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#6827: SO [redacted] WHAT???

First hurricane reconaissance flight with all-female flight crew. SO THE FUCK WHAT?

What is this, 1947? Pretty sure it's 2019 where women do all kinds of jobs, not just sewing and cooking. Being impressed by this "first" is the epitome of sexist. We're supposed to make the assumption that women are just as capable as men, so why do we need to celebrate a "first" from women?


* * *

This is certainly true.
Roughly 140 million taxpayers in the United States trade their irreplaceable time for a little bit of money. But every potential employee is really negotiating on behalf of an entire team of silent partners who benefit from her paycheck but do little or nothing to help earn that money. You can find a list of these interests on your biweekly stub. Every paycheck comes with a list of state, federal, and local governments that get a piece of the pie before the employee sees her first penny.
That's exactly so; a middle-class citizen gives half his earnings to the government in various taxes and fees.

* * *

Kurt Vonnegut wrote some good short stories. Several of them were dystopian, which this one really is--for all the utopian trappings, like aging and death from old age conquered, no crime, etc. The fact that it's a dystopia turns on an important plot twist so I won't give it away. But it's a good story.

* * *

One imagines the dead fool running away from the drone and its deadly payload, still carrying the controller, with the drone obediently tagging along. And, yeah, kboom, so much for you, Paco. Stupid games, stupid prizes, blah blah blah etcetera.

* * *

Black hole of 100 solar masses can't form from a supernova but considering that they've discovered one exists, it must have formed somehow.

The physics of supernovae are fascinating to me. The core of a collapsing star is an extreme environment, and the mass-energy equivalance leads to some really interesting interactions.

Oh well!

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