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#6782: Renting children

How is this not wrong? Democrats don't give a fuck about it; they want it to happen, and as much as possible. The only person in government who is actively working to eliminate the conditions that lead to this kind of shit is President Donald Trump.
Children are being rented, bought, recycled, and kidnapped so that single adults, mostly men from Central America, can gain quick release into the United States after crossing the border illegally.
Democrats want this. It doesn't bother them, because these "migrants" are using children approximately the way Democrats do: as props, as tools. Any party that insists that legalized infanticide on demand is a "right" does not regard children as anything else, and it shows in the Democrats' callous disregard of what their "open borders" positions are doing to children from middle and south America.

* * *

When they don't use them as sex toys, that is. The foundation of modern economic practice in America comes from a rich gay pedophile. Of course. How could it be anything else? I mean, Keynes was just ahead of the curve, is all.
Whereas Victorian Britain was a low-time-preference society with a strong sense of morality, low interpersonal conflict, and stable families, Keynes was part of a generation that rose against these traditions and viewed them as a repressive institution to be brought down. It is impossible to understand the economics of Keynes without understanding the kind of morality he wanted to see in a society he increasingly believed he could shape according to his will.
And as I said yesterday, why is it that all these people who want to change the world turn out to be perverts? How much of their desire for that change comes from the fact that their particular perversions are not socially acceptable?

"Low time preference" is the key to success, not just on a personal level but civilizational as well. The people who argued that the space program was a waste of money that was needed here on Earth, those people were expressing a high time preference--and it was something that amounted to eating one's seed corn. After 1965 the amount of money spent in America on welfare and such eclipsed what NASA was getting for space flight. In the 1970s the figure was "a million dollars a minute"; it's nearly four million dollars a minute now, we've spent trillions on "eliminating poverty", and we still have poor people--more of them than ever, in fact. "The poor you shall have always," said some guy in history who the leftists say never existed, and if he did, he was probably delusional, and anyone who follows his teaching is a racist bigot idiot buffoon.

You can't maintain a civilization if you're not looking ahead. You can't build a career if you're only thinking about how much you're going to party this coming weekend.

* * *

The european heat wave of 2019 is the answer to that "medieval warm period was local" horseshit. The warming is localized, isn't it? It's not a change to the global climate because the US is having a much cooler summer than normal.

Simple! Just apply the standards they apply and it all makes sense then.

* * *

So, women want to be treated like men? Enjoy that. That means, by the way, no special treatment when you're pulled over for a moving violation.

The woman knows the taillight is broken, has admitted that it's been broken for six months. I don't blame the cop for not giving her a break on that; WTF. If you know it's broken, fix it. Oh no; she says, "I don't think I should have to pay $80 for something that's fixable!" But you haven't fixed it, which is why you're getting the ticket.

And her sense of entitlement is so great that she refuses to sign the ticket, so the officer begins taking steps to arrest her, and she refuses to obey, even to kicking him--turning an $80 fine into the potential for jail time for resisting arrest and felony evasion after she just drives away.

I love it: "You're under arrest." "No, I'm not!" And off she goes. Eventually she does stop again, and then tries to fight with the cop when he pulls her out of the car, and ends up getting her ass tased.

For fuck's sake, bitch--it's a traffic ticket. Just admit you were in the wrong and fix the taillight and pay the fine. Fighting with a police officer is a good way to get shot, for crying out loud. You're lucky he had the taser and didn't need to use a gun to subdue you.

That video is a textbook example of how not to act when dealing with police who have pulled you over for a moving violation.

* * *

CNN trying to make it sound like NYC's gun licensing law is being overturned. The "journalist" and the anti-gun Senator don't know enough about the issue to opine coherently on it.

This is what it's actually about:
The New York case concerned people who have licenses to possess guns at home, known as "premises" licenses, and already are allowed to take unloaded guns to shooting ranges within New York City. The plaintiffs said the city's rules forbidding them from taking their guns to ranges or other homes outside city limits amounted to a "draconian' transport ban in violation of the Second Amendment.
The distinction is a fine one. If you have a "premesis" license you can own a gun, and you can put it--unloaded--in a case and take it to a gun range within New York City but are not allowed to take it out of the city. The plaintiffs assert--correctly, IMHO--that this is a violation of their civil rights.

* * *

My friend went to Rome, and all I got was this lousy stylus. We really are no different now than we were 2,000 years ago.

* * *

Well, maybe a little. We work harder now than we used to; medieval peasants got lots of vacation time. On the downside, though, they only lived to be about 40, so I think I'll take my two weeks' vacation and count myself fortunate.

* * *

Oregon Senator turned human trafficker.
Oregon Senator Ron Wyden and his team helps a pregnant women with potentially fatal health complications get into US


Did Senator Wyden find one homeless Oregonian having a medical crisis and drive him to a hospital?

Did Senator Wyden find one poor Oregonian woman with pregnancy complications that needed to go to the hospital?

No, because fuck American citizens the Donor class American Left don't give a shit about them.

He has to find some foreign national to transport across the border and make the American taxpayer foot the bill for her healthcare.

To be clear, this is pure human trafficking. I've read the US Constitution and nowhere does it give a US Senator the authority to do this. I have a feeling that the only reason Border Patrol let him in is that they didn't want to be caught on camera detaining a sitting Senator.

Which, frankly, is what should happen.
Amen to that.

* * *

Well, apparently the second Democrat debate wasn't any better than the first.

Fred Reed is aghast. He doesn't like Trump, never has, and so his dismay at the Democrat lineup for 2020 is palpable.

