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#6813: A lot of infuriating [nonsense] today


The New York Times now has a "project" which is meant to explain how the country was built on the backs of a demographic that has never been higher than 20% of the total popuation of it.
I can't imagine anything more racially divisive than pushing the idea that slavery built America and the only work done by white people was to lift a hand to crack a whip.
If indeed blacks are so productive and industrious and inventive, why is Africa such a shithole? Why is Zimbabwe now begging white farmers to come back? (The first five people who say so much as one word about "colonialism" are going to be summarily ejected with a failing grade. Adults are speaking, here.)

Utter horseshit.

* * *

Some commie piece of shit also thinks the victim of car thieves should not have shot at them when they threatened him. Useless extrusion does not once mention the fact that the thieves were the ones breaking the law.

* * *

Sheriff releases criminal alien who had been arrested for child rape, solely so ICE wouldn't deport him.
...[W]hat sort of Sheriff would willingly let a child rapist hit the streets when there was another opportunity to hold him?

"I hate Trump so much I don't care if another child is raped on my watch" is a hell of a position to take, but he took it anyway.
I know that police are not legally required to protect anyone, but they style themselves the guardians of law and order and more than one police vehicle is emblazoned with "to protect and serve". Keeping illegal alien animals locked up would seem to be part of that.

Instead of holding the guy a couple days longer--delaying his arraignment as a courtesy to ICE--this shithead allowed him to be processed and arraigned right away because he was an illegal alien. So now there's a child rapist running around North Carolina. Any bets on whether he jumps bail?

* * *

Representative Horseteeth is, of course, against the Electoral College, because that is one of the few things which are keeping the Democrats from total and permanent control of the United States.

What do you think they'll do if and when they don't have to worry about winning elections?

* * *

Hey, dipshit! There is no First Amendment right to a White House press pass!

* * *

Chicago's mayor hates police. She canceled all their vacations this summer, but of course that doesn't mean that she can't take a vacation. After all, she's been mayor for months now!

* * *

Just about everyone from Hollywood is useless and Alyssa Milano is no exception. I don't know why people get gaga over celebrities. Especially considering how little they actually contribute to our society.

She's proud that she got two (not one, but two!) abortions in 1993. I guess she didn't figure out how she got pregnant until after the second one. I suppose it's just as well; she's the kind of person we don't want to breed. I mean, if abortions simply must be legal, then at least they keep extrusions like her as far away from the gene pool as possible.

The ironic thing here, though, is that if she had decided not to have those abortions, she would likely be saying she was glad that she hadn't. I'm not so sure about the rest of us, though.

* * *

Speaking of genetics, the science is settled! If you are biologically male, no matter what is done to you, you have the muscle mass of a man and cannot fairly compete in athletic events against women.

And in the "you could knock me over with a feather" department, some 80% of "gender minority" students have some other kind of mental health issue. What a surprise that is. I'm thinking "symptom" rather than "cause".

* * *

Disney corporation has been caught cooking the books. Overstating park revenues, it says. 2008-2009, for example, $6 billion they didn't actually collect. Counting "comped" services as income.

First GE, now Disney. Interesting, isn't it, how corporations fail?

* * *

This picture very neatly encapsulates the attitude that Apple has for the people who buy and use their products.

* * *

Critical thinking is the new conspiracy theory.

* * *

Holy crap am I grouchy. I'm going back to bed.

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