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#6810: So, $20.

$20 is what it costs to generate a megawatt-hour of electricity using natural gas as a fuel. Meanwhile, "renewable" energy costs $80 a megawatt-hour to generate.
For a natural gas plant, the gas to generate a megawatt-hour of electricity costs about $20. That $20 is the economic value of each megawatt-hour generated by wind or solar. Unsubsidized, wind or solar electricity, either one, costs about $80 a megawatt-hour to generate. The difference between $80 and $20 is the subsidy that has to be paid in order to use wind or solar.
So when you hear people talking about how "cheap" the effective price of "renewable" energy is, just remember: $60 per megawatt-hour is what the government must pay to make that happen--and that $60 per megawatt-hour is not brought down from on high by an archangel. It must be taxed or borrowed.

The article goes on to explain exactly how and why "renewable" energy is a waste of money, especially when you start factoring in the "storage systems" everyone knows that "renewable" energy needs to have any hope of making it practical. The bill then comes to $270 per megawatt-hour.

Compared to $20 for gas. Yeah.

* * *

Okay, I didn't see that one coming. Cataline starts out talking about the Terminator franchise, and then ends up talking about...Steins;Gate.

Can't wait to read the post about that.

* * *

The politics of leftist "compassion" always seem to lead to the same destination and that's the world of "Snake" Plissken and Escape from New York. "If you are not arrested for throwing a bucket of water, next time you will throw a brick."

* * *

Anti-semites stick together, you know. Here's the thing, you useless shitwads: neither Netanyahu nor Trump are silencing you. No one--and I mean absolutely NO ONE--has said you should not be allowed to spew forth your leftist, hate-filled horseshit.

On the contrary. We want you to keep talking. In order to "remove all doubt".

That Israel has decided not to allow you entry is not silencing you. That Donald Trump agrees with them still is not silencing you. You are on the record as anti-semitic in your opinions and policy preferences; there is no reason for Israel to allow you entry, and their laws have long banned entry to people who support their enemies. This is a rule which existed before you were born.

So, keep on whining and crying about how "unfair" you're being treated. Find the most anti-semitic editorial cartoons you can, and repost them. Get up in front of the cameras and talk about how the J00s are controlling the world. Please.

...because at the next election your opponents can use all those sound bites and video clips in their campaign commercials.

* * *

Who thought this was a good idea? Pointing a toy gun at someone wearing a Trump mask at a sitting politician's fundraiser?

These idiots are so incontinent with rage at Trump they're not even thinking straight. So this useless extrusion Martin Sandoval had to get up and apologize for the antics of people at a fundraiser for him.

And I need to ask: was Marvel compensated for the use of likenesses of their characters? Or do they care, considering it's a Democrat who's using them?

* * *

The 9th Circus surprises, once in a while. Predicatably, the leftists groups' response to the new rules is to take their toys and go home:
Several states and medical groups that serve nearly half of the approximately 4 million low-income women that Title X covers for free and subsidized birth control, STD screenings and other health services have said they won't participate under the new restrictions.
Note that the pro-abortion lobby is using the health of poor women as a cudgel against the Trump administration. They can provide all those other services, but are refusing because they can't advise clients to get an abortion.
They all claim that they exist to help ensure women (particularly poor women) get "reproductive health care" but when denied the ability to recommend abortions, they stop all services.

Which, y'know, that's actually fine by me, to be honest. Birth control pills don't cost a lot of money, and the poor people in this country get enough money from the government that they can buy them if they really want them. There are 360,000,000 people living in the United States and approximately half of them are female. If these clinics are serving "nearly half of 4,000,000 women" out of the total female population of 180,000,000--1.1% of the female population--then they really aren't all that damned important, are they?

Just stop all federal funding for them. If they're really as necessary as their supporters say they are, let them fund that shit. And with private money they can recommend (and pay for!) all the abortions they want.

* * *

Bleah. Up too early to get another estimate for tree removal. I'm going to lay back down.

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