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#6800: Just a little nuclear explosion.

Russia admits it was a miniature nuclear reactor that blew up. Hence the recommendation that people drink iodized water.

Looks as if they were testing a hypersonic nuclear-powered cruise missile. *sigh* I thought everyone had agreed that using nuclear reactors for atmospheric propulsion was a bad idea? I mean, there aren't any treaties or anything, but c'mon--

* * *

"Don’t be an asshole that cannot be differentiated from Antifa." I have never really understood the left's antipathy towards police. The left always wants government to do this, that, and the other thing, and police merely enforce the laws emplaced by government.

Then again, the essential feature of leftism is hypocrisy, and the ideology is intellectually inconsistent to the point of neuroses, so perhaps there is no realy need to understand it.

* * *

Congratulations to San Francisco, the shittiest of shitholes. Dirtier than a third-world city!

* * *

Richard Gere, grandstanding, is invited to take the "migrants" home with him and care for them there. I think that would be outstanding. He could show us how much he cares for "migrants" by supporting a couple hundred of them, keeping them as houstguests and making sure they're fed and clothed and so forth.

Put up or shut up, bitch.

* * *

People who support socialized medicine think it will work better in the United States than it's ever worked anywhere else. It won't, of course; in fact, it will be worse. The places that have socialized medicine are (or were, anyway, until the last decade) pretty culturally homogenous. When you have people who are culturally inclined to freeload, it puts that much more stress on a system with no apparent cost for the consumer. Look up "tragedy of the commons".

* * *

Molon labe, bitches. "Come and take them." Just remember what touched off the American Revolution. That wasn't even guns; that was just ammunition.

* * *

Saw this on YouTube:

Thought about the KyoAni arsonist and the deaths (and the fact that one of the key directors for the first season of Haruhi was one of the victims) and just felt sad.

* * *

I have to say that my weekend was pleasant. Saturday it got a bit warm in the house but cooled off after the sun set; Sunday was just humid enough that I closed up and ran the AC. Today it's hot and sticky outside again.

Got a week's worth of work (less about 90 minutes now) ahead of me before the next one.

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