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#6817: There was a fable like this.

Today's clickbait article has a story which made me go, "Oof." There is no way I can blockquote the entire vignette, but it's the one headed with "Stay Out Of Your Way? We'll Make Sure To Avoid You".

File it under "killing the goose that lays the golden eggs".

#10 is also really good, especially if you've ever been a phone jockey in a call center who had to deal with that kind of jerk.

* * *

If movies actually had anything to do with reality that's exactly how nuclear reactors would be treated.

The last one about pushing the big red button was the best.

* * *

Why the Amazon jungle is on fire. That makes sense.

* * *

So, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has radiotherapy for a tumor on her pancreas. We wish her the best of health, of course, but the five-year survival rates for pancreatic cancer are, charitably said, not good. (7%, actually, which is abysmal, and I'd bet that in her age range 7% is optimistic.)

Karl Denninger recommends that she retire now.

Without seeing her chart, though--let's consider that she has previously been treated for cancer. Cancer can metastasize and that's the most likely source of this tumor, so it may not be actual pancreatic cancer.

Regardless, though? The fact that she's got any cancer at all is not good. Metastatic or pancreatic, her life expectancy has taken a rather bad turn.

Nonetheless, the Fungus wishes Justice Ginsburg a speedy recovery. Whatever the political considerations may be, having been legitimately appointed to the court, and confirmed, she's entitled to remain in the position for life and isn't required to retire for any reason.

We think she would, so as to enjoy her remaining days as much as she can...but we're not in charge of that.

* * *

So, apparently Barack Obama etc have bought themselves a new house. On Martha's Vinyard. That cost $15 million dollars.

Who was it who said "At a certain point, you've made enough money," again?

The same guy who claims that climate change is real buys oceanfront property. Uh huh. In 12 years the ocean levels will rise so much that coasts will be inundated, yet old Jugears buys a place that is almost literally on the beach. I don't think he really believes what he says about "climate change", do you?

Then again, he said "this is the moment when sea levels began to fall," about his election, so maybe he figures that he's got it made?

Occam's Razor, however, forces me to conclude that like all Democrats he's a hypocrite and is merely advocating a standard of living for others that he won't himself adopt.

* * *

"There is no problem those Socialist bastards cannot solve that doesn't involve throwing people in prison." Except, of course, for the problems that they solve by killing people in job lots.

* * *

If you want to complain about the $3 million we give to Israel every year, first cancel the $600 million we give to Palestine every year.

* * *

So, replacing a duly-elected elector was unconstitutional. Here's what happened: in the 2016 election a Democrat elector in Colorado refused to cast his vote for Hillary Clinton. Colorado then removed him and replaced him with a new elector.
The split decision by a three-judge panel on the Denver appeals court asserted: "Article II and the Twelfth Amendment provide presidential electors the right to cast a vote for President and Vice President with discretion. And the state does not possess countervailing authority to remove an elector and to cancel his vote in response to the exercise of that Constitutional right."
You know what that ruling does? It shoots in the foot those "Interstate Compact" laws, the ones which say that the electors in a given state must vote for whichever presidential candidate won the popular vote.

The "Interstate Compact" laws are a Democrat attempt at an end run around the Electoral College. The idea is that if a state goes for [Republican] but the national vote goes for [Democrat], the state then puts its electoral votes towards [Democrat] even though the state voted for [Republican]. That way, the Democrats only need to worry about getting votes in their strongholds, which are majority Democrat:

...and no matter how the rest of the country votes, the "Interstate Compact" states guarantee them an electoral college victory. The fact that it completely disenfranchises at least half the country is a feature, not a bug, because that half of the country does not vote Democrat.

However, as this ruling points out, the states cannot tell the electors how to vote. Electors are entitled to vote for whomever they wish.

* * *

I love it when the anti-gun crowd does this kind of shit because it invariably demonstrates how little they actually know about guns and gun laws.

Little Shitler says, "It shouldn't be easier to get a gun than an affordable therapist."
...[T]his sounds like a nice platitude, [but] it's economically ridiculous. The things he likes should be cheap and the things he doesn't like should be expensive because of feelings.

