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#6841: It's a crummy-looking day out there

I have many chores and errands to attend to. I've been awake for hours, have not had anything to eat yet, and all I really want is to crawl back into bed.

* * *

Parliament has been suspended. Labor is acting scandalized that he's trying to keep them from tying his hands with a "no no-deal exit" law. (I say "Labor" but in fact it's not just the Labor Party which is in the "remain" camp.)

* * *

As usual antifa is demonstrating its true nature. A black man converts KKK members--actual KKK members--to a more egalitarian view of race, and antifa protests his speaking at a conference because reasons.
The KKK guys and the white nationalist/separatists/supremacists, whom we are told are the Absolute Worst People Who Have Ever Existed In The History of the Entire Universe, are nonetheless willing to talk to a black guy, and the dialog got to the point where some of them actually changed their minds. But not the lily white soy boys of Antifa. Oh no, they've constructed a bubble that is pretty much impermeable. They don't want anything to do with actually talking to anyone else, all they want to do is yell, break things, and throw stuff at people.
You see, if it turns out that it's possible to change the minds of white supremecists (at least some of them) then there is no need to kill them. And leftist movements always need a bogeyman to murder; for Hitler it was the Jews, and for Democrats in 2019 it's white people.

* * *

Aieee. Latest reports is that everyone's been rescued from the ship.

Not sure how they secure that many vehicles. Do they use chains on each and every one? Straps? Wheel chocks? But you have to secure them somehow, because otherwise you run into one good blast of weather and your load will shift. Next thing you know, ship's turning over and you're in the drink.

I'm wondering if this is hurricane-related. Not because of wind and waves, but because big weather can move sandbars around (or create them where there were none before) and if the ship ran into one while turning, it could be bad. A good hard jolt that would cause some of the cargo to shift, regardless of how well-secured it was, and then, over she goes.

Well, I expect they'll tell us when they figure it out.

* * *

So, a thug after all.
At the end of his research, [documentarian Joel] Gilbert knew Trayvon Martin better than his parents did, literally. As their deposition revealed, they had no idea how Martin's life had descended into a violent mix of street fighting, guns, drugs, burglary, and sex. Although both parents made good incomes, their separate lives created an abyss where a home should have been, and their once promising son fell straight to the bottom of it.
I don't think I can add anything to that.

But: Maine statistics show that constitutional carry works better than gun restrictions do. Four years after going to constituional carry, Maine is the safest state in the union.

* * *

Those people can't find their asses with both hands and a flashlight so I take all those "studies" with a grain of salt. Real salt, sodium chloride, because that's not bad for you, either.

* * *

Vegans try to steal rabbits from rabbit farmers and get quite a surprise when the farmers defend their property from theft and vandalism.

People are starting to get fed up with these assholes.

* * *

Epstein had a lot of friends in high places and those friends are now beginning to feel some discomfort from the investigation into Epstein's dealings. Which is good, because Epstein was a skunk.

* * *

That's not a real programming language. Is it?
Pixy Misa gives us that as a way to evaluate regular expressions for validity but does not say what language it is. I'm skeptical.

Oh well. Programming was never really my strong suit, anyway.

* * *

$15 an hour for a minimum wage is simply not workable as we've seen in the places that have enacted it. Illinois is now ramping up to that level, too, and it'll have the same employment-limiting effects here that it has had everywhere else it's tried, because the true minimum wage is zero.

* * *

Small, solid-state plasma thrusters for micro-satellites. They use teflon or other plastics for reaction mass, built right into the thruster and eroded by the plasma before being accelerated out of the thruster. "The 34-gram thrusters have enough fuel for perhaps 500 firings, although that and the specifics of performance are yet to be tested." How long is a "firing"? It doesn't say, and everything sounds so preliminary that I don't care to spend any time investigating it. 34 grams is a bit more than an ounce, so we're not talking about a lot of mass or a lot of thrust. Plasma thrusters are generally very low-impulse anyway, and work best when allowed to run for long periods of time.

Still, nifty.

* * *

It's Monday again, and I have so much on my "to do" list I can't even think straight.

But: I'll stir my stumps and go handle the outside errands first, which should get me going enough to come home and do some of the physical chores, and I'll be able to check them off as I get them done.


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