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#6801: Enjoy your new rules.

I am hard-pressed to feel sympathy.

For a very long time, people on the left used scandals to get rid of people they didn't like. Dredging up someone's past and using it to cause a scandal and thus hound them out was one of their favorite dirty tricks. Whenever anyone they didn't like said something the slightest bit offensive, out he'd go.

Now that the same standards are being applied to them, suddenly they don't like it.

This Liberty's Torch post explains it rather well, I think.

* * *

So, Epstein's suicide:

Satire. Photoshopped image of prison warden before and after Epstein's "suicide".

Not satire. One of Epstein's guards wasn't a corrections officer.

Lot of famous names in Epstein's papers.

* * *

I believe this as much as I believe that Epstein was a suicide.
The Texas lawmaker told MSNBC last week that his tweet was nothing more than a "lament"--not a call for harassment.

"It was a lament," Castro said. "It wasn’t meant as a boycott. It wasn't meant to target these people.

"It was meant to draw attention to the fact we've got a lot of people in our community who are respected by San Antonio, who are contributing to this guy that's using their money to fuel hate," he added.

Nonetheless, the listed donors have been subject to harassment, due to Castro's public "lament."
This lying sack of shit got exactly what he expected to get by doxxing those donors. In a country where you can't go out in public wearing a MAGA hat without risking assault, he expects us to believe that his "lament" was not meant to get those Trump supporters harassed.

Well, I don't believe him.

* * *

Chris "Fredo" Cuomo threatened to throw a guy down some stairs because he called him "Fredo" so of course from this point forward Chris "Fredo" Cuomo will be referred to by that monicker wherever possible.

"Fredo" Cuomo went on to say that "Fredo" is worse to Italians than the "n-word" is to black people. Really? Considering that I never heard of it until now--and had heard words such as dago and wop which don't see much use since Italian immigrants assimilated into American society and don't hold themselves apart as a separate culture--it must've been one terribly unspeakable racial slur.

Or, maybe Chris "Fredo" Cuomo is just a gigantic vagina.

* * *

Well, "PoLCE" sounds a lot nicer than "DEATH PANEL", doesn't it? Branding--it's all about branding. See, you don't call it "communism"; you call it "liberalism". You don't call it "ruinous taxation"; you call it "government investment". You don't call it "beating the shit out of people who don't agree with us"; you call it "antifa". Like that.

So the people who make the life or death decisions (usually "death" because it's cheaper) you refer to them as the "Procedures of Limited Clinical Effectiveness panel" rather than the "death panel". See?

"Another local authority approved just 46 of the 1,162 hernia operations requested last year, according to NHS figures." So, around four percent of hernias are considered economically treatable by that death panel. The other 96% can just live in pain, or hey, when assisted suicide is finally instituted, they can avail themselves of that. Cheap! Quick! Easy!

* * *

More anti-Trump witchcraft. I love it. Absolutely love it. It's hilarious.

* * *

How many of the teachers supported the communist takeover of China? That's a point that's never mentioned; but if China in 1966 is anything at all like America, the educators were all hard-left even before the revolution took hold. I bet a lot of them were suprised to find themselves on the receiving end of left-wing violence. "I'm a good communist! I supported the revolution!" That doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is maintanance of terror.

* * *

Faceboob's run by cretins. But we knew that.

* * *

"All the people who want to tell this man what to do with his property should raise the money to buy it and do with it as they wish." THIS.

It has gotten to the point that even if you own something, you don't own it. It's ridiculous.

* * *

"...It doesn’t matter what the message of the people rallying is, they still have a First Amendment right to peaceably assemble."
The Supreme Court decided that in 1977 in National Socialist Party of America v. Village of Skokie.

When the city stated that "the event wasn't consistent with park use," if lawyers for the Straight Pride group can show that the park has been used for other political rallies, especially a gay rights rally, then clearly, the city is giving out permits based on political ideology which is a First Amendment violation.

I can understand why Modesto wanted to deny this group a permit, but if this group takes them to court, this is what I see happening. Modesto will lose, they will get a permit to rally, Modesto will have to pay damages, and the media frenzy from the trial will attract more people and make the rally even bigger.
It goes both ways, folks.

* * *

"Keep voting Democrat!"

* * *

Six to nine thousand years ago the world was warmer and wetter than now.

* * *

Not exactly "shipshape", then, is it?


* * *

Read a clickbait article about the Indiana Jones series. Apparently, besides Tom Selleck, they considered Jack Nicholson, Chevy Chase, and Bill Murray for the role. And Jon Pertwee. The latter being the third Doctor in Doctor Who and (incidentally) the father of Sean Pertwee, the guy who played Alfred Pennyworth, the combat butler, in Gotham. That would have been interesting!

* * *

Today was an insanely busy day. To make things even more entertaining I had a splitting headache for about half of it. Woke up with it; it rose to a crescendo about 5 PM, after which it began to ebb, slow as the tide, to the manageable level I currently enjoy. Argh.

Today I ordered a chair from Amazon, and a month of Prime was cheaper than shipping, so I went with that option. Should be here Friday. $85 before the Prime membership--it'll do until I can actually stir my stumps enough to go shopping for a more permanent solution.

We got some rain this evening, and I saw lightning and heard thunder, so today marks the first day in August that got a little thunderstorm icon drawn on it. First in roughly a month, too.

So, right now, it's 70 outside, with dewpoint to match--so it's not going to be an "open windows" night. Too sticky.

* * *

Apparently if you ask Siri who Chris Cuomo is, Siri answers with information on Fredo Cuomo. Heh.

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