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#683: Anime stuff (and a few misc. bits.)

Seto no Hanayome--I have not laughed at a series like this for a long time. I watched ep 20 today.

Tuesday I slept a lot. I got home from work, took Mom to the doctor, got home from that, worked on the computer a bit, and then hit the hay around 5-ish...and I slept. I finally woke up at 2 AM, was on the computer for an hour, and then went back to sleep until 8 AM. I mean, I slept. A LOT.

When I finally woke up for good I had a splitting headache--no food or liquid or caffiene for about 18 hours will do that--and so I first had breakfast; then I sat down to watch Tokimeki Memorial 23, Seto no Hanayome 20, and Pretty Cure 21.

TM was more of the same. Telegraph the story, guys, and make it as non-suspenseful as possible, because you don't want it to start being interesting all of the sudden. (Hiyoko turns out to either be female, or gay. I'm not sure which. All I know is, Hiyoko gave Aoba chocolate for Valentine's Day.) Aoba learned that he's moving again, in a month, and Sayuri didn't get to give him chocolate for Valentine's Day. (Volleyball girl and swim team girl gave him theirs, of course.)

I guess that makes Hiyoko the series' tsundere'kko, though.

PreCure was interesting and entertaining, as always. (Extra-short transformation sequence in this one because there was so much story--they didn't show Nagisa's legs transforming, which they always show, and which annoys me for some reason.) Latest bad guy gets defeated in the first show he tries to beat the girls--it was different, and logical, considering how things went.

What was not logical was what happened after that, but there's nothing I can say about that without spoilers. But I can't remember the last time I saw an ep of any magical girl series in which the girls didn't use the "finishing move"; in this ep of PC they didn't use the "Pretty Cure Marble Screw" or the "Pretty Cure Marble Pulsar" moves. Interesting.

I've saved SetoHan for last even though I usually watch it before PC. I...I just can't explain why ep 20 was so funny without giving away the whole thing. But I can say this: San's father as a nekomimi; Luna's father in a seraa fuku; Masa-san doing the moe schtick; and both San and Luna contemplating suicide.

I just about busted every gut God gave me laughing at this episode. I mean, it was insane.

I have to wonder about some of the things that made me laugh. I wonder if the average American would get what was funny about them?

With all the insanity taking place, San and Luna stand on the roof of the school staring into the wind:
San: The wind is blowing hard today.
Luna: Yes. It has already dried my tears.
San: It would be good if we could just fade away.

Then their fathers--in drag--find them on the roof and talk to them in ludicrous falsetto's gotta see it to believe it! And this part was the end of the funniest part of the episode!

Unfortunately, whatever whimsical qualities this episode evokes were obscured in a morasse of marginal translation, creative grammar, and--I believe--a sausage stain several misspelled words. (This paragraph is an allusion to a line in The Sure Thing, my favorite movie.) Which has nothing to do with the topic of this post whatsoever. It's distracting, at best, when you have to spend several extra beats trying to decipher what the hell the translation means. But fortunately the bad subbing starts somewhere near the end of the episode and it doesn't detract much from the overall hilarity that ensues. (It may, in fact, have saved my life.)

San is hot; but her mother, Ren, is TEH HAWT. Ren plays an important part in this series: she acts as a brake on the stupidity and craziness. I think Urusei Yatsura suffered from a lack of a Ren-like character; the characters who got the most obnoxious the fastest didn't have anything to stop them.

It's why I like episodes of UY in which Ten's mother comes to visit. Not just because Ten's mother is a hottie, but because Ten's mother is a firefighter, and Ten's talent for breathing flame suddenly becomes a liability for the little virus. Ten's mother acts as a "brake"--but as far as I know she's in like two episodes out of nearly two hundred.

In SetoHan, Ren effectively shuts off San's father--and all the other gangsters--when he starts to pick on Nagasumi too much, or otherwise goes overboard. She's the balance that the series needs to keep it from becoming an "always pick on the main character"-fest like Love Hina.

(It also helps that Nagasumi isn't an utter wuss; he has some strength of character to him. It's most often expressed in his loyalty to San, which seems absolute, so far.)

And Ren is gorgeous.

One other thing I noticed about this series is that the characters featured in certain parts of the opening animation change depending on who the episodes are about. For example, Luna's father is featured prominently in ep 20, so he's in the part where the cast is dancing to the opening theme. He's dancing in the place of Akeno Shiranui, the "mermaid examiner", in the OP for ep 19.