I'd like to know what else he's like to price-fix to make him happy.

Not just will David Hogg destroy gun rights, he'll destroy the economy too. Then again, that usually goes hand in hand.
The kid is economically illiterate, which is not terribly surprising where his politics lie, but the simple fact is that when you start to talk about how it is "easier" to get a gun than therapy--affordable or not--you're clearly not espousing an educated opinion.

* * *

It's no secret: our "elites" are a bunch of useless shitheads. There is no other way to describe them.

* * *

I am skeptical of these performance figures.
Range: 400+ miles

Zero to Sixty: 3 seconds

HP: 750

Hauling Capacity: 11,000 lbs

Wading Depth: 3ft

Price: $69,000 before rebate
I'm thinking that out of "range", "0-60", and "hauling capacity", you can pick one. I'm certain that this truck can do any one of them just fine, but not all three at once, or even two. If you haul an 11,000 lb load you won't be doing 0-60 in three seconds and you won't be going 400 miles. If you go 400 miles it will be with a very light load and a ginger foot on the throttle. If you go 0-60 in three seconds you won't be hauling a load or going 400 miles.

I'm actually also skeptical about that 400 mile figure just because in real-world conditions--you know, where there's weather--the range will be reduced in order to make things comfortable for the people driving the thing. And also to keep the batteries from freezing when it gets cold outside.

* * *

The Trump administration is now challenging "birthright citizenship" and I think that's an excellent thing to do. Ending that shit would help end illegal immigration, that's for sure.

* * *

Having solved all its other problems, San Francisco now turns to worrying about the feelings of convicted felons. No, really:
aving solved all of the other problems plaguing (literally, there is bubonic plague on the streets to San Francisco) San Francisco has decided to stop offended criminals.

My question is, how will this jive with background checks?

"Are you a convicted felon?"

"No, I am a returning resident who was recently justice-involved."

"Oh, that's fine then."

There are lots of times that it's good to know what someone has done.

How about sex offenders? Do they get their crimes sanitized too? What about child molesters? How will San Francisco cover for them?
That's easy. The left is working on normalizing pedophilia, so that problem will go away once calling someone a pedophile is taboo and you can only call them "pedosexuals" or "minor-attracted adults" or whatever.

Second City Cop talks about the same issue.

* * *

That's it for the links.

Tried watching Chihayafuru last night and I simply could not get into it. The first three episodes are flashbacks to when the main characters were in grade school, but when they returned to "present day" the first image of the eponymous character, Chihaya, was drawn so that her nose looked like it had room for four cars and a croquet set. The story was "meh" and the character art was "meh" and going to the flashback maybe ten minutes into the first episode did not help me give a rip about the characters.

It may also have had to do with my mood. I was having a Xanax night last night, and could not settle down at all.

Unable to relax, and giving up on Chihayafuru, I tried watching Shetland but Netflix no longer offers it. Broadchurch was annoying, so I gave up on that, too, and put on The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, intending--at first--just to watch the final three episodes in chronological order. That would be "Live a Live", "Day of Sagittarius", and "Someday in the Rain". As entertaining as that was, I was still agitated, so I then watched eps 2 and 3 of the first season, which are respectively eps 1 and 2 of the "Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" story arc. (Curse your out-of-chronological-order episodes!)

As good as it is, of course, I kept remembering that the guy who directed that series got killed in the KyoAni fire, which didn't help my mood. After ep 3 or 2 or whatever was done, I took a Xanax and went to bed.

I still had trouble falling asleep, but eventually I did.


Slept like a log, at least.

Tree guy came back and looked at the job, and left an estimate saying that he can do it for $2600 if he cuts away half the elm tree, but otherwise can't just get rid of the choke cherry tree for $1300.

So, why list them as separate items?

Anyway--the tree situation is getting a lot more complex than I'd hoped, and it's starting to irritate the shit out of me. At $2600, the damned job is making my idea of renting a bucket truck into an attractive option.

* * *

Plus side, it is Friday evening. Tomorrow is Saturday. I will have to cut the grass, but I can do that. Maybe work on getting rid of the birch tree, too. We'll see.

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