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#6793: How else could it go?

Had to get up early today and cut grass. Not much rain over the past couple of weeks, so it hasn't been growing, really; it just looks a bit shaggy, is all. But we have company coming Saturday, so, it needs doing.

Wife sends me a text message: "How did it go with the grass?"

The mind reels with sarcastic replies!

"Everything was going great until I got hit by Doctor Schmeckpepper's shrink ray."

"In a moment, I found myself captured by the Grass Men. Their leader was all set to sacrifice me for the heinous crime of mowing down innocents."

"Fortunately, the ray wore off."

"When I grew back to my full size I was able to resume cutting the grass."

Well, I do try to keep things interesting, you know.

* * *

So, the big cleanup in Baltimore evidently took place.

Predictably, the local newsrag is upset about it.

"Some Baltimoreans were thankful for the cleanup effort since they said the city had neglected their neighborhoods for decades." I think the demonstration here was that you can clean up your own neighborhood without getting permission from the city to do it. All you need to do is to care enough to take the time to do it.

If every person in your neighborhood collected just one bag of trash per week--not even a big bag!--it would be clean.

Sadly, they are not motivated to keep their own neighborhoods clean. Otherwise, they would be clean.

* * *

Twitter suspended Mitch McConnel's account after his staff posted a video of protestors outside his home advocating violence against him.

Unless I am misunderstanding their drift here, Arse Technica actually called it a "boneheaded video takedown". Now, they either mean that taking down the video was a bonehead move (which is how I am reading it) or else they mean that the video was boneheaded and it was taken down.

Regardless, Twitter lets left wingers get away with a lot of horseshit. This video shows the violent rhetoric of the left wing and makes them look bad, and that is why the video was taken down. Not because of the threats in it, but because it makes leftists look bad--it shows what leftists are like, showing them and their statements using their own words.

* * *

300 million guns is unacceptable. It should be something more like 1,200 million. WTF, you need a couple good pistols, a carbine, a couple decent shotguns, maybe a hunting rifle....

* * *

This is why I have no internet-enabled or "smart" devices in my home.

* * *

Seriously, that looks like it would hurt, a lot. When I clicked on the link, first off the page was headed with "SHOP DEALS ON COLLEGE ESSENTIALS". Now, when I went to college, a shower-headed-dick-plug was not something that was needed. Kids these days. Second, apparently the thing is nearly 3 inches long, and that means the pipe is not less than about 0.33 inches across at its widest point. Even with a bottle of KY that's going to hurt.

Third, on the same page there was some kind of shower attachment: a dildo with a hose that you attach to the shower spigot instead of a regular shower head. Whee!


* * *

All the left has is hate.
"As soon as we have the power, we’re going to torture you all and destroy everything that you hold dear" isn't really a message that inspires me to go along with her side.
That woman's diatribe is a pretty good encapsulation of how the left thinks.

This rather nicely sums up my attitude towards "The Hunt", though. I don't really care about it.

Even so, this is also true: "Next time some Hollywood starlet says that we need to give up our guns, remember that is only because they know in their minds that it will make it easier for them to kill us."

* * *

Speaking of gun control, someone who self-identifies as a former Marine says that BEAR SPRAY is the ultimate in defensive weaponry and it's so good for that purpose that you don't need a gun!

Let me simply say that I am skeptical that this person is actually a Marine, current or former.

A shame none of those people carried bear spray. Maniac with a pair of machete killed four people.
You know, this wouldn't have happened if California had common sense knife control. Actually, it sort of does. But since "machete-type" knives are not "dirks or daggers" they are legal, which sounds like some sort of "yard work implement loophole" that needs to be closed immediately.
Yeah, that.

* * *

Amnesty International has always been a clown show. Yet Another Communist Front organization.

* * *

CNN, biased? Say it ain't so!

They changed the wording of the crawl from "faith leader" to "controversial pastor" after a black reverend refused to say anything critical of Trump. Of course.

* * *

I agree: screw China. The tariffs that President Trump are emplacing on Chinese goods aren't going to significantly raise the prices of anything, for the reasons cited in Karl Denninger's rather dense article.
Let's take an example: The screaming about farmers and ag products.

So Chinaman buys soybeans from Brazil instead of the US in "retaliation." Ok, this hurts Americans, right? No, it doesn't. Why not? Because Brazil doesn't have an unlimited supply of soybeans; nobody does. If China buys them from Brazil then whoever was buying them from Brazil will see either higher prices or an inability to fulfill their demand for them.

But wait a second...... there isn't someone with more supply than demand right now, is there? Oh wait -- there is! That's the US farmer, corporate though he may be. So whoever was buying from Brazil sends their ship a bit further north and buys from the US. Damage to the US economy? Zero.

China is a net importer of food. They cannot feed their own people. We can, plus other people. This means that when it comes to ag products there is no harm that comes to America from China refusing to buy from us because if they do so and redirect to other places those places do not have an infinite supply and that buying will displace other buys, forcing prices for Chinese people up and leading those other buyers to come to the US as their supply is displaced. In short we're in the driver seat because we have supply in excess of our own internal demand while they're ****ed as they have demand in excess of their internal supply.
He then goes on from there to talk about shoes, as an example of manufactured goods we import from China, and the tariff will raise the price of a $100 pair of Nike shoes by about $10.

China needs the US a lot more than the US needs China. They need the food we grow, and they need access to the market. We don't need access to theirs; while the average chinese person is a lot better off today than he was in 1960, much of the country still exists in grinding poverty and only a small fraction of the total population has much disposable income.

* * *

Understand, renewable energy is not a good replacement for burning coal. It is really not a good replacement for nuclear power.
A single electric-car battery weighs about 1,000 pounds. Fabricating one requires digging up, moving and processing more than 500,000 pounds of raw materials somewhere on the planet. The alternative? Use gasoline and extract one-tenth as much total tonnage to deliver the same number of vehicle-miles over the battery's seven-year life.
And then, by the way, just having the battery doesn't do you a lick of good, because you still have to generate power to charge the thing. So besides the 250 tons of ore you're processing, you're also building windmills and solar panels and-and-and--all of which ends up being dirtier than continuing to use gasoline, by a HUGE margin!

* * *

Reusability is the key to inexpensive space flight.

* * *

64-core processors run about $7,000 each right now. I don't think they will be that expensive forever, though.

And this:

"Paper of record". Right.

* * *

What a fuckin' genius. Little Hitler asks, "How many AR-15s did Jesus own?"

And as the post says, "Somewhere there is a super smart Asian kid who didn't get into Harvard because [Little Hitler] did."

What a tool that kid is. Little Hitler, I mean, not the anonymous Asian kid whose spot was co-opted by the brainless Little Twitler. "How many AR-15s did Jesus own"--he's a legend in his own mind, all right.

* * *

It looks as if it'll be a pleasant weekend. Tonight's low temp is forecast to be around 60, and tomorrow it's only supposed to hit around 80.

Can't stay up watching anime tonight, though. Have to be up at 10 AM for a "mandatory" meeting. *sigh*

* * *

Dumbass Democrat broke federal law while doxxing Trump donors.
Castro actually omitted Hispanic names from his doxxing list--which means he was targeting only white people as a race, which is illegal.

He might have also wanted to suppress the fact that Latinos support Trump, too, and that border enforcement is not a "racist" position--because Latinos are not white (unless the Narrative demands it) and hence cannot be racist.
Can't do that, buddy. Heh.

* * *

Anyway: it's Thursday, which is a big plus.

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