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#6848: "Hell, yes, we're going to take your AR-15...."

Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke just took the mask off a century of Democrat anti-gun posturing.

The objective is--and always has been--the total disarmament of the populace. "No one wants to take your guns" except the entire Democrat party.

If Robert Francis were to win the nomination, all the Trump campaign would need to do would be to showcase that "Hell yeah" moment. So, yeah, he may have gotten a bump from the hard left for saying it, but I think he just torpedoed any chance he had at winning.

"The Fake Irish Taco just went and declared war on 80 million Americans."

The Fake Irish Taco doesn't seem to understand what "confiscation" means to hispanics.

Karl Denninger seems a bit annoyed by Fake Irish Taco's comments, not that I blame him.

That was the most telling point to come out of the Democrat debate but there are other good bits in there as well. "Pay every teacher $60,000 per year" is a good one.

No, it really is good. Just stop paying administrators $120,000 or $240,000 or $480,000 or whatever they get. Make sure it applies to everyone in the education bureaucracy. That way it would actually not cost any more money to apply. Make $60,000 the salary for educators at any level. The people running our socialized educational system are very fond of communism. Let them experience it.

* * *

Then the elites wonder why the common people have no respect for them whatsoever.
...[W]e can't provide a $527,000 to $700,000 apartment for each person on the street. I've been in planning meetings where people said, "Everybody deserves a granite countertop," but that isn't going to work for 44,000 people.
You also need to consider the fact that the people who will be living in those places aren't going to have any respect for the property.

Take a look at "Section 8" housing that has been in use for at least a year, anywhere in the US. If you can, have a gander at pictures of what the places looked like when they were first designated as "low income housing" and compare them to their current state. I'd feel safe betting money that their current condition could be charitably described as "distressed". Because the people living in them don't have a stake in keeping them nice. They're not paying for it; and the habits that make people dirt poor also make them terrible stewards of property. That's why "the projects" were always such shitholes. That's why "Cabrini Green" was synonymous with "crime-ridden, festering ghetto" in the Chicago area.

Homelessness has two main causes: drug abuse, and insanity. A bare few percent of homeless people are sane and sober folks who've had bad luck, and they usually do not remain homeless for very long. You go and give a $500,000 apartment to a drug addict and it's not going to be worth $500,000 for very long. Ditto for someone who's totally off his rocker, but for different reasons.

"Wow, this countertop is granite. I bet I could sell that for twenty bucks! Maybe even forty! That'd get me my stuff for two days!"

* * *

Price controls always lead to scarcity but that never stops the left from insisting on them.

Okay--just remember that we had price controls on gasoline in the 1970s. Most people have forgotten the lines and rationing, but it happened because it was impossible to meet demand at the government-mandated (artificially low) price.

Government cannot lower prices by fiat. The best it can do is to get out of the way of competition.

* * *

This would give the lie to the true nature of the Chinese government, wouldn't it? If Xi Jinping is preparing a "Mao-style purge"--let's stop right there.

If Xi Jinping is preparing a typical communist purge

--that's better. If that's what he's preparing to do, there is precious little we can do about it. Except maybe taking them off the "most favored nation" list that China's been on since the Nixon administration. And the Democrats would hate that.

Incidentally, though? That article should put paid to the stupid notion that China is anything other than communist. Everyone wants us to believe that China is no longer communist, that because they are allowing some capitalism around the edges they are on a trajectory towards freedom. They are not.

If the Communist Party is still in charge, they're still a communist nation. And you don't talk about "purges" ("Mao-style" or otherwise) in a country where the people are represented by their government. China is still a communist dictatorship.
Older and more senior CCP officials, on the other hand, are worried that Xi might see himself as the new Mao Zedong. They spent the last four decades trying to forget how many people [sixty million] the original Mao killed, and they dogmatically view his Great Cultural Revolution as an experience that might have been necessary long ago, but is not something they are eager to repeat.
If they were really all that concerned with the lives of the proles, they would renounce marxism entirely and set up a representative republic. The fact is that communism always results in piles of human corpses, and the longer it goes on, the higher those piles get.

If there were a second "Cultural Revolution" it would not surprise me. Horrify, yes; dismay, yes; but surprise, no. This is what they do. China's totalitarian communism has gone on about as long as any other did--the Soviet Union lasted 73 years--but if the lesson is not applied every so often, the proles get uppity. In country living under a totalitarian government, terror must be maintained, and the best way to maintain terror is simply to slaughter twenty million people for being politically incorrect.

