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#6842: "A single bottle of beer costs a week's salary."


Fidel Castro ruined Cuba, and only the removal of the communist government will fix it.

* * *

So, out of the fourteen items on my "to do" list, I've done nine of them. In no particular order, I cut the grass, got gas for the mowers, paid bills, went to the bank and paid for the safe deposit boxes, took brake parts back to AutoZone, got the headlight, took donations to Salvation Army, picked up laundry from the cleaners', requested a refill for my pills, and replaced the headlight in the Jeep.

Somehow the passenger-side headlight on the Jeep got cracked, and has been dimmer than the driver's side light. I had no idea how that could possibly be--why it hadn't just blown out--until I replaced it with a new one (item #4 on my to-do list). I hit the housing on the cracked light until the glass broke all the way across, then pried a chunk out so I could see inside it.

"Housing", I said, not "bulb", because it turns out that the headlamp unit is a glass outer shell with a halogen bulb inside. It makes sense! There's no need to draw a vacuum in that huge bulb; and the halogen bulb which was mounted inside it is a standard part they're already churning out by the shipping container. But that's why the thing didn't just burn out even though there was water inside it. The condensation ruined the mirror finish on the inside of the reflector, which is why it was dimmer than the other side was.

My penultimate chore for the day will be to go get taco shells, and I'll have to do that within the hour, but otherwise I think I've just about had enough for today. The last one will be to go fill the rental car with gasoline for my wife.

* * *

All this on top of feeling like total garbage for half the day. Woke up feeling crampy and crummy, fapped around the house until I merely felt crummy, and then got started. Having done all that, now I merely feel tired, which is a vast improvement.

Tomorrow will be the hottest day of September, no doubt. So I'm glad I got the yard work done.

I want to get the stuff off the walls in the spare room and start making with the spackle. My goal is to have it ready for paint by this weekend. It shouldn't be very hard to accomplish that, either. The really hard part is the blab slab; I'm not sure where all the bits are for its stand.

Hmm, maybe just mount it to the west wall of the basement and set up a viewing station down there. Then I could walk on the treadmill and watch anime. Heh.

Anyway, I'd better get moving.

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