atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6831: Are you kidding? "Holds multiple bullets"? Isn't that the definition of a magazine?

Smilin' Joe Biden sticks his foot in his mouth yet again. He wants to ban magazines that hold "multiple bullets". That would effectively make nearly every gun in existence illegal. FFS even my bolt-action .22 plinking rifle had something like a 6-shot magazine.

* * *

Speaking of "removing all doubt" this is I believe a fabricated tweet but it's so believable that it falls under "satire".

You could be excused for believing it's real, though.

* * *

Even if we burned every plant on Earth we would still have plenty of oxygen to breathe. The Amazon jungle, believe it or not, is a wash when it comes to the production of oxygen.

* * *

Today was pretty busy. I'm tired.

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