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Reading an old Bloom County book that features strips from the 1988 election season, I saw that Joe Biden threw his hat in the ring for that one. His big scandal then was plagiarism; the strip was "topical" so there's no real background on it. But, InfoGalactic!

He plagiarized a speech made in England by a British politician. Ah. And apparently he had allegedly plagiarized something while in law school, though he was cleared of those charges.

His last attempt was thirty years ago and he lost that primary to Dukakis, FFS, because apparently nowhere in his ivy league education did he ever learn how to paraphrase.

* * *

The Morning Rant over at AoSHQ compares right-wing to left-wing protests.
...because the protesters are removing the rubbish from the streets after the protests. This is something progressives never do. If this were a pink hat/Anti-Trump hate fest protest, the entire city would look and smell like a homeless camp, the streets would be filthy, filled with rubbish, and dotted with steaming piles of poo. And petty crime would be rampant, and some not so petty, like rape.
That's not surprising. Because leftism is intellectually lazy, its adherents are physically lazy.

* * *

Tulsi Gabbard has denounced antifa and there is yet another way she has demonstrated her fitness for public office. The rest of them are playing around, skipping the hard bits, and trying not to answer.

Ms. Gabbard is the one to front, Democrats, if you want the White House. I'm telling you.

* * *

Karl Denninger opines on the fatuous nonsense spewed by Alyssa Milano. He goes on to talk about the chances of having two failures of responsibly-used birth control as being 1 in a million, and then compares that to the odds of other life-altering events, like being poisoned or being in a car accident.

In short: if she was correctly using some kind of birth control and had two pregnancies in a single year, then it was literally "one in a million".

It is much more likely that she wasn't using anything, nor was her partner. That's "abortion as birth control".

Denninger raises the possibility that she never had any abortions and is just making them up to virtue signal, which is not something I'd put past any of those assholes.

* * *

Speaking of the Democrat lineup, this is pretty accurate and I notice Tulsi Gabbard is not represented there.

* * *

As a concept, an inflatable space habitat is nothing new. I don't think even having one get to "mockup" stage is new, to be honest.

* * *

Saw, on YouTube, the breakdown of an airplane crash. Plane was a Beech King Air, which is a "puddle jumper" airplane, and it had a problem with its port engine and crashed. Turns out this particular one had a full load of passengers and fuel, making it rather heavy (though not above its maximum takeoff weight).

With multi-engine aircraft, it turns out, there is a minimum airspeed beneath which your control surfaces cannot counteract asymmetrical thrust, such as occurs when one of your engines fail. If you have any pilot training at all (that stuck with you) that's one of those things which is obvious once it's pointed out to you.

So you can, with a twin-engine plane like the King Air, have enough speed to stay aloft but not to keep the nose pointed into the wind. And that's the regime this particular plane got into: something happened to the port engine, and the plane's speed decreased below this minimum controllable airspeed. The pilot could not keep the plane from turning into a sideways slide, a severe port yaw that eventually took the port wing out of the slipstream, at which point it stalled and the plane snap-inverted. Because they were then only a couple hundred feet off the ground, at most, it crashed.

I haven't the faintest idea what the pilot should have done. I don't know when the pilot realized that the port engine wasn't up to snuff, either.

Emergency procedures are something they drill and drill and drill, though. The video makes plain that you need to be ready for an engine to fail and have in mind what you'll do if it does. The worst time for an engine to crap out on you is when you've reached the speed at which the main gear leave the runway, because that state is the hardest one from which to recover. You have too much kinetic energy to land on the runway and stop, but you don't have enough to get airborne and circle around.

Though given the choice between rolling off the end of the runway and maybe (probably) wrecking the plane's landing gear, or actually crashing head-first into a building from 200 feet, I think I know what I'd pick.

Flying is still a dangerous business. The risks can be managed, and minimized, but they can't be eliminated.

* * *

Well, that's good enough for now, I suppose.

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