atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6830: Things to be thankful for.

Today we got the second half of the property taxes paid on the bunker.

And I still have money left to tide me over. A lot of the money I wasn't paying for gas and tolls got tucked into a savings account instead.

Today I took the work equipment back. It made it safely there, and I made it home safe therefrom.

Even though it's hot and humid outside, our civilization has air conditioning.

Food in the larder, a roof over our heads, and the bills are paid.

On the way home I decided to stream a little music. First song Pandora sent my way was "Carry On, Wayward Son".

And as I went homeward and did my errands and drove through a sunny rainshower, my heart was lifted and I felt glad. I am no longer--or at least, for the moment I am not--angry or depressed. That can only have come from one place, and I am glad to have received it.

Most of all, my wife, who is with me, and who misses me when I'm not around.

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