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#6779: Target fixation

Another gangster tries to shoot through his driver with predictable results.

It's difficult to feel sympathy for people who get injured or killed in the middle of committing murder.

* * *

Then don't use it and get sick and maybe die. That's your choice. If you don't want the vaccine because it has a trace of pork in it, fine.

* * *

More about the Democrat freakout over President Trump calling Baltimore, in effect, a third-world shithole. It really amuses me that Nancy Pelosi decried Trump's statements from a five-star rooftop restaurant in Italy. That's gotta be a cheap venue, right? I mean, right down there with Olive Garden--the perfect place from which to defend a Democrat politician from a shithole like Baltimore. "He's a champion for civil rights and economic justice! Oh, give me another glass of that Chateau laTour, will you?" First comment says, "It’s easy to be for social justice after a $200 dinner capped with $400 bottles of wine." If by "$200 dinner" you mean "JUST THE ENTREE", sure. Five-star restaurants charge a lot for food, solely because they can.

I do love how this issue has driven the Democrats bug-fuck-nuts.
All in all, what we have here is more of the usual old thing: Trump states the plain truth, the Democrat-Socialists and fake-news Enemedia are goaded into flipping the fuck out...then wind up shitting and falling back into it--hilariously. The man is living rent-free in their empty heads, and they just can't get him out.
Trump is remarkably good at saying things that annoy the shit out of Democrats, and all they can do--at least, all they've done so far--is to splutter helplessly, "Racist racist racist!"

How is it racist to state the fact that Baltimore is a violent, pestilent sewer? Is it because Trump was critical of a black man? Are black people so incompetent and so without agency that they must be held beyond criticism? That kind of attitude seems a lot more racist than describing as "rat-infested" a city which actually has a rat infestation.

Besides the pestilence and filth, the city's educational system somehow manages to be worse than Chicago's, and by a fair margin.
Candace Owens pointed out that they couldn't find a single black American child across 5 schools in Baltimore that was proficient in reading or math. The responsibility for that falls directly on the parents.
It does indeed. Ultimately the parents are responsible for seeing to it that their children learn to read and write and cipher.
"Parents who can't be bothered to keep track of the educational process of their children care little to nothing for them and the education edifices know this. These systems will keep passing illiterates through each grade, regardless of performance. And they will keep getting paid handsomely, while asking to have more money inserted into the systems--meaning, into their pockets.

"Yes, the education systems bear some blame, but the parents are primarily at fault. No white racist can stop a black parent from reading to his child every night or teaching him basic multiplication."
No white racist needs to. The kids aren't getting educated because anyone who tries to learn anything is bullied for "acting white". You think the parents are going to teach their children anything when they themselves are products of a culture that prizes ignorance as a virtue?
"It's not Donald Trump's fault nor even Elijah Cummings' or those like him. If you want your children to have more power than you do, you have to want it and choose to make it happen. That's power.

"Otherwise, stop crying about 'white privilege' and 'white supremacism' and accept the subordinate role that you have chosen for yourselves."
Ah, but telling them that they have the power to fix what's wrong with them, that is "blaming the victim" and isn't helpful, and anyway it's racist to be critical of their culture. So, fork over the cash, white person. It's all your fault, because slavery and racism. Yeah.

* * *

Where does the rabbit hole end? Now we learn that Keynes was a pedophile. More and more it develops that people who are heavily involved with rejecting or changing the classical norms of society--particularly leftists--turn out to have a reason for doing so, usually something pretty hideous.

The idea that Keynes was a pedophile does not surprise me, probably for this very reason.

* * *

Keep fucking that chicken, Democrats. All the way to November 2020. Please.

Related: The real Robert Mueller.

My wife expressed shock and amazement that Robert Mueller was so...befuddled...when he testified before Congress. It led to us having a discussion about it which turned humorous.

Last weekend--the 20th--we went to Outback for a nice dinner, and on our way there we saw that there was a concert at the Hollywood Casino theater over in Tinley Park. Mrs. Fungus looked it up and it turned out to be some 90s band and Alice Cooper. I made the joke that Alice Cooper had to be like a hundred and fifty by now, and started making "old man" jokes about him and his fans.

At the restaurant, she got a pina colada--only it turned out not to be up to their usual standards, so she made a joke about Alice Cooper unexpectedly finding himself at the Outback.

Well, after the Mueller hearing, and the attendant old man jokes about that? We went out for sushi last night and ended up driving by the theater again, and somehow we zoomed back to Alice Cooper, and realized that what must have happened is that Alice Cooper and Robert Mueller accidentally switched places. The men that picked them up from the retirement home made a mistake; Robert Mueller got sent to Tinley Park and Alice Cooper was taken to Washington.

"Wait, why do I have this guitar?"

It was too late to do anything about Robert Mueller, but it turned out that he could strum the guitar and hum a bit, and the Alice Cooper fans forgot why they were there anyway, so that worked out. But in DC it was a different story: the handlers couldn't get the real thing there in time, so they put a suit on Alice Cooper and just told him to say "It's in my report!" whenever anyone asked him a question. There was a brief bit of trouble when he started trying to sing it:
It's in my report!
It's in my report!
Baby don't ya listen,
It's all in the report!
...but they got him straightened out. They were worried that it would be terrible, but at least one of them was confident that Alice Cooper's instincts as a performer would carry the day.

