atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#682: My left foot (or: An old man says, "I'm an old man.")

Over the past couple of weeks the heel of my left foot has begun to hurt. Friday my boss said, "Look: will you go home?" because I was limping too much. Well, I was in serious pain; I'll grant that. I was prepared to tough it out; he finally convinced me to go home, though I was reluctant.

I think it's the shoes I was wearing, and that pair has been retired. Monday I wore another pair that I hardly ever wear to work because they're not a "wide" size, and I managed to get through the night. But not without cost.

All day Tuesday, whenever I would move my right leg a certain way, the tendons on the back of my right knee would go ZOING! and I would go "Yeeeow!" because "zoing":="bad". (And I do mean "all day", meaning "after 12:00 AM Tuesday morning".)

Limping for 8 hours puts a strain on muscles and tendons in ways they are not used to being strained. This also:="bad", at least when you have to be on your feet for 8 hours.

Right now I can count four seperate pains in my feet and legs--and this is after I spent most of Tuesday in bed, trying to recuperate from Monday night.

It means tomorrow will be an expensive day: I'm going to go see the doctor, which will also mean X-rays; and then I'm going to go find a pair of shoes which is not a Reebok product. I'm thinking Nike; but it's got to be something in the right size and I expect that it's not going to be cheap. The Reeboks I buy (bought) average(d) $40-$50 per pair and they're done after three months. (I haven't had this pair that long, though.)

I used to be able to buy Nikes at Sears. The last time I was at Sears, all they had were Reebok and New Balance. Blech.

So here I am, on a Wednesday, sitting at home instead of preparing to go to work. Argh. But if you're injured, it doesn't make sense to force yourself to go to work; you'll only end up hurting yourself worse. And what would that get me? It doesn't help me; and it doesn't help my employer if I work tonight and then can't work the entire month of December because I screwed up my foot beyond what a couple days' rest can fix. Better to stay off it, see the doc tomorrow, and make sure it's okay to "grin and bear it". You can't mess around with stuff like that.

Yes I am rationalizing. But I don't think I'm rationalizing all that hard.

But it makes me sick to see some of the young guys there walking around on shoes that are so worn out they're almost falling apart. I mean, WTF? Of course these are 21-year-olds--skinny 21-year-olds--and I'm 40 and overweight, according to about 87% of the medical community. But still I wonder how the frickin' hell they manage that. Youth can only explain so much, damn it.

Of course it'll take them several days to process the X-rays, but I'm hoping that calling off tonight will help me recuperate enough to work Friday. And I gave up my Wednesday next week, too, so hopefully a couple of short weeks and a couple new pairs of shoes will help things get better.

Hopefully it's just a sore spot due to crappy shoes and not something bad like a heel spur or something even worse than that. But we'll see.

I know that 40 isn't "old", but man, I feel like it sometimes.

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