* * *

The left always engages in projections, and is more racist than the people it accuses of it.
Progressives are viciously racist.

This is all about the idea of the Noble Savage and that Native people are magically more in-tune with Mother Earth or something because they used every part of the buffalo.

I get it now.

This is a policy of Progressives afflicted with White Savior Syndrome employing weapons-grade patronizing racism assuming Natives Americas are magic.

It's kind of fascinating to see in real-time how awful these people are while they believe that they are so good.
It is amazing to behold, when it doesn't turn your stomach.

* * *

This can't be constitutional. The fun part is how much it will hurt the Democrats, though.

Fah! Who am I kidding? The Democrats won't be required to follow this law; just Trump. It's a law aimed squarely at making Trump release his tax returns, and any other use of it is superfluous.

But of course Trump is a fighter; and if the Democrats don't release their tax returns he won't either, I expect.

* * *

Perhaps if the facts were otherwise, this sort of thing wouldn't happen.

* * *

This is a bit long but it's a thorough discussion of the horseshit spewed by the Democrat party.
For example, there is the argument that only white people can be racist in America, which carries with it some further baggage. This meme is so pervasive that it now requires white people, and particularly white men, to refrain from holding any opinions on actions, behaviors, or attitudes of People of Color, whether generic or specific.

If you don't like seeing young men with pants hanging below their derrières and underwear showing, you are clearly a racist. If you think Ilhan Omar is an unmitigated, hateful disaster, you're racist through and through. If you don't think politicians seeking to represent the entire country should be breaking bread with Louis Farrakhan, you might as well join the Ku Klux Klan. Similarly, you're a racist if you believe Al Sharpton should pay his federal taxes, that the city of Baltimore has greatly declined under Democrat leadership, a state of affairs that happens to manifest itself with black people in positions of power (that decline, however, was present when Martin O'Malley, who is white as a sheet, was mayor) or that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Hank Johnson, Mazie Hirono, or Rashida Tlaib are among the lesser examples of American leadership one might produce for inspection.

Only white people can be racist in America, the saying goes, because in order for racism to be operable it must carry with it a social, economic, and political power structure. Anyone who believes this has clearly never been mugged in a sketchy part of town or attempted to navigate the bureaucracy in a city with a minority-led Democrat government. Sure, there are racist white people roaming the fruited plain, but any honest examination will reveal no racial or ethnic group holds a monopoly on bigotry.
* * *

It's a well-known fact that the left does not have a sense of humor and regards as the height of bigotry and racism any satire directed at it. It was ever thus. The left gets to say whatever it wants about everyone else, but the slightest joke made at the expense of a leftist is violence and hate speech and-and-and.

They are utterly, completely incapable of laughing at themselves...and thus descend into self-parody.

That's what's happening here. is fact-checking the satirical pieces posted on Babylon Bee.

I mean, fact-checking them, going through the articles and explaining why the articles are factually incorrect, and further questioning whether or not the articles are even meant to be satire.

I admit that I have some sympathy for that latter point, if only because there have been a few times I came within a gnat's whisker of posting a vignette here based on one of their articles because it seemed too true-to-life to be satire and I had to double-check the article URL to be sure...but that's not what means. The Babylon Bee has been too effective at satirizing the left, and so it must be destroyed, I guess, which is why is saying the things they are saying about it.

There is a comment which explains why:
If your opinions are so fragile that they cannot be satirized, or genuine satire is such a small step from your actual opinion, maybe it's not the satire that is the problem.
The issue here is that leftism is a weak ideology. It can only survive and thrive if the people are kept ignorant of its true aims. It has no record of success upon which it can stand; the history of leftism is violence, murder, mass graves, penury, want, starvation, and totalitarian government. It fails every time it's tried, it kills people by the tens of millions, and it elevates a select few to luxury while the majority must grovel in the dirt.

And leftism cannot withstand satire. It cannot withstand any rhetorical device which reveals the truth about it. It cannot survive unless absolutely no one is allowed to be critical of its failures, which are legion.

* * *

The climate doomsayers have never been right. "Global warming" was supposed to cause all these disruptions, only none of them have come to pass.

Of course.

* * *

I'm glad I didn't bother seeing First Man. It sounds bleeding awful.
Now, I'm all in favor of the actual facts of history, warts and all. But far too much of modern western civilization seems to be able to see nothing *but* the warts anymore. The Founding Fathers weren't great innovative leaders who forged subservient colonies of a distant empire into a proud nation with a history of greatness second to none; they were just slavers to be dumped down the memory hole. Cowboys? Fictional nonsense that didn't exist. Cops? They're all corrupt fascists. This fetishizing of self-flagellation has hit the space program hard. Apollo wasn't the greatest, most inspiring achievement in history; it was "whitey on the moon" (a point driven home explicitly in "First Man"), run by Nazi war criminals. And Armstrong? Not a near-mythic hero to be emulated, but an unpopular man with a crappy family life who underwent fear and terror because he was grieving a dead child.

Agreed, "bah".

* * *

It's yet another ridiculously nice day outside. This is the last day of July; tomorrow is August. We're hoping, Mrs. Fungus and I, for a hot August. We'll see.

Meanwhile, it looks as if Joe and his family are back in the house. Saw a sheet of sheetrock in their garage, so they must be repairing the place, and the cars are now usually in the driveway. I can hear the kids playing outside, too. I'm so glad of that; that flood was terrible and I had so much sympathy for them--I'm glad the prayers seem to have been effective.

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