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#6838: Well, it had to happen eventually, I suppose

Robert Mugabe is dead. He was 95. He was the guy that drove Zimbabwe right off the cliff and wrecked its economy after being handed a fully-functioning modern nation in the early 1980s. Ran the country--badly--from the time he took power back then, until 2017. Not a good guy, but not as bad as Arafat or Castro, so this is not a celebration; merely an acknowledgement of the event.

* * *

Speaking of African atrocities, Ethiopia and Live Aid. I suppose that's one reason we don't often hear "Do They Know It's Christmas?" around Christmastime; it sounds as if the story was actually covered when the reality was discovered.

IDK, because in 1985 I didn't pay attention to the news all that much. My reaction to the whole thing was, "American liberals wanting Americans to feel guilty because people elsewhere in the world have problems: what else is new?" I thought it was bullshit and didn't care about it. It wasn't until I started listening to Limbaugh that I learned that the famine in Ethiopia was a political one--that most such famines are--and the revelation was not surprising. Not even remotely.

Modern farming and shipping methods ensure that if one part of the world has less food than it needs, we can supply that part with food without taking any away from anyone else. If people are starving, usually it is because someone wants them to starve.

And the government which was withholding food from the people, starving them to death, was a marxist government. Leftist. Socialist. Communist. Pick your synonym.

Of course it was.

* * *

Oh, yes, absolutely, I believe the official story. Mechanic sabotages a passenger jet.

Mechanic's name: "Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani".
Notably, Alani's decision to tamper with the plane's sensors comes at a particularly sensitive time for the industry. Faulty sensors were blamed for contributing to the two deadly crashes of Boeing 737 MAX 8s that forced the global grounding of the planes.

According to Alani, "his intention was not to cause harm to the aircraft or its passengers" but to "cause a delay or have the flight cancelled in anticipation of obtaining overtime work," per the affidavit.
Sure it was. Absolutely. No question whatsoever.

The story goes on to say that union employees deliberately sabotaging aircraft happens all the time.
AA characterized this as an unprecedented escalation in a labor dispute that has seen mechanics routinely engage in conduct intended to slow or stop the return of aircraft to service. These small-scale sabotage attempts have led to the cancellation or delay of hundreds of flights.
Still like unions?

* * *

One of the best things about this is that we can tell these people don't do this, it will be bad for you to our hearts' content. If they learn that we're advising them not to do whatever it is, they'll do it bigger and harder just to spite us.

In this case, CNN wants to do a "town hall" focusing on LGBTATNJEBBQWTF issues. The linked post explains why that would be a bad idea for the LGBTQ community specifically and the Democrats in general, and believe me when I say that the last thing they need is for the American people to learn just how not like them the gay community is.

* * *

It looks as if there are a few sensible judges left. Reportedly the people whose charges were not summarily dropped, but taken out of the courtroon in handcuffs, looked "shocked."

Both the defense attorneys and the DA had requested that the charges be dropped. Doubtless the defendants were told confidently that they wouldn't be punished, that the charges would be dropped because "everyone" agreed that they should be. Well, the judge did not, and denied the requests. And good for him! Start punishing these assholes for the crimes they're committing and it'll stop happening.

* * *

The climate models don't work because they don't model the atmosphere. They model a subset of variables that do not comprise the entirety of the energy inputs and outputs of the system, and they substitute constants for some of the most important variables in the system. That's not a simulation; at best it's a video game. A really boring one.

* * *

Today's pop music all sounds the same because it is the same.
In an interview, Billy Joel was asked what has made him a standout. He responded his ability to read and compose music made him unique in the music industry, which as he explained, was troubling for the industry when being musically literate makes you stand out.
You can tell who the composers are, and who are not, simply by listening to their product.

(You know who else is classically trained? Eddie van Halen.)

* * *

More about the aging of the Boomer music icons.
The problem, as I see it, is that there aren't any composers stepping up to create new music; and without new songs, rock 'n roll will fade away, just out of pure boredom. (Tell me you don't ever consider changing the station when "Stairway To Heaven" or "Hotel California" come over the air.) Instead, most modern music is so formulaic as to be unlistenable (see here for a really good explanation why).

Even worse is that actual music is being replaced with illiterate doggerel (rap) in the popularity stakes. I know that my parents' generation bewailed the replacement of Rogers & Hart's complex music with the simplistic melodies of rock 'n roll--'twas ever thus--but compared to Jay Z's musical efforts, Lennon & McCartney sound like Chopin. Like everything else, music is being dumbed down (and down, and down), just like literature, art and movies.
The fact that lots of present-day pop comes from two songwriters does not help, but rap is not music and generating it takes only the ability to speak quickly and to a beat.

* * *

After yesterday's fiasco, my "to-do" list has only gotten longer. I need to get to work.

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