I think that pretty well explains everything.

* * *

I don't even know where to start. Kid breaks into a car and insist he has a legal right to be there because it's at a dealership and he claimed to be thinking about buying the car.

But, no, you don't have a legal right to be in the car even if you're sitting there with the cash to buy it outright because the business is closed and they own the car and you don't have their permission to be in the car.

If the owner of a piece of property is not present, you can't access that property. You can't say, "Hey, tell me if I can't go in this car," wait thirty seconds, and then go in because after all no one said "No". That's the kind of logic a douchey ten-year-old uses.

If you are thinking of buying a car, you are allowed a little leeway. Example: when I was considering buying the Jeep I now have, I stopped at the dealership before it was open and looked it over. It was morning, already daylight, but before the place opened. I didn't try to get inside the truck and I didn't spend more than about five minutes looking around the thing, and if it had not been "front and center" at the lot, if it had been tucked 'way in the back, I wouldn't have done it. That's the sort of thing which is allowable.

But not breaking into the thing. Shit.

* * *

The asshat Chicago policeman who was driving 114 MPH in Indiana sounds like a winner.
Wodnicki responds, "Oh please, come on guys. I'm a f****** policeman. I swear to God I thought you were giving me support."

"A policeman where?" the trooper asks.

"Chicago," Wodnicki responds.

"Is this Chicago?" the trooper replies.

"Sir, I am heading to a call," Wodnicki can be heard saying.

Wodnicki said he thought the troopers giving chase were there to escort him back to the city.
Oh, come off it, you idiot. You were driving like a shithead, and when the Indiana state trooper went to pull you over, you ignored him because you thought he'd eventually realize he was trying to pull over a cop, and desist. Right? Because police never pull over other cops!

Except for one thing:
Sure. Because Indiana troopers routinely escort unmarked, non-municipal plated, fleet-type vehicles, with no exterior markings, equipped with flashing lights that we can find on the internet for a few dozen dollars. Makes perfect sense.
There was nothing that positively identified him as police. Flashing police-style lights are easily available and can be installed in an afternoon.

So he told the Indiana troopers that he was coming back from a meeting. He told his superiors at the Chicago Police Department that he'd gone to Indiana to buy ammunition. No one has explained why he didn't stop when the trooper first lit him up.

I'm sure there's more to this. It'll be interesting to see if we ever learn what it is.

* * *

Well, with Achernar up and running, I've got a playlist again:
Flying Witch
Seitokai Yakuindono Bleep
Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai no particular order.

The entire first episode of Flying Witch ran without a hitch. The other three series are things I found while trying to find a lower-resolution version of FW. I'm going to shove Hibike! Euphonium onto something that will let me dump it to Achernar, and then I'll add that to the list, too. There's 25 GB worth of that, though, so it will need to be a big something. I'm also going to have to figure out where I left off with Fairy Tail and get that dumped to the machine so I can pick that up again.

Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai wouldn't run on Floristica, but ran fine on Achernar. That's probably a codec issue; I have never updated the K-Lite Codec Pack on this system.

Shopping list for Achernar, then, is as follows: I want to get a wireless keyboard; I know Logitech sells a mouse and keyboard combo that's pretty cheap. At the same time I get that, I think I'll grab a 32 GB USB drive, 3.0, so I can copy big wads of video to the computer without having to wait until the universe enters heat death.

Depending on how I feel this evening after work, I might go to the all-night Walmart and see about those things. Or might not; it's not an emergency. I've got a wireless mouse already and I can plug a wired keyboard into it, so if this waits until next weekend it's not really a problem.

I am thinking that it'd be nice to have a more compact and better-looking case for the thing, too.

All of which is secondary; the hard part has been done: I've got the computer running and doing what I want it to do.

* * *

Hit 90 yesterday. Mrs. Fungus spent most of her afternoon outside, alternating between floating in the pool and reading in her gravity chair. I went into the pool for a while, but then got out when I needed to hit the can and stayed inside.

I woke up yesterday with a headache that wouldn't quit, and the sun and heat weren't helping much. I was dragging butt all day until after we had dinner.

There are several places around here we go for sushi, or at least have gone in the past. Mrs. Fungus refers to them alternately by name or description. One place is "Ceiling Sushi" after the guy who had been working on the wiring there while we were dining. The place we went last night is "broken hand" sushi, because it has a statue of a sumo wrestler out front and the right hand is broken off.

But as we walked up we saw that his hand was back! They'd duct-taped it back on, so I quipped that we'd now have to start calling the place "trick hand sushi" since he had an obvious prosthesis.

Yeah, I'm a card.

The food was good, although they seemed to have a little bit of trouble with the concept of kappa maki. For some reason the kappa maki ended up with salmon in it, and when I tried to point it out to the server she tried to tell me that was the unagi maki I'd ordered and disagreed with me when I pointed to the unagi maki with its eel sauce.

Well, ended up getting a free maki out of it, so no complaint here. I ate the one with the salmon, too; I told her I wanted to pay for it but she demurred. Fine.

Rolled out of there, stuffed to the gills. We're worth it, right?

Anyway, after all that I felt a lot better. We went home and then played WoW until I got tired, at which point I watched anime for a couple hours. Overall, not a bad weekend.

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