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#6778: They are telling you what they want to do

"...[W]e're not going to necessarily play fair." The whole quote is:
We may not have won the battle of impeachment, but we're going to win the war of putting him in jail, whatever we have to do, and we're not going to necessarily play fair.
Right there they are saying that they will depose Trump regardless of legality, no matter how many bodies they have to put in the ground.

"We're not going to play fair" means they don't even care about the law. They're going to lie, cheat, steal, and kill if they have to.

They are telling us what they want to do. Anyone listening?

* * *

Ohh, here we go again, "racist", yep: Trump refers to a rat-infested shithole as "rat-infested" but that's racist. Baltimore has the most murders per capita in the US, beating out Chicago; it's got rats and crappy drivers and even Bernie Sanders called it a "third-world city". But Trump's a racist, so that makes all those facts go away. Right?

Some "news" organization did a poll and the results were that 67% of the people responding agreed with President Trump. Wonder how many times that news was repeated before the story got quashed?

And so racist racist raaaaaacist!!! is all they've got for an answer. They can't--they can't ever--argue the merits of their position. But they've over-used the accusation, and now "racist!" is a dog whistle which only leftists hear.

* * *

I thought we knew this already. The 737 MAX 8 configuration was largely inspected and approved by Boeing rather than the FAA.

Here's the thing, though. I'm not sure how much I really blame the FAA for this. Okay: handing over any regulatory enforcement to a manufacturer is a stupid thing to do, so they do share some of the blame for this. But at the same time, the 737 is a proven design with a very long track record, and if Boeing lied to the FAA and said, "This is just an upgrade and it's fundamentally the same airplane" then the FAA might have relaxed its normal approval processes.

The problem is, though, that the 737 MAX 8 configuration is essentially a new airplane. It certainly has different operating characteristics from prior 737 models; for one thing, prior models didn't have the issue with uncommanded pitch-up at high throttle, which is the entire reason for the existence of the MCAS system in the first place!

Boeing built an airplane from an existing model which has substantially different operating characteristcs from that existing model, but I expect they told the FAA, "This is just another variant of the 737." The FAA (as we've seen from other issues in the past) takes a cooperative approach to enforcing its regulations that works very well for everyone, most of the time, as long as everyone plays the game honestly. When a player doesn't, "cooperation" ends.

I think Boeing should be next on that list. I think the FAA needs to clamp down on them, because what they did with the 737 MAX 8 was dishonest and unsafe, and it was an example of a corporation gaming the system.

...and I'm still positive that there was some guy who handled this project and got a nice fat raise and a promotion from it, and did all this solely because he wanted that raise and promotion, and did what he had to do to make sure the thing went out the door. Only he's a skunk and played the system. And maybe I watch too many movies.

* * *

This, I think, really gets to the nub of the problem with unrestricted immigration. It does so by talking about Ilhan Omar (D-little Somalia) and her obvious hatred for America.

I, too, have noticed that in the past the US accepted immigrants who were glad to be here, grateful for the chance to show us what they could do, and who assimilated with the culture of the country they came to. Those people didn't abandon their own cultures, but they also didn't insist that their adopted nation bend to their whims.

These days, immigrants insist that we kowtow to their customs--especially where those customs conflict with our own. Why do we do it? There's no reason to. If you want to follow the customs of your country, and you don't want to learn ours, don't come here. Stay there, and continue to follow your customs to your heart's content.

The same thing goes for language. The language of America is English. You can get by without it, but if you don't know it and don't want to learn it, do not come here to live.

I mean, you just try emigrating to France without learning French, and insist that they accommodate you with translators and so forth. They'd laugh you right into the English Channel with that horseshit. And English has been the dominant international language for more than a century!

There is going to come a time when the US government will no longer be able to afford all this horseshit. There are going to be people who are very angry about it, but the budgets will be cut and nonessential crap will fall by the wayside. Coddling illegal aliens will fall out of fashion rather quickly when the government must choose between doing that and taking care of American citizens.

