizing 'man' was pregnant". Biological female presents with symptoms (unspecified in article) and ends up losing the baby gestating in her womb.
A woman showing up with similar symptoms "would almost surely have been triaged and evaluated more urgently for pregnancy-related problems," the authors wrote.
But the rules for dealing with transsexuals is that you absolutely MUST take their word for it when they say they are male or female. I mean, even to ask a question about the biological sex of the subject is misgendering and bigoted.

And believe it or not, medical personnel are not going to ask someone presenting as a man, "Is there a possibility you could be pregnant?" because men don't get pregnant.

BUt here's why I'm posting this:
The real blurred line is the definition of gender versus sex.

The word gender is no longer scientific, therefore it can be chosen. They like to say “gender assigned at birth.” Go figure, doctors and parents usually “assign” a baby the gender that goes along with its sex.

Sex is not a social construct, and it cannot be chosen or changed. It is defined by the sex organs and chromosome make-up of the DNA. Males have XY chromosomes that determine their sex, and females XX.
Which is what I've been saying all along.

* * *

More about Bernie Sanders and the wage problem with his campaign. The union employees are salaried. They're paid about $40,000 a year and they work 60 hours per week.

The problem here is that the workers are salaried. Salaried employees are not paid by the hour; they are paid a flat rate to do a job, whether that job is managing a business or writing technical manuals. It used to be that a salary for a given job was a bit higher than hourly wages would be because salaried employees don't earn overtime but a salaried job is more likely to require overtime.

And not to put too fine a point on it, but the "living wage" argument for $15 an hour is meant to be applied to people who are making the current federal minimum, which is around $7.25 an hour. If you are earning $40,000 a year you are already making a "living wage".

I'm hearing tell that the Sanders' campaign response to this is to cut the workweek to 40 hours; but if it were me, I'd say, "You want $15 an hour? Okay! Forty hours per week at $15 an hour, there you go!"

...which is $30,000 a year.

* * *

Orville moves to Hulu for its third season. We'll just have to subsribe to Hulu again, for a while, after the third season is fully released.

* * *

Saw a YouTube video about David Tennant's search for his roots, and it turns out that "Tennant" is a stage name and his real name is David MacLeod.

Someone must already have written the Highlander slash fanfic where the Doctor gets it on with Conal MacLeod....

* * *

Soda pop got its start as patent medicine. Why is everyone always so surprised by this? Coca Cola got that name because it had cocaine in it. Yes, Seven Up had lithium in it. These were by design and not because people didn't know any better.

Huh: Pepsi wasn't medicinal, but was a simple soft drink from the beginning. Originally named "Brad's Drink", and you know I'm going to make that joke more than a few times.

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