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#6767: I have one question about this--just one.

Africa's work force, we are told, will surpass Asia's by 2100. Considering that African countries are systematically wrecking their ability to produce food, what are those workers going to eat?

This is not a question I ask lightly, either. "Asia" includes China, after all. That's a lot of mouths to feed; and Africa's record for post-colonial economic expansion is terrible. Zimbabwe was once considered the breadbasket of Africa, but thirty-odd years after Britain left the place is a shithole and they have to import food.

No--I don't see it.

* * *

Today's clickbait article is about lawyers sharing "their most epic 'I rest my case' moments" and #33 was cribbed directly from My Cousin Vinnie.

* * *

Well indoctrinated, I would say. Students clam an Obama quote when they think it's Trump saying it.

* * *

Chicago is a free-fire zone and you are taking your life in your hands whenever you go there.

* * *

The death penalty is a prophylactic measure. If you are dead, you cannot kill a second time.

* * *

Illegal aliens are allowed to come to this country, and remain, because a lot of rich people benefit greatly from their presence.

* * *

Big surprise that an entitled sack of shit acted like an entitled sack of shit. "...This is just one more nail in the coffin of the political utility of unfounded claims of racism."

* * *

The power outage that ruined a crapton of memory chips is raising prices on memory after all. Prior to that, I thought they'd said it wouldn't have much effect on prices. Oh well.

* * *

In the "being interrupted by goofballs" category a woman came to my door and told me she was here for something relating to renewable energy. I didn't pay a lot of attention--FFS, trying to work, here--but when she started talking about how fossil fuels were harmful to the environment I stopped listening entirely and was, I am embarassed to say, rather a bit more rude to her than I intended. But trying to work and no time for eco-horseshit and no patience, either.

* * *

So, yeah, we're getting female Thor in the movies now and a lot of the other Marvel properties are going "woke". Cataline predicts that this won't do Disney any damned good at all, not with the Star Wars franchise being flushed into the septic tank as well.

I've pretty well lost interest in the movies, to the point that when Endgame was in the theaters I was lukewarm about seeing it. I don't mind seeing the spoilers in the above article, either. Big-time "meh".

* * *

So as hot as it was on Saturday, today it is 77 and the dewpoint is 54. That means it's going to be forty-five degrees cooler tonight than it was Saturday afternoon, and forty degrees cooler than it was Friday night.

That's why we got all that rain yesterday.

I had intended to get up this morning and cut some grass, but I woke up before the alarm and set it to the usual time instead. Just wasn't feeling it.

Tomorrow, I guess.

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