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#6771: "Due process" has to apply to EVERYONE, though

Advice Goddess talks about Al Franken not receiving "due process".

There are two problems with that.

1) Al Franken chose to resign. He wasn't summarily ejected from office. No one cast him out. No one sent the police to haul him away in chains. If anyone denied Al Franken "due process" it was Al Franken himself. He chose to resign rather than fight--and so this outcome is entirely on him.

2) The people on Al Franken's side deplatform and hound people out of office all the time, and for lesser things than groping and mashing on women. Twitter and Facebook and Google and YouTube just summarily eject anyone who offends their leftist sensibilities.

Even people on their own side are not immune from that bullshit.

* * *

Am I the only person who's wondering WTF just happened?

Mueller's suddenly a doddering old man.

He didn't do much during the investigation and kept short hours.

He didn't appear to know anything about the investigation.

For months we were told that when Mueller got up to testify, it was going to crush the Trump administration. Then we got this. Why did people think Mueller's testimony would end Trump's term in office? Did people not know Mueller was like this? Or is this an act?

Let me add that I certainly don't mind it when a pending problem turns out to be a non-issue, but I am still baffled by the sudden reversal.

* * *

Everyone is saying there'll be a civil war next year if the Democrats lose. An actual civil war--a battle for control of the country--not like the War of American Southern Independence.
The Left is desperate. Desperate people do desperate things. They stake it all on long odds. They grasp at their sole remaining chance to prevail, however slender, and refuse to look past it. And if possible, they shave the dice, tilt the pinball machine, bribe the refs.

This is the hour of maximum danger.

Recall how many Left-inclined commentators and spokesmen have worried publicly about the outbreak of a second civil war, fomented by us in the Right. Leftist mouthpieces have a history of "worrying" about what the Right will do, while (or just before) the Left does that exact thing. That is where the Republic stands as you read this.
But the consequences of a Democrat victory are just as dire.

I don't know what to think, myself.

* * *

Autoplay warning: Bette Midler accuses black people of providing "blackground" for Trump. So many rich white leftists assume that minorities have no agency whatsoever and must be told what to do. That's very racist, of course. But it's how they think. "No black person could possibly be a Republican!" is the sort of thought that led Midler to say what she said.

* * *

What I do is to turn that craptastic thing around and sit backwards. The bitch won an award for it, but both "male" and "female" versions alike look hideously uncomfortable. The back is what, eight inches high? You can't lean back in the thing, then. Why even have it?

* * *

Fake suicide attempt? Like Vox Day, I doubt Epstein really tried to kill himself.

* * *

NYPD cops should go sit in parking lots and only respond to calls.
There is no reason for them to endure being berated for doing their jobs while being videoed by Twitter vigilantes who are looking for every opportunity to destroy a police officer's career for a city government that has the backs of the thugs over law and order.
So you see something happening? Just sit. Wait for the 911 dispatcher to assign you a call. Otherwise, go fetal and do the absolute bare minimum, because City Hall will take the criminals' side over yours, every time.

It's the only thing that makes sense. At least, if you insist on being a cop in NYC.

* * *

Related: Chicago's new lesbian-of-color mayor has been heard calling a representative of the Fraternal Order of Police "this FOP clown" and has refused to apologize. It is this kind of adversarial relationship between city politicians and the police that leads to major cities being violent shitholes, like Chicago is.

* * *

But we must absolutely not do anything about gang violence like locking the bastards up and throwing away the key. Oh, no.
On 22 July 2019, a 15 year old career Car Jacker/auto thief was arrested around noon in the 22nd district in a stolen vehicle which was stolen from the south suburbs. He was screened and given a court date and released to family in the early evening. About 90 minutes later he and 2 other teens were in a stolen newer model jeep. While joyriding in the jeep, a pickup pulls up next to the drivers side where the recently released career Car Jacker was being the wheel. Guns are pointed from each car and the shooting begins. The front passenger begins firing over the driver where the recently released career Car Jacker is behind the wheel. It seems the front passenger failed to inform the driver to duck, and ends his career as a car hacker with a shot to the head. The front passenger is shot 3 times in the back. The other teen escaped being shot.
Steals a car at noon, is released to family--no bail!--six hours later, and is dead ninety minutes after that.

Oh, yeah, guns are the problem, you bet. "He and two other teens" were joyriding in a stolen car an hour and a half after he was released from custody, and one of (at least one of) those "teens" had a frickin' handgun on him.

I'm thinking this dead goblin must have previously gotten away with stealing cars an awful lot, considering that it didn't occur to him to lay low even for one day after being arrested for doing so. I mean, it's like he was released to his family and then right away went out and stole another car. Did he even go home first?

Anyway, another victim of target fixation. That's when you're shooting at something, and become so focused on shooting at it that you don't realize that the bullets you're firing have to pass through other objects to reach the target, and keep firing.

Kind of like what happened here:

* * *

They are still trying to explain away the Little Ice Age and the Medieval Warm Period because those things don't agree with "global warming=man-made=disaster".

First thing the article does is to raise a straw man:
("Climate has changed without humans before, so humans can't be changing it now" is not a logically valid argument, FYI. It's the equivalent to arguing that we can't cause forest fires, since they occurred before we were around.)
No one I know or read is making that argument. I've never read or heard that opinion expressed, that human activity cannot change the climate solely because climate change has always occurred.

Climate has always varied. It is not unchanging. The heart of skepticism towards the theory that human activity is changing the climate comes from the fact that we don't know why it's changing now, because it's impossible to isolate the signal of man-made climate change from the noise of natural climate change. The most intellectually-honest arguments I hear on the skeptic side are simply that we don't know what's going on.

