atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6786: Warm but not humid

Across the street I see that the PT Cruiser which had been sitting in flood water up to its headlights has finally moved. No idea if it moved under its own power or was pushed.

Regardless, though, immersion does unkind things to automobiles, even if water does not get into the engine. I don't think the water went high enough in this case, but I also don't think the car was ever opened, and allowed to air out, after the flood. In other words, "Come and get your black mold!"


Meanwhile, I haven't accomplished anything today except to get out of bed and write a blog post. Argh etc.

* * *

One of the YouTube channels I follow is "3DMachines". The guy recently took a John Deere 5-wheel "Gator" and put the engine from a Yamaha snowmobile into it. This is after he's tried putting two other engines in the thing, including a 750 cc Suzuki motorcycle engine that turned out to be no bloody good at all.

Anyway, the thing that gets me about it is how high he has to rev the thing to get it to move. The snowmobile engine has a centrifugal clutch with a torque convertor on it, so it probably engages at the right speed, but for all the noise being emitted by the engine it certainly doesn't seem to be moving very fast.

Granted I don't know what the power/torque characteristics of the engine are, but the snowmobile engine is something like 550 ccs so it ought to be producing reasonable torque at a lower engine speed than that. It's a fuel-injected 2-cycle engine, but again, it sounds like it's running awful fast for what they're doing.

Well, he seems to be enjoying it, anyway, and it's not really my problem.

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