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#6809: For crying out loud, why?

Woken up this morning by thunderstorms and some badly-needed rain. Which is all well and good, but the power failed six times in the space of about fifteen minutes.

There was very little wind around here. The rain was moderate. I'm supposing it was from lightning hitting wires, because that's about the only reason I can think of for the power to go off, then on, then off, then on like that. Unless something else was going on that made the idiotic "smart meter" flip out. *sigh*

* * *

That isn't bigotry, nor is it hate. It's just the fact that 98% of straight men want to date an actual biological woman, and not a man who is pretending to be one.

It's not bigotry; it's biology.

* * *

The Democrat with the fake hispanic nickname doesn't appear to understand economics. You can get a basic AR-15 for about $400 because there are so many people making them. Brand-new high-zoot insulin costs $450 a bottle because only one company makes that kind, and that company hires an army of really attractive young women to pimp it to doctors.

The post I linked contains a good prescription (pun intended) for lowering drug prices in the United States.

* * *

So she let him go visit his cousins, who were known to steal cars, and is claiming that he should not have been shot while taking part in stealing a car.

One of the things I have observed about "urban" culture is how its practitioners don't understand proportion. The same kind of person who will escalate to violence over feeling "disrespected" will complain that "he didn't need to shoot my boy!" for being part of a gang who was menacing a man with a knife at 1:30 AM.

Here's the thing. The woman knew that her nephews were felons, who--her words!--"steal cars sometimes," yet she allowed her son to go visit them. Did she wonder where her son was at 1:30 AM? Did she call her sibling whose sons are car thieves and ask, "Hey, where's my kid?"

"Urban" culture is also not very good at cause and effect. The 75-year-old Lake County man did not just decide he was going to shoot anybody; he went outside to investigate suspicious noises and was confronted by a gang of "youths". At least one brandished a knife, and three of them advanced on him. What do you think when you're menaced by armed thugs at 1:30 AM after you caught them trying to break into your car?

I think you think what that guy thought: "Holy shit, my life is in danger." Which is pretty sensible, you know, because IT WAS.

This woman says, "They were wrong for being in the stolen car, but he was wrong for pulling the trigger." No he wasn't. For one thing, they weren't in the stolen car; they were trespassing on his property at 1:30 AM and breaking into his car. For another thing, they were threatening him.

"Intent, opportunity, motive." To make it a valid "self-defense" shoot you need those three things to be present.

Intent: they advanced on him with a weapon. Satisfied.

Opportunity: Five teenaged thugs versus one 75-year-old man, and at least one had a knife. Satisfied.

Motive: not wanting to get in trouble for stealing a car. Also, possibly, taking his money and other property. Satisfied.

They showed that they had the motive to do hard, the intent to do harm, and the opportunity to do harm.

The simple fact is that the teenaged thugs were 100% entirely in the wrong, and the 75-year-old man was 100% entirely in the right. Those kids had absolutely no business being on his property at 1:30 AM, particularly not when they were some forty miles away from home.

The bereaved mother still has another kid. Maybe she'll raise that one to be a bit smarter. Holy shit. But I have absolutely zero sympathy for her, because she knew her nephews were bad news but let her son hang out with them anyway.

My parents would have had a stroke if they caught me hanging out with known felons in my teens, particularly my early teens. I would have been forbidden from socializing with them, six ways to Sunday, and punished severely for violations.

* * *

The weather today is hot and humid--though not hot enough for swimming. Argh.

I whipped up a pot of chili and that was dinner; pretty good stuff.

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