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#6839: Well, that was some good effort.

Got rid of my bed today.

Wrapped the mattress and box springs in plastic and hauled 'em down to the curb, along with headboard, footboard, sides, and support slats. This is the bed that broke about three or four times in the time I had it, and which I repaired again and again. It has had its day and the box springs is bent (from one of the times the side rail broke). I actually called the garbage pickup company on Tuesday to arrange for the pickup, so we're all good there.

With that done, I turned my attention to the shelves, and took care of a significant amount of cruft. What remains on them now is stuff that can be packed up and stored until the room is done. There's no point to moving them elsewhere; I'll just get a box and packing material and bip bip bip. Half an hour, tops.

Then, my storage closet.

In there, several boxes of anime videotapes, nearly all of which were commercial releases that I paid good money for.

I threw away all of the Maison Ikkoku, because I have the first three seasons on DVD, the videotapes were dubbed, and the dub was hideously bad but for a very few bright spots--and if I ever have a hankering to see those bright spots, they're on the DVDs. The only MI tape I kept was the fansub of the final movie.

Got rid of CLAMP Campus Detectives because I have been spoiled by some really f-ing good series since that was in release. Used to be a big fan of CLAMP, but that's no longer the case. Two of them were still in the shrink wrap. I've got Cardcaptor Sakura on DVD somewhere and I'll keep that, but I got rid of the Magic Knight Rayearth fansubs along with CCD because it's just not my thing any longer. I dumped Evangelion and Tenchi in Tokyo and Magical Project S. Tape after tape after tape after tape, even stuff I'd forgotten I had, like Tank Police and Devil Hunter Yohko, because they've been in my closet now for 15 years and I haven't wanted to watch any of them.

I kept all the Ranma 1/2, though. Getting rid of that would feel like jettisoning my early thirties; it's one of my top five all-time favorites.

Earlier this week I saw Saber Marionette J volumes 1 and 2 sitting on a shelf in my closet, and summarily dumped them. I think I've had them for two decades and the tapes were never even taken out of their shells.

Saved out End of Summer, which is a Pink Pineapple release from 1994 based on a game called Doukyuusei. Having reached the end of my endurance, I dug out a DVD/VHS combo player, a set of patch cords, and a power cord, and hooked the player up to the blab slab which still graces the south wall of my former bedroom but which has not been turned on in five years.

Took a mirror and a head lamp to get the plugs in the right sockets; and then I had to look all around the bezel to find the control panel. I'd never used it before but at the moment only God knows where the remote control is. I was able to get it powered on and the volume adjusted, and so I sat down to watch End of Summer to decide if I wanted to keep it.

The answer was no. It was not as good as I remembered it being. I watched the whole thing; but once it was over, I ejected the tape, put it back into its clamshell, went outside, and pitched it into the trash can. It's been over 20 years since I last watched it, and in fact the last time it was in a VCR prior to today was when I digitized the ending theme of the thing.

Kept out a few videos, though, which I will watch as I have time for them. Both TVs now have combo units connected to them, so I can watch both DVD and VHS as suits me. I just need to find the damned remote controls for the things. *sigh*

* * *

I really am rooting for the Indians in their attempt at landing a probe on the Moon. It's a pity their attempt failed. It's not out of incompetence or anything, because what they are trying to do is really hard to accomplish.

There is no shame in trying something like that and failing. Giving up, though....

* * *

We're two weeks away from the autumnal equinox. No wonder it's already dark at 8 PM.

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