atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6846: Well, progress, at least

Got the spackle laid down. There are a handful of spots which will take some work to complete--multiple coats of spackle plus a lot of sanding--but 95% of the spackling is finished but for sanding, which is excellent progress.

Had to fight for it, though.

...woke up with a headache but managed to get myself out of here at a semi-reasonable time. First stop, Walmart, so I could get my pills--only it took forty-five minutes to get there because they're putting skin coats of asphalt on a bunch of roads around here and apparently basic traffic control is too complicated.

Took a different way back and went to Ace. There, I bought a very simple and basic single light bulb fixture to use as a temporary in the spare room, so I can have the ceiling light on. Light is vital when you're doing paint prep, after all.

Also, I bought four 2" lag bolts, and four LED fixtures. They're $3 apiece "while supplies last" and the same as the three fixtures that I bought on a previous trip. I've now got seven; I'm expecting to put at least three of them into the attic, so that when I turn the lights on up there it's going to be lit like a football stadium.

Got home, ate lunch, then started working. Put the fixture in first and screwed in a light bulb; it worked. Then I started to spackle. It took hours to do the whole room but I did it, but for one spot on the ceiling that I missed and one spot in the NE corner where I think I'll have to remove the trim from around the closet door to get at it. A pain, but it needs doing.

But the only thing I could cross off my "to do" list today was "get pills". The spackling job is not done yet. I needed to clean the kitchen but I haven't done that either (doing that after this post is up) and there were a couple of other little jobs that I didn't do, either. Getting to Walmart took up too much of my time.

Well--as long as the paint prep (including masking) is finished by the time Mrs. Fungus gets home from work on Friday, I don't really care all that much. Tomorrow I can take care of the stuff that didn't get done today, probably while I'm waiting for the second coat of spackle to dry on those handful of spaces where it needs it.

That'll do, I suppose.

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