atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6844: Yeeeeeowch

Well, that was quite a day.

Pulled all the nails, thumbtacks, pushpins, and staples (!) out of the walls in the spare room.

Started spackling, got the area behind the door (when it's open) started. Pulled the door off its hinges so I could get it out of the way.

Took down all the shelves, and took down the brackets for the shelves on the south wall, which had been up since at least 1981. Took down the blab slab and then removed its wall-mount bracket as well.

Took down all the glow-in-the-dark stars. Took down all the twisty plastic wire holders that formerly suspended surround speaker wires. Cleaned and organized things, finished boxing up stuff, and even cleaned out the old cedar chest.

Took down, and threw away, the ceiling fan. We'll get a new one.

The result is that the room now has perhaps one smallish box of stuff I still need to find a place for; once that's done, it's totally empty but for the closets. Since I'm not planning to paint them, that's not a problem.

Tomorrow I'm going to mount the blab slab to the wall downstairs, and I'm going to organize things a bit so I can use the treadmill. Some of the stuff in the basement, which is currently blocking access to that wall, can be stashed in the attic over the garage without any trouble whatsoever.

And I am going to spackle like it's going out of style. The walls in that room are an unholy mess, a lot worse than I thought they were, and paint prep is going to consume the next several days. We're buying paint on Saturday; I'm planning to start painting on Monday.

But with all the work I did today, the walls are ready for paint prep now. There's room to access everything and all the stuff is out of the way, so I can go right ahead and do what needs doing.

I need to go to the hardware store for lag bolts, though. The blab slab was mounted to the wall with 3" long hex head lag bolts, which is fine when you're mounting to an interior wall made from 2x4s. Drilled into the studs and cranked 'em in with a socket wrench; that mount wasn't going anywhere without my permission. But I don't think that's the case downstairs; I think down there the framing was done with 2x2s. I could try drilling a test hole to check the depth, I suppose, before I went to the trouble; but I also wanted to get a cheap light fixture--just a bare bulb one--to slap up in place of the ceiling fan while I'm doing paint prep etcetera. So if I do need 2" lag bolts, I can pick up some while I'm getting that. It'll still be plenty strong and the slab doesn't weigh so much that the mount will be at any risk of giving way.

While working I had the boom box playing Kansas. Started with Kansas, then did Masque, then Song for America, followed by Leftoverture, Point of Know Return, and Monolith. (Masque was actually their third album, not their second. Oh well. They're both copyrighted 1975.)

Guess I'll do ELO tomorrow, then.

Once the room is painted, I'll pull up the carpeting. Just need to slice it into 4' sections and tape up the rolls for the trash guys, and then pull up all the tack strips etc. The floor under the carpet is not in the best of shape; I suppose I could refinish it if I were feeling particularly adventurous. Rent a sander to get the old varnish off, then re-stain and lay down a few coats of self-leveling polyurethane varnish. Polyurethane varnish is tough stuff and its self-leveling properties all but guarantee you'll have a smooth, glossy finish when you're done. It takes time to cure, though, as a result.

We'll see about flooring, though, after the room is painted.

Anyway, I have to go pick up my pills tomorrow, so I might as well hit the hardware store on the way back. And at some point I need to fix the drooping exhaust pipe on the Jeep, damn it!

The to-do list had five items on it, and I was able to cross off only one of them today. I've since added three items, but tomorrow I expect to get four of the items crossed off. One of them has been started ("spackle") and I should be able to finish the first stage of that job tomorrow.

Well, it's a full life if you don't weaken, I guess.

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