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#681: Why is there an afterlife in it? Part 2

More about Golden Compass.

The woman who wrote this has her panties in a wad about Harry Potter; but at least this time her ire is well-directed. Golden Compass was purposely written by an athiest in order to "counter the Christian message" in C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia.

Only a leftist would feel the need to "counter" a work of literature because he doesn't like its "message".

I commented before on this, so I won't revisit those points, but the referenced article above brings a little more information to the forefront.

They barely disguise their use of the word "demon" by using the classic/UNIX word "daemon" instead. As far as I know there are no "demons" (or "daemons") in paganism; a familiar is a familiar or a spirit guide or animal companion--but they couldn't possibly say that, because then it would look too much like wicca/pagan/animism. There are evil entities, good entities, and positive and negative "energies" but not "demons" as defined by Western traditions. Not in those religions, not usually.

That's good: use a twisted version of the religion you hate in order to "counter" it.

But that's all they've got. The anti-Christian people out there can't demonstrate real negativity stemming from modern Christianity--nothing systemic, I mean, such as (say) international terrorism or wholesale murder. There are Christians who do bad things, but bad people are everywhere.

Since they can't point to something like, oh, Christians hijacking airliners and flying them into buildings as part of a larger effort to subjugate the entire world under a fundamentalist law, they have to invent things. God isn't "god", He's just an angel with delusions of grandeur. The afterlife is a prison camp and children are mutilated (apparently by being severed from their "daemons"). This is what Christianity "actually" is, and we've all been sold a bill of goods by--I wonder who? I wonder who it is who "knew the truth" but "packaged" Christianity in order what? Get people into the prison camp of the afterlife?

Look, I'm not going to read the books. I've spent my lifetime allotment of "crap reading" on the Wild Cards series, and I don't need more depressing leftist (or anti-Christian) glop masquerading as entertainment. But this isn't a review of them, so that should be fine.

Neither is it a denunciation of the guy who wrote the books; I don't even mention his name, here or in the prior article on the subject. Ha, ha.

Looking at the movie poster at the linked page, you can tell Nicole Kidman's character is supposed to be evil. Well, I've never thought much of her anyway, as an actress or as a person. But she does that look well enough to be Cruella DeVille; don't be surprised if she lands that role in another dozen years or so when Disney needs to make 101(+x) Dalmatians. (Hmm, for some reason I first wrote "101(+x) Dolphins". That would be interesting, and typical, of Hollywood. Anyone notice the difference in TV due to the writer's strike yet? I haven't.)

But answering Christianity with a screwed-up mutation of Christian beliefs is asinine. If you don't believe in Christianity, it's fine, but if you're going to write a book which promotes atheism the way Chronicles of Narnia promotes Christianity, why on earth do you need to use messed-up Christian elements to do it? I just don't understand that.

Unless it's actually the literary (I use that word lightly) equivalent of graffiti. I stopped reading Spider Robinson because of something like that.

When Robinson turned Wodehouse's Bertie Wooster into a gay BDSM pervert--with Jeeves as his ex-"master"--I stopped reading him. I wasn't even offended when he had Jesus working as a carpenter in a high-class whorehouse, because the whorehouse was cover for a society of time-traveling do-gooders--but while Bertie Wooster may have been a lot of things, he was not a "rich queer", to use Robinson's words. It had the odor of, "Ha ha, I can take a runny shit all over this, and no one can do anything about it because it's parody!"

Golden Compass--from my admittedly remote perspective--has the same odor.

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