Luna's father is heavily based on the Terminator--good old CSM-101, as played by Arnold Schwartzeneggar--to the point of his actually having the red-tinted vision with various applets running in windows on each side. At the end of ep 20 he's got electrical arcing flickering around him (to show that he is recovering from injuries). In the episode which introduced him they played this schtick to the hilt.

* * *

Based solely on the title, I started downloading Doujin Work. I have no idea what it's about or whether or not it's any good. I downloaded the first several episodes of Lovely Complex under the same conditions and it turned out to be excellent, so I expect that--in order to retain balance in the cosmos--this will turn out the opposite. But a certain amount of randomness in your anime selection (particularly when it only costs you a few cents' worth of hard drive space) is never a bad thing. (Unless your dice have a tendency to roll natural 1s. Then you're pretty much screwed, unless you're playing Alternity, which almost no one does any more. *sigh*)

But the people who are subbing Sketchbook--Full Colors did it; maybe that will help. But I haven't seen that series, either, so who the hell knows?

What I do know is that meta-analysis rarely tells you anything, so screw it. Either Doujin Work will be good, or it will suck, and I won't know until it's done and I can try watching it.

* * *

I've decided to start buying the Ai Yori Aoshi manga. It's 17 volumes long and apparently contains a lot more fan service than I thought. The end volume reportedly had to be shrink-wrapped due to maximum H factor, so that's a plus for lonely bachelors like me who have no love lives.

Today I had to force myself--again--to realize that my primary problem is that I don't meet women, not enough for me to meet the ones who are available and interested in me. Apparently Unix-Jedi met DixieLaurel through's a fair real-world testimonial, IMHO--and if they advertise on TV they must be good enough at what they do to generate the kind of income required to support such an ad campaign. Maybe...?

* * *

There is a new LEGO set out--a dwarven mine--and "they've got a cave troll!" Heh. It's not often you can use a Lord of the Rings (movie) line when talking about LEGOs. (Of course, I had to explain the line to the person to whom I remarked upon this. I need to choose my audiences better.)

* * *

At work on Monday night/Tuesday morning, I found a flatbed full of a recalled toy--and realized I had put a half-pallet of those up in the back room and had seen a stack of them as tall as me on the sales floor. I did some checking, then called our "toy captain" on the radio to find out if I should set that stuff aside.

The store's boss came on in the middle of it and answered the wrong part of my question. Finally I just pulled the stuff off the shelf in the stockroom and off the floor and stacked it all on a flatbed, in Receiving, next to the other flatbed laden with the product, and taped a note to the flatbed with the recall number on it.

Did anyone say, "Hey, Ed--nice catch!" No, of course not. (Well, the good team lead I work with did after I told him the story. But no one else did.)

"Hey, you saved us some useless work--thanks." Because if that stuff had been stocked (and put into the riser locations as well) someone would have had to take it all down again; this would have wasted not just the time of the person who stocked the stuff, but the time of the person who would have had to go out to the floor and take it all down.

Fifteen units on a flatbed in back and apparently an e-mail was sent out--why the hell didn't anyone else seem to know about this crap? It's stupid, and it's a good thing that I a) noticed the issue since I'm the only person who does Receiving who actually cleans the back aisle of Receiving and b) take a personal interest in doing things the right way even when it's not technically part of my assigned duties for the evening.

I'm not kidding. I could have just left it and said, "Ah, screw it--it's not my problem" and no one would have even known that I'd ignored an issue. But I have some integrity, anyway, and if I see a problem I like to do something about it even if it's just telling someone else--who can do something about it--that the problem exists.

I'm not asking for much, but a little pat on the back goes a long way. Getting even that much out of some of the people there is impossible.

* * *

They have, hanging up at work, several posters discussing desirable employee traits. One of them is "Integrity: doing the right thing even when no one is looking." Or, as the great tyrant-philosopher John Whorfin once said, "'Character' is what you are in the dark!" (Buckaroo Banzai.)

I look at those posters once in a while, and I think, "Yeah, I do pretty good with most of these." I don't know what that means, exactly, but they're all positive traits for a person, not just an employee, so maybe that makes me a decent person, and maybe it just makes me a stupid tool. I really don't know anymore.

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