Meanwhile, on Arse Technica's side, the assertion is GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL AND MAN-MADE AND HAPPENING NOW--THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED! Well, half the time they say "climate change" instead of "global warming" these days, but the statement is the same. And when there is evidence produced that the Earth has been much warmer than it is right now, and within historical times, they try to cover that up. "It's regional! It's not global! It's different--different I say!!!"

And the people who have the most to gain from it are the ones saying that these variations were just local phenomena, and that only the "man-made global warming" is actually global.

It doesn't jibe, though, with the unadjusted historical temperatures, and in order to make this result happen they have to adjust the hell out of the data.

* * *

They co-orbit in less than seven minutes. I agree with his confusion; that graph is clearly the peak of a hyperbola. He's right when he says that a linear extrapolation of that graph would indicate the two stars merging in something less than 19 years.

And it's clearly a hyperbola, meaning that as the stars get closer the rate of change will increase rather than stay steady.

But the article says that it'll take 130,000 years, which sounds more probable than 19.

What's the distance between the stars? Well, using their numbers, I'm estimating 12.3 million kilometers. So, yes, if their orbital distance shrinks linearly, that's 130,000 years, more or less.

Oh well.

* * *

You know, you can usually record the audio on your computer without using a web site to do it. Audacity is freeware and it lets you do exactly that. I don't often use it--I prefer to buy the songs--but if I can't find the song to buy it, I'll fire up Audacity and rip it. It's not that hard.

Sending that crap through a web site just gives hackers a way into your machine, for fuck's sake.

* * *

Legal abortion-on-demand always yields unintended consequences. Particularly in countries where daughters are considered burdens and sons are considered assets.
India outlawed sex-selective abortion in 1994, but it's still common practice to terminate female fetuses as they are seen as a financial burden, with families often needing to provide money for costly dowries, despite the fact they were outlawed in 1961.
Gee, you mean to tell me that people disobey the law? How can that be??

* * *

The EPA needs to be stopped. There's really no other way to explain it.

The best way to fix this problem is to force the EPA to purchase, at market price, whatever land it is they are declaring off-limits for use. They're a government agency; they should not be exempt from the eminent domain clause in the Constitution.

* * *

That's kind of amazing, in a way. What would the average person DO, though, if he won thirty-six cars?

Sheeze, that would be expensive.

* * *

Netflix is in trouble? This is the same story from last week, but yes, they missed their subscriber numbers by quite a margin.

They raised prices and they're producing "woke" trash, all of which turns people off.

* * *

Yesterday was nice and cool. Today it's warmer but the weather site still reports a "wind chill" and it's supposed to get down to 60 tonight. I don't know.

I do know that Mrs. Fungus is going to complain about how hot it is in the house. I don't want to turn on the AC when it'll be 60 tonight, though; by the time she went to bed last night our bedroom was a refrigerator, which was nice, and I expect more of the same tonight.

* * *

So, over the past few days I've been rereading $Release_Candidate_One, to which AV is a prequel.

Funny thing is, I found a few "history" bits which need changing. They do not need changing by much, though, to match what's in AV--and some of them, in fact, could be left alone. $RC1 takes place about 100 years after the events of AV, and although some of the characters are the same, they still wouldn't necessarily remember everything exactly--and some of the related history sounds like a summary which has been arrived at through repetition. You know how it is: when you verbally tell a story to many different audiences, you get it down to a kind of patter. It may not be 100% accurate, but it's mostly right and there are no major incorrect details, and what you are telling is the essence, the core truth, of what took place.

So I have a scene where someone tells what he saw happen during the AV time frame, and it's...compressed, oddly, and he leaves out his own role in it for a variety of reasons...but it's not wrong.

Now, there are some flat-out incorrect things. For example, a computer says it was upgraded in 2277, when in AV the upgrades were done in 2287. Things like that, I'll need to fix.

Oh well. Still a fun read, $RC1 is.

* * *

Started looking at last night to see what I could expect to pay for a bargain-basement Ryzen computer. I want a Mini ITX motherboard and the cheapest possible Ryzen processor.

It developed that Pricewatch has fallen on hard times. There were no entries for current processors; I couldn't find any motherboards for the A4 processors, or the processors themselves.

Went to Amazon and found several right away. NewEgg has the stuff too, but it's more expensive than Amazon.

What I want is a reasonably inexpensive computer which can nonetheless handle the latest video codecs. There was a CPU-mobo-memory combo on Amazon for $170 shipped, which would do; I've got a mini ITX case and all I'd need to get other than that would be some kind of heat sink for the processor. Just upgrade El_Hazard to this configuration and I'll have a machine that I can watch anime from. Or play WoW on the family room TV, for that matter.

...and I just went ahead and did it. With a CPU cooler and thermal paste for same, plus tax, it came to $205, and it's a Micro ATX board rather than a Mini ITX. But it's going to be fast: Ryzen 2200G processor, 8 GB of DDR4 RAM--I expect it to do quite well. Might not even need a video card to handle the video part, not with a Ryzen processor in there. And the motherboard has the A4 socket so if I want to spend more money on a faster CPU later, well--

Gonna have to figure out a case for it. I have half a dozen computers in the basement and I'd bet at least one of them could take this motherboard. And if not? Cases are cheap and so are power supplies; I can order them from anywhere, just about, and have them here in less than a week. Or take a quick buzz up to Fry's. We'll see.

The specs for this thing--4 CPU cores, 8 GPU cores, 3.5 GHz clock speed--this thing is more processor than Floristica has! Depending on how this goes I might end up putting this thing into Floristica....

But that's it for wretched excess for me, for a few months at least. Heh.

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