If the protests there go on long enough, I expect the first massacre to take place in Hong Kong. Timed, as the article suggests, to coincide with the October founding of communist China.

It's not a case of "if". It's only "when".

The other issue is one of food. Pork is a staple of the Chinese diet and its price is skyrocketing as supply drops due to rampant pig disease and the rising price of pig feed.

This is very good news for America. President Trump's "trade war" with China is working, putting the economic screws on them.

Their backs are against the wall. They're trying to spin dropping these tariffs as a "goodwill" measure but the fact is that China gets a lot of food from America, they cannot get it from elsewhere, and they need those foodstuffs a hell of a lot more than we need cheap Chinese products.

Starving people have little to lose, and the Chinese military is a bare fraction of the total population. Food riots could turn into mass insurrection, hence the need to maintain terror.

"Goodwill" my ass. Communists don't have good will.

* * *

Remember this when you hear someone say, "The rich have to pay their fair share!" Simple fact: half of all the income taxes paid in the US are paid by the top 5% of incomes. Something like $1,500 billion dollars comes from just 5% of the earning population, which is somewhat less than the total population of the country, so we're already talking about 5% of some other percentage of the total population.

How is that unfair? I mean, okay, it's unfair that these 5% have to shoulder such a large portion of the federal budget, but that's not what they mean by "unfair". When someone says "the rich have to pay their fair share" they mean that they think the rich are unfairly getting to keep too much of their money and that they should give more of it to the government. Cue the Beatles' "Tax Man": "Nineteen for me, one for you."

You can cite the statistics to these people but you might as well shout at the wind. They never know what the rich should pay; they only know that the rich don't pay enough and should be made to pay more. Even trying to pin down a percentage is impossible with these people. "How much should the government take? Fifty percent? Seventy? Ninety?" They never say, unless they're hard-core communists, in which case they think a 95% tax rate is just dandy. "At some point, you've made enough money."

I think a quote from the Torah is the logical answer to that one: "How much money is 'enough'?"

* * *

Body cameras are a wonderful thing. They're wonderful because they protect everyone involved: both the police officer and whoever it is he's arresting. If the cop does what he should, and nothing he should not, and the suspect ends up suing--well, there's the evidence. On the other hand, if the cop is being excessively violent when the suspect is cooperating fully--again, there's the evidence.

It's in everyone's best interest to have an impartial video record of these events. Of course lawyers don't like them.

* * *

This kind of thing is why I do not condone the homosexual lifestyle.

* * *

So many leftist oxen being gored! What a thing of beauty!

* * *

I should be able to finish the paint prep today, but first I need to make a run to the store. I could not get to sleep last night; and then when I did, I kept waking up. Woke up at noon, and just got up; sat here working on this post and eating my leftover sandwich from Jersy Mike's. Now I must get in motion.

* * *

That ellipsis there covers about a seven-hour period.

So, here's the rundown for today.

First up, hit the store for my wife's pills and some Pepsi. Got home from then, and then started working on the spare room. Got the entire room finished, which means I could (and did) cross "spackle" off my to-do list.

During a rest break I had another look at the sander and realized that it had not, after all, broken. The bail that held the sandpaper in place had come off, but the plastic bit that held it in place wasn't broken after all. In a matter of seconds I had the bail back in place.

Well, that's okay. It's not like its replacement cost $80. And the new one seems to do a better job of sanding, anyway.

Anyway, finished smoothing everything, and then I dragged the vacuum cleaner in there and thoroughly vacuumed everything. There's a nice heavy layer of white dust on all the horizontal surfaces and I'll have to clean and dust in there, but at least I got most of it cleaned up. Enough that I could open the door again, which is good, because it's like 65° outside and I wanted to cool the place with outside air tonight.

Mrs. Fungus got home as I was showering--I was also covered in a layer of white dust--and she said she wanted to go buy paint tonight so we wouldn't have to go anywhere tomorrow. Off we went.

Picked out a new ceiling fan and a color: "socially lime", it's called, a pleasant green that will make for a nice relaxing space in which to read and listen to music.

Giordano's deep-dish pizza for dinner. I've been wanting pizza for a week.

Did not get any masking done, but masking is not really a big step. Since I'll be painting the ceiling first (ultra white, of course) I can mask everything else while the ceiling is drying. The important part is that the really hard part of paint prep is completed.

* * *

Anyway, it's Friday, and I'm tired, and it's late, and I want to get a little WoW in before bedtime.

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