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#6826: Parliament suspended

As I recall the Queen is pro-Brexit, or at least understands that her subjects have voted for it. And so she's given the Prime Minister the right to suspend Parliament. Basically, to say, "If you fuckwads aren't going to do what the people have told you to do, go home for six weeks while the adults in the room get it squared away."

Having gotten this--as the article mentions--Boris Johnson must deliver Brexit, else he'll end up being voted out. But I don't see how the left-wing over there can stop it.

Francis Porretto has more on it, down a bit in vignette #4.

* * *

The New York Times omits some pertinent facts. East Pittsburgh officer is aquitted of charges in the shooting of an unarmed black teen. NYT doesn't like that and stirs the race pot by extolling the youth as some kind of future Rhodes scholar, all while omitting the fact that said youth had gunpowder residue on his hands after having taken part in a drive-by shooting.

None of the facts of the case are in question; the NYT just chose to omit any facts that went against the narritive they are trying to push. That's not journalism; that's propaganda.

Read the article; it's not long. This is what we've come to expect from "the paper of record" and it's utterly unsurprising.

Meanwhile, who is attacking Orthodox Jews in NYC and why don't the city government or the press care about it?

* * *

Meanwhile, in New York, the police department is being very careful about everything. After the cop that arrested Eric Garner (you know, the guy who kept screaming, "I can't breathe!" during his arrest and then later died of a heart attack) got fired over it, NYPD cops are disinclined to do anything that might get them fired. And who can blame them?

* * *

Borepatch asks, "Why do climate scientists keep hiding their data?" It's a long read but it is a very thorough takedown of anthropogenic global warming (AGW), specifically Michael Mann's role in "settling" the "science".

"Hide the decline."

It's why I don't regard climatology as a real science; what they are doing is not--emphatically not--science. In real science you explain variations in the existing data, not hide them or adjust the data until they disappear.

The Medieval Warm Period was vastly inconvenient for the AGW people, because it was several degrees warmer then than it is now, and the CO2 concentrations were significantly lower. As bad as that is for AGW, it's not as bad as what happened next: the global temperature dropped as the Maunder Minimum and the Little Ice Age began.

...while CO2 began increasing. Because: "The Little Ice Age ended in the latter half of the 19th century or early in the 20th century." And the industrial revolution began around 1740. (Both of those facts come from Wikipedia. If you want to argue that Wikipedia is a "science denier" site, shut up: adults are talking.)

You see the problem there, don't you? "Human CO2 equals global warming" fails a basic smell test when you look at all those facts in one spot. The global temperature could not be allowed to fall when the Industrial Revolution was pumping out all that CO2.

The Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age and the Industrial Revolution, all taken together, disproves the basic AGW theory. And that's why they had to "hide the decline". According to AGW that decline was impossible. Reality was wrong, and so Mann set out to fix it.

Borepatch then asks the logical question: having been demonstrated to be a hoaxster at best and a fraud at worst, "...why hasn't Dr. Michael Mann been fired from his job?"

The answer is, of course, money:
There are indeed trillions of dollars involved, to say nothing of the fame and glory (and frequent trips to exotic islands) that go with being a member of the club. Your own Physics Department (of which you are chairman) would lose millions a year if the global warming bubble burst. When Penn State absolved Mike Mann of wrongdoing, and the University of East Anglia did the same for Phil Jones, they cannot have been unaware of the financial penalty for doing otherwise.
Go to the link for the source of that one. Well worth reading.

People who push AGW like to claim there's no real money in pushing that agenda, and therefore money can't be the reeason--but scientists run on grants, and if your organization is tainted by scientific fraud there's a good chance your scientists won't be able to get grants any longer.

Scientists who can't bring in grant money soon find themselves unemployed. But the ones that toe the line and parrot the AGW stuff--if you're one of them you're not going to move to Beverly Hills and start driving a different Bentley every day of the week, but you are going to keep what is in fact an extremely cushy, well-paid, feather-bedded job. One that includes paid travel to conferences in posh locations around the globe, working in an air-conditioned office, and never, never, ever having to produce anything but the same gobbledygook that everyone else in your field is producing.

* * *

African migrants are unhappy they don't get to go to the US. See yesterday's post. Still have no sympathy.

* * *

This is the story of Unix. A good read about the creation and history of the most-used operating system ever.

I say "most-used" advisedly; although Windows is huge, the smartphone market is also huge and Linux (which is a variant of Unix) runs about 50% of the cell phones out there. We call it "Android" because Googe wrote a front end that hides all the texty bits, but Android is basically a shell for Linux. And Linux is a version of Unix.

* * *

Let me say here that I cannot stand motion smoothing, so this is a good thing. To me, when motion in video is "smoothed" to a higher virtual frame rate, it looks as if the action speeds up, and it resembles the "old time silent movie" look, where people walk just a little too fast etc.

* * *

Speaking of frame rates, last night I tried WoW Classic on Achernar. With the quality settings maxed out I got a consistent 29-32 FPS from the thing. That's absolutely fine; NTSC video has a frame rate of 29.5 FPS and no one ever complained that TV was too jerky. And remember, this is on a computer with an $80 Ryzen processor and no video card.

With the video settings reduced a few notches from maximum--I think "7" instead of "10" on the slider--it was more consistently 35-40 FPS. Anything above 30 FPS is gravy, as stated above, so, yeah: I upgraded an existing machine with $190 in parts and got a "good enough" WoW rig for my trouble.

Then I watched one episode of an anime series on Amazon Prime: Wotakoi: Love is Hard For an Otaku. It was entertaining. I will watch more of it, but I needed to get to bed early last night in order to be awake for errands today.

I did this mainly because my wife had asked me to set up Prime Video on the cable box. After setting it up I saw that the "included with Amazon Prime" anime selection had some new titles in it, so I picked one that I'd intended to watch anyway.

I'd thought it was a different series that I'd looked at part of one ep from. There's a series where the main character is a woman working in an office, but she's a super-huge mech fan. That looked entertaining but I had other things to do, which is why I didn't watch the whole ep--and now I can't remember the name of it. Since I think it was on Hulu (and we've canceled Hulu for the time being) it's not really important.

* * *

The past few days I have been really out of sorts. Sunday's epic headache was followed by a listless and very fuzzy Monday. Tuesday was not better; but Tuesday evening after I went to bed it felt like something "switched off" all over my body, and I suddenly felt sharper. Still slept, of course. Last night I was up and down all night needing to urinate but the vague crampy gut pains that had plagued me all week were fading at the same time.

What I need is to be able to sleep in, but I probably won't get to do that until Sunday. Holiday weekend but I think I'm scheduled to work Monday--the schedule hasn't been posted and no one seems to know WTF is going on, so I'm assuming I get to work Monday (and get paid extra for it) and I can then take a day off some other day.

In late July I asked for Friday (tomorrow) off but no one said anything to me and it still shows as "pending"--but even if I do get the day off, Mrs. Fungus has plans for it, and they will preclude me getting any extra sleep.

Ah, well.

* * *

I had intended to cut the back grass this morning, but because I got crap for sleep last night I'm just going to lay down for a little while before I have to get ready for work.

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