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Iran has 3,000 centrifuges; Israel may act. Let them act. For crying out loud. Our politicians have no useful guile in them at all. This would be perfect: Israel bombs the living piss out of Iran's nuke stuff. US publicly "deplores" the action. Our President sends their prime minister a nice fruit basket with a big "THANKS FOR BEING YOU!" bow on it. Iranian president Asshat gets his shit handed to him. I think it's win-win.

(A note to the Zionist conspiracy: please send $10s and $20s. Thank you.)

23 illegals working at O'hare. There need to be more stories like this one: the people who were responsible for employing those illegals got arrested. Awesome.

Gay jokes illegal in Britain. Next up: IngSoc and Thoughtcrime. Enjoy living in the doubleplusgood world of doubleminusbad penalties for inappropriate thoughts and actions.

$4.05 per gallon in Oakland. The remedy for this is pretty easily stated:

1) Exploit domestic oil resources
2) Build more refineries to process said domestic oil

...two things which the majority of people in the San Franscisco/Oakland area are hard against. (These are the people who elected Pelosi, for Christ's sake.)

Of course, that area also has some of the highest fuel taxes in the country. California's state tax, plus local taxes, plus the federal taxes, etc, etc.

Until people either modify their behavior (get rid of trucks and drive econoboxes) or wise up to the fact that you don't get something for nothing, gas will cost a lot. You want cheap gas? Then let them build refineries and drill for oil. You don't want the ecological impact from that? Then get used to expensive gas. You can't have it both ways.

The whole issue of energy supply--I've commented on it, at length and ad nauseum--before, and I don't know how I can possibly say anything that I haven't said approximately 60,000 times already. But many of the issues raised in the mainstream media about energy supply are our own damned fault.

It's not the "evil oil companies" which are doing this to us. We demand a certain amount of energy and that amount is always increasing. We also demand that they not build more refineries or exploit domestic resources to supply that energy. Refining capacity in the US is stretched to its limit and the world supply of crude oil is being maintained at an artificially low level by OPEC, thus raising the costs of both the raw material and the processing of it.

Add egregious taxation and is it any wonder gas costs $4.05 in Oakland?

Unfortunately the same people who bitch the loudest about gas being so expensive are the ones who won't let the oil companies do anything to fix the problem. You think they have a stake in gas being over $3 per gallon? Oil companies make about $0.10 of profit per gallon sold regardless of the price; which do you think they'd rather do, sell (say) 5,000,000,000 gallons at $3 or 10,000,000,000 at $2? I'll tell you: in the latter case they make twice the profit of the former case.

The only reason oil companies make "record profits" when crude oil is expensive is that oil companies also sell crude oil. It costs them about $15 per barrel to pump the stuff from the ground. If the world price is $20 per barrel, they make $5 per barrel in profit. If the world price is $95, they make $80 per barrel in profit and the newspapers scream, "Record profits!" But it's disingenuous to suggest that the "record profits" come from gasoline sales.

(A note to the oil companies: Guys, I've been talking about this since April of 2006 and I've been railing against anthropogenic global warming almost as long. According to the leftists, anyone with my opinions is paid by you guys to shill these talking points. When do I get my check?)

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