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#6806: Well, that mask is off

Not that we're surprised by the revelation of the reality.

"Kill every NRA member who has a sticker on car or house."

Thus proving that they are not about reducing violence at all, but about disarming the populace. Not only does he want to murder millions of people for displaying a sticker; he wants to bomb gun shows and assassinate any politician who ever accepted a campaign donation from the NRA.

He obviously just wants common sense mass executions. Right?

* * *

So, my new chair arrived, and I've put it together. There is only one problem: the side bolsters dig into the sides of my legs. I'll get used to that. Everything else is great; it rolls better, supports my back, and it has a headrest to boot.

Still just a stopgap for when I can stir my stumps and get a really nice chair, but it's a pretty good stopgap. Maybe now my back won't hurt so much after a shift.

* * *

The left is totally gobsmacked that Israel won't allow entry to anti-semitic American politicians. The same people who loved it when London's islamic mayor said Trump wasn't welcome there, they're simply unhinged over the same thing happening to one of their own.

And I love how Trump piles on. Perfect!

Karl Denninger explains it:
This is about sovereignty and nothing else. Israel is a sovereign nation. It has the absolute right to set the conditions under which people may cross its borders. So does the United States, incidentally. The only persons with a right to enter a nation are that nation's citizens; everyone else may ask but it's a privilege you are requesting, not a right.
Israel has every right to tell those anti-semitic bitches that they're not welcome to enter. Every right.

He also says, "Cry me a river!" He blockquotes his source:
Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., said Thursday that the Israeli government's decision not to allow Reps. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., and Ilhan Omar, D-Minn. enter the Jewish state was "bigoted, short sighted and cruel."
Not even! It's 100% within the boundaries of their rights as a sovereign nation to limit entry however the hell they want to.

For example, Crotobaltislavonia could decide only to grant visas to left handed blonde cheerleaders with a cup size no smaller than "C", and there would be nothing that the other countries of the world could legitimately do about it. It's entirely up to them.

So, if Israel doesn't want to allow entry for people who have professed their anti-semitic opinions, it is neither "bigoted", "short-sighted", nor "cruel". It sounds, in fact, like a perfectly reasonable policy. "We're not allowing entry to people who say they hate us" just makes sense to me.

Of course the left doesn't like it but they hate Jews anyway so it's no big loss. The really confounding thing is why the Jews themselves continue to support a party which is so obviously anti-semitic.

* * *

"Play stupid games, win stupid prizes" department:

Driving right through a hostile crowd of protestors. Holy shit, what a bunch of asshats. I mean, they're useless people anyway--people with jobs, who contribute to society, they don't have time to go stand around at night and block entrances to detention facilities. They're too busy working.

But if you surround a vehicle, and start climbing on it, and start pounding it, you had better be ready to get run over, because if the person driving that thing thinks his life is in danger--or if he panics!--he may just floor it, and then whoever's in front of that thing is going to go, approximately, *squish*.

The let is so used to not being resisted that when there is resistance, they are shocked by it.

* * *

Would it really be all that frickin' surprising? If it turned out that Bill Clinton liked to put on womens' clothing?

* * *

So let's unpack this. A commentor says, among other things, "And ONLY after he moved and ended the fight did the teacher show up to 'stop the fight' that was already over."

There are three facts here. First off, the bully was the one consistently escalating the fight--swearing, screaming, spitting, and he threw the first punch.

Second, the bully was black, and the others who appear in the scene (including the teacher) are white.

Third, as is noted, the teacher moves in to stop things after the bully has been taken down. He does not step in and tell the bully to calm down. He doesn't try to de-escalate. Of course, he might not have been there; we don't know. What we do know, though, is what happens to white teachers who do anything to discipline black students: they get called out as "racist" and then their administrators throw them under the bus. It doesn't matter that the black guy was acting like a barbarian; apparently he felt "disrespected" and the only remedy was first to shout obscenties at, then spit on, and then attack, the person who "disrespected" him. His parents won't consider their son's behavior to be anything other than what one does when "disrespected".

(I say this because the bully stands in front of the victim, asks, "Sup? Sup? You gonna come over here and start that shit?")

The guy in the orange shirt, then, popped the guy in the head, and he folded like a wet bag. Head punches are dangerous; as is obvious from the video it took one punch to take the fight out of the bully.

$5 says that the kid who knocked the bully out is the one who gets punished.

* * *

The people who think the US military can successfully disarm the populace are really not understanding the magnitude of the problem they face.

So you have aircraft carriers, and drones, and missiles, and bombs. You can drop a bomb down someone's chimney and not even scratch the house next door. You've got night vision goggles and bunker busters and napalm and stealth fighters. Heck, if you really want to take the gloves off, you've got cluster munitions, poison gas, and thermonuclear warheads.

How is that working in Afghanistan? How did it work for the USSR?

How did that work in Vietnam?

The problem is that weapons of mass destruction are only good against big strategic targets. You don't drop a nuclear warhead on insurgents. If they are at all competent (and your resort to nukes would seem to indicate that they are) then you won't get but one or two cells, and the rest of them will have a new club to hit you with: "The feds killed 200,000 of their own people to get a handful of us!"

In a stand-up fight against another military force, our military would--can--has--flatten them. But against guerillas, the record is a lot less one-sided. Now add to that the fact that whole swaths of our military apparatus might simply refuse to fire on fellow Americans, and that after a few months of hostilities the pro-fed forces would be running low on supplies since most of the food and energy is produced in "red" states.

The left seems to think that in the event of a civil war, they automatically win. I am not so certain of that; but I do know that a hell of a lot of people lose big in that case, and although I am confident the left would be put down in such a conflict the collateral damage is so great that I pray it won't come to that.

* * *

This is so.
There is a new culture of disrespect for law enforcement in this City that is promoted and championed by District Attorney Larry Krasner--and I am fed up with it.
This is indeed well said.

* * *

Sarah Palin called them "death panels". And guess what?
A single-payer health care system will always sink to the lowest common denominator, removing choice. If death is more efficient for the system, than death it will be. And that's on top of the gaps in medical care that those with socialized medicine suffer. Instead of finding ways to serve Tagert and his son, the Canadian health care system found it more convenient to kill him. Now a young boy has lost his father sooner than necessary. This is the medical future promised by the Democrats.
That's socialism in a nutshell.

* * *

Ah, less-painful chair. Happy!

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