* * *

Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal actually prolonged the Great Depression, you know. The Great Depression was as long as it was because government just had to get its dick skinners in the works. Prior depressions had been brutal but short; they cleared misallocated resources and bad capital from the economy and things naturally spun up again.

But ever since John Maynard Keynes and his quasi-socialist economic theory popped up--hoo boy. Just about all of our politicians are Keynesians, to one extent or another. They love the part of Keynes' theory that says that deficit spending is perfectly okay.

The problem is, Keynes' theory qualifies that rule.

According to Keynes, deficit spending is okay (even necessary) in an economic downturn such as a recession or depression. Even Keynes realized that the credit cards must be paid back, though; his theory states that during boom times, the debts incurred during lean times should be retired. Our government has never done that. There have been one or two (at most) years in the last forty where the government ran a surplus.

FDR was a Keynesian, of course, if not an outright socialist. Remember, in the 1930s, socialism was the in thing, the brave new world, the future for us all that would bring prosperity and ease to us all! They praised Hitler and Mussolini for their forward thinking. The way Hitler dragged Germany out of the doldrums of the Weimar era was a thing of wonder to the American intelligentsia. Of course you had useful idiots like Walter Duranty faithfully penning hagiographies to Lenin and Stalin, and uncritically reporting as fact all the fake crap the Soviet Union showed him.

So with all of Europe moving towards socialism, naturally the American politicians got on board with it, especially since they saw a way to increase their own power. I think FDR thought that he could actually end the Depression with the New Deal. After all, his economic advisors (Keynesians and socialists) told him it would work like gangbusters. And look at Germany! Why, Hitler had the place running like a Swiss watch! All those people building highways and airplanes and cars, and the economy over there was just humming like nobody's business. Yep, Hitler knows what he's doing, and he's showing us that socialism is the way to go!

...until 1939. Hitler attacked Poland and betrayed his pact with Stalin. Then, suddenly, Hitler wasn't a socialist at all, but a fascist--and fascism sped right across the political spectrum, now called "right-wing" because it sure as hell couldn't be a form of socialism, no no! And even worse than that, Hitler wasn't a good guy. Who said he was? I did? No, buddy, I never said Hitler knew what he was doing. (How convenient that reliable portable audio recording devices have not yet been invented so you can't play my words back for me.) Ha, no, I never said Hitler was a socialist. I said he was a fascist, and he's the worst human being to walk the Earth and must be stopped.

FDR took a cue from Hitler and started gearing up for war, because that would save the economy--but the American public was isolationist and wanted no part in another European war. How fortuitous for FDR that the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor!

...but that's a discussion for another time.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus scared me awake early this afternoon, so I went outside and lay on a pool float for a little while, until I got hungry. Made some quesodillas with the taco meat left over from Friday's dinner; they were pretty good. First time in a rather long one that I used up the leftover taco meat, but quesodillas are pretty quick and easy and tasty.

* * *

So, last night before bed I made sure that Achernar could play the video file that prompted me to start thinking about building a set-top box: the super-big version of Flying Witch. It can, all right; where the old laptop would drop audio for several seconds at a time, this one went right through the opening teaser, the OP credits, and several minutes of the actual episode without so much as a stutter or a blip.

Then again, any computer that can run WoW at even 21 FPS is going to be able to do that.

Anyway, so I've finally got my dedicated machine out there, set up to watch videos. And as a bonus it will work for other things as needed.

I've got a suspicion that the Ryzen line is going to eat Intel's lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner. I looked at Tom's Hardware and found that the Ryzen 2200g ranks ninth from the bottom of the list. The cheapest Intel processor that has a similar score for running games, the Pentium G4620, costs $12 more than the 2200g does. The first Intel processor on that list that scores better than the 2200g is the Core i3-7100, which costs $132 ($52 more than the 2200g).

So, yeah.

* * *

Anyway, Mrs. Fungus is outside, so why am I sitting here?

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