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#6770: Now watch it disappear without a splash.

So apparently Mueller is trying to use the Pycelle Maneuver. Grand Maester Pycelle is a character from Game of Thrones, and he is an old man with a long white beard who plays at being half-senile. But Pycelle is not even close to being senile, and is in fact the mental equal of anyone in the Seven Kingdoms.

It is most assuredly an act, though. Unless something happened to the guy that caused a traumatic brain injury or a stroke we don't know about, sometime in the last few months, at age 74 you don't go from "sharp" to "doddering" like that, not that fast, not absent something pretty bad happening inside your cranium. How long has it been since his last public appearance? How did he act then?

The "frail old man" act is being reported straight by the media. "Wow, he seems frail...." I don't know what the angle is, here, but I don't buy it.

Oh, here we are.
Anyone else buying this doddering old man act that Mueller is trying to pull? I remember his press conference back in May when he announced the results of his investigation. He certainly didn't sound like an Alzheimer's patient back then. And the Democrats had all day yesterday to coach him. If they thought he was unfit to testify, they would've put the kabosh on today's proceedings. It's when they told Christine Blasey Ford to speak in a barely audible, mousy little voice. She doesn't talk like that. And you could see her smirking when she did. So, Mueller doesn't go from being a functioning adult in May to a senile old man in July. Something is going on here in this hearing that's clearly rotten.
So, in May he was sharp as a tack; in July he's senile. No, definitely not buying it.

But the lamentations of the Democrat-media complex are wonderful to hear. "There goes impeachment!" The left was salivating for Mueller to testify, couldn't wait for it, was ready to pounce the instant it was over...and instead they got the "I'm an old man" act.

This may be why, though. As said from the beginning, there is no there there; the investigation was into nothing--there was no crime, no hint of a crime, nothing that could be construed as maybe possibly being a crime. It was a great big fat wad of made-up nonsense from the moment Hillary started bleating about it.

* * *

Ice on Mercury. Anyone besides me remember Niven's short story, "The Coldest Place"? Turned out that Mercury wasn't tidally locked with the Sun after all, but guess what? There are glaciers on Mercury!

Gotta love it.

* * *

As usual this Arse Technica article is full of bullshit. "The incredibly low prices of new renewable and natural gas generators...." The price to install "renewable" sources is not "incredibly low" unless you take into account the enormous government subsidies. That doesn't make them inexpensive; it simply takes money from other things to artificially reduce the price.

Nuclear power is hideously expensive not because of anything inherent in the technology, but because of regulatory and litigation costs. If you want to build a nuclear power plant, you first have to deal with litigation from a broad spectrum of ecology groups, NIMBY asshats, and luddites. Besides that you have to get all sorts of waivers from the NRC since the laws governing the construction of nuclear reactors are a byzantine nightmare of conflicting regulations. And let's not forget the environmental impact study that the EPA makes you do. You spend tens of millions of dollars satisfying an enormous legal and regulatory burden before anyone turns so much as one spadeful of dirt on the construction site.

If it was as easy to build a nuclear plant as it is to put up windmills, we'd have tons of the things. And power would be cheaper than it is now.

But the environmental impact of windmills is flatly ignored. And if you think I'm making that up?
Where government agencies routinely require permits for development near wetlands, in order to protect bird species, they rarely require the same for wind farms, even though the wildlife impacts can be far greater.

Nor do governments require that wind developers disclose when they kill birds and bats, or count the dead. Wind developers have even sued to prevent the public from accessing data about bird kills.
No environmental impact statements required. No mandated reporting of bird kills. No permits needed just to build the things.

You can't even build a fricking shed without getting a building permit.

Borepatch links this which explains why windmills are so much "cheaper":
It gets lots more complicated when you consider that the wind farms are being subsidized by the government with the Production Tax Credit (PTC). A tax credit should not be confused with a tax deduction. A deduction reduces the amount of income you pay taxes on. is paying taxes on. A credit is money back. And the PTC is a "Refundable Tax Credit" which means the company does not just get to pay fewer taxes but actually gets paid by the government even if it does not owe any taxes.

The PTC subsidy has been in effect now for 27 years. Congress has adjusted the PTC many times through the years but today the subsidy is about $.02/kWhr. So, the power company gets money back in the form of a subsidy for roughly 67% of what they produce--i.e., the company gets money back to the tune of $.02/kWhr after it sells the electricity for $.03/kWhr. If the company sells $3 million of electricity they get the $3 million plus a PTC subsidy of $2 million. That is a huge subsidy! In fact, I think it is the biggest subsidy ever given for anything.
If they sell $15 million, the government gives them another $10 million. Like that.

That is why they can claim that renewable energy is so cheap: not because it's actually cheaper, but because of the enormous subsidy that the government hands out.

The entire reason for the "incredibly low price" comes not from any intrinsic quality of renewable energy but because the government subsidy is so high.

The problem is, the government needs to tax that money from other people to pay that subsidy. The money taken from people in taxes is money that could have been spent otherwise and represents an enormous opportunity cost.

