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#6804: "Racist trees"--and you thought I was exaggerating

"Many residents previously told the Sun they believed the trees, which were planted in the 1960s, stemmed from racism".

Here's the thing: country clubs are (or used to be) clubs which one had to join and pay sometimes exorbitant membership fees to. They were meant to be exclusive, and if you wanted to be on the course you either had to be a member, or the guest of a member.

And so they'd have barriers to entry. Trees, landscaping, fences in some places. Yes.

Besides acting as a barrier, the trees serve another purpose: they help to prevent golf balls from leaving the fairways and hitting peoples' houses.

So here's what will happen next. The trees come down, some asshat's kid gets nailed by a golf ball, and then the asshat sues. Of course.

* * *

Stop right there. "While most wait until Mr Right comes along and they are financially stable, others take matters into their own hands." That's not even remotely true. "Most" women do not do that, at least not in the United States, not with Uncle Sugar Daddy all ready to give them WIC and food stamps and housing assitance and-and-and. A woman who plays her cards right can work a job that earns about $20,000 a year and get an additional thirty thousand dollars per year in government assistance.

Of course, then the "baby daddy" can be on the hook for child support for the next 18 years. I'm not sure how it works in England but I do know that a single woman with a child can live quite nicely on the dole over there.

Oh well.

* * *

Predictably, the lefties all hate Mamet now.
David Mamet's latest play Bitter Wheat opened in London's West End in June to largely negative reviews, which is somewhat surprising, because it's terrific. Then again, maybe it's not so surprising. Most theatre critics are bleeding-heart leftists, and following his embrace of a more conservative attitude, they simply regard David Mamet as a traitor. It's petty, but it really is that simple.
It most certainly is.

* * *

I just get the blog post up, and then suddenly there's more stuff to comment about. Oh well!

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