atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6798: Yes, it is very good.

Playing classic WoW is just as much fun as I remember.

Today I started playing a bit after the last post went up, and only logged off twice. The first for dinner, and then again just a little bit ago. I spent the intervening time running around Elwynn Forest running quests.

Leveling in current WoW is just not that much fun. There's no challenge to it, no real effort or strategy; it's purposely been nerfed so casual players can speed right to the "endgame" content rather than spend any serious time on building a character. They've sacrificed reasonably challenging, and therefore fun, gameplay in order to skip past the "classic" content and the earlier expansion packs. That's why the pirate servers even existed in the first place--people wanted to play a fun and challenging game, not race through fifteen levels in an hour.

So, yeah--on the 26th when the thing goes live I'll be there with bells on.

* * *

Warmer today than yesterday. With me and Mrs. Fungus both in the computer room it got a bit stuffy in here, but judicious use of fans kept it bearable. I'm actually enjoying it; in three, four months it's going to be freezing again.

Low tonight is supposed to be about 61, which is nice and cool. The heat of the day has already broken so it's starting to cool off now.

...and now I guess we'll be wading back into Elwynn forest. Heh.

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