It's a chimera--a phantasm--a mirage. It's not saving money and it's not saving the environment.

* * *

And this sums up something I've been saying for decades.
The IPCC climate sensitivity is about one order of magnitude too high, because a strong negative feedback of the clouds is missing in climate models. If we pay attention to the fact that only a small part of the increased CO2 concentration is anthropogenic, we have to recognize that the anthropogenic climate change does not exist in practice.
Emphasis mine. You can't just ignore the effects that clouds have on climate, yet climate models do exactly that. They use a number--one static number!--to account for it. It doesn't change with rising temperatures, either proportionately or inversely so, but remains static despite changes in temperature.

Guess what: warmer air can hold more water. Cooler air holds less. And depending on a myriad of other factors, clouds form. And clouds change the albedo of the Earth, reflecting more sunlight into space, COOLING THE PLANET.

A climate model that does not account for the cooling effect of cloud cover is not a model. It's just another Mann Hockey Stick, pure propaganda meant to sell a false premise.

The fact is that we do not 100% understand cloud formation, not enough to model it...and modeling it in a global model would require all the supercomputers in the world and a lot of processing time, on the order of decades. But that's no excuse for ignoring the factor entirely in the existing models. There should be something to account for it, something more complicated than a single static number.

Unless, of course, you want the "model" to show catastrophic warming due to human CO2 emissions.

And they do, because they want to use this manufactured issue to seize control of the economy.

* * *

As I said yesterday, trees are racist.

* * *

I commented on this a few weeks ago. The big to-do at Disneyland that went viral--a bunch of uncivilized asshats having a fight over being "disrespected"--prompted me to ask why it took Disney's security people 3.5 minutes to intervene in the brawl.

Well, "brawl" is overstating it. What I saw was a lot of posturing and slapping, not so much a fight as a scuffle. I couldn't undestand the audio but I'm led to understand one of them said, "I don't give a fuck 'bout no video! You put yo' hands on muh bitch, nigga!" So eloquent.

* * *

By the way, because merely being white means you're a racist, white people now have leave to say whatever they want to? Or what?

* * *

They are savages. There is no other word for what they are; "savages" is it. They gang up on, and beat, a girl who has a mental disability, and laughing jackasses film and celebrate it.

If i ever caught any kid of mine acting like one of those savages, my wrath would be legendary.

* * *

One does not look upon the face of the gorgon and live. Another case of "Arkancide". FBI agent who was investigating the Clinton Foundation apparently shot himself on the dance floor at a nightclub.

Because, sure, that's where people go to commit suicide, right? They're just there dancing and enjoying themselves and then Oh God I can't take it any longer and *blam*.

"Then again," Vox concludes, "the music might just have been really bad."

* * *

One thing is absolutely certain. If NYC is allowed to socialize the electrical system, it will become less reliable and more costly.

* * *

The de-platforming of right-wingers has suddenly slowed to a crawl because the Justice Department is investigating them. But the Internet is forever.

* * *

Rashida Tlaib, (D-Palestine) wants to raise the minimum wage to twenty dollars an hour. She cites restaurant servers who make about $2.13 an hour in wages as one reason for this.
Waiters earn tips -- with 20% being standard in urban areas now -- that vastly surpass their base pay. Work in a restaurant that's at all "nice," and you're likely to make out quite nicely in tip-land.
When Mrs. Fungus and I were in Niagara Falls, we had dinner at a TGIFriday's. The bill there was significantly higher than the bill you'd expect at a similar restaurant in an ordinary town. The tip was over thirty dollars.

One of Mrs. Fungus' earliest jobs was waiting tables, so I asked her how many tables a server might have in a night. Her number was 20-30. So I figured it, going conservatively: twenty tables times $20 a table is $400 in one eight-hour shift which is considerably more than $15 or even $20 an hour. It is, in fact, fifty dollars an hour.

Now, you're not going to serve 20 tables every night, and not every table is going to tip well, and-and-and, but I'd bet the average income for a server at a decent restaurant works out to well over $20 an hour for a week's worth of serving tables even after you figure all that in.

Oh well.

* * *

"Crime will expand according to our willingness to put up with it."

* * *

Someday Palestine will have to give up. Today is not that day...sadly.

* * *

So, that idiotic woman who got into a public pissing match over "10 items or less" and claimed that the white man she argued with said "go back to where you came from" was projecting when she made that claim, because she said that to him.
So, another racial hoax.

Time for the media to start burying this so that no one ever speaks of it again. Time for the media to once again fail to do a context story recapping the spree of racial hoaxes.
Which they will do, post-haste, because of course they will.
Police reviewed video and did not see Mr. Sparkes acting in an aggressive manner. Indeed he politely confronted her about her item count, pointed to the sign, and expected a simple apology.

Instead, she was the one who flipped the f*ck out.
That's why a lot of times a white person won't tell a black person anything--because depending on where they fit, they flip out when they think they're "disrespected".

* * *

Wind chill in summer:

* * *

Well, on the plus side, there's less than 50% remaining in my week now.

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