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#6851: This has always been the goal.

No one was supposed to say what Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke said out loud and in public like he did. "Hell yes, we're going to take your AR-15."

Their "fact-checkers" are trying hard to spin it otherwise but "Beto" took the mask off and it can never, never, ever be put back on. PolitiFact said "Beto wants to take our guns" is FALSE but the guy is selling tee-shirts that repeat what he said, with the legend "BETO FOR AMERICA" underneath the quote.

"Did Beto really forget about the history of Prohibition? People still drank, they just did it illegally."

Some Democrat tool tried to say that law-abiding gun owners could no longer call themselves "law-abiding" if they failed to turn in their weapons after they were banned.

...which prompted the natural reply.

We've seen the movie play out in other countries. We know what happens if we let you disarm us. No thank you.

* * *

If I had not already decided never to buy another HP product, this would convince me. I made the shift to Brother printers because HP stopped supporting legacy devices, and left me with a very nice flatbed scanner I could not use on any computer made after 2006. The scanner was five years old and worked perfectly, but because of their arbitrary decision not to update drivers for new versions of Windows, it became a paperweight.

That pissed me off enough that I no longer wanted anything to do with HP. Let's face it: why should I buy a peripheral from a company with a track record of suddenly deciding they no longer wanted to support older hardware? It was a cynical decision, made solely to force people to buy new peripherals. There was certainly no technical justification for the move.

Used to be one of their biggest fans because their stuff just worked, flawlessly, every time, with a minimum of bullshit. But after that? I steer people away from HP whenever possible, and I cite that event as one reason. Now I have another: "Comes with spyware pre-installed for your convenience."

* * *

After Mom died my brother and sister wanted to fix up the bunker and put it on the market. They never actually did anything, of course, although they talked about it. When I offered to start painting I was told not to, in no uncertain terms, because "we have to pick colors", so I didn't.

Fixing up a house to sell it is actually a bad idea unless it's got major problems. They wanted to tear out the patio and put in brick, and put in wood floors, and I forget what else. "We'll make a profit!" Heh. I doubted it then, and I doubt it now. In all probability the actual plan was for me to do all the work, anyway.

(Anyone surprised that they later complained that I hadn't even painted the place?)

In the case of Mrs. Fungus' father's house, there were some major deficiencies that had to be attended to. That extended mostly to getting flooring put into two rooms and having some plumbing repairs done. The house itself was in such a desirable location, though, that even with a few obvious deficiencies remaining it sold fast. (It helped that the roof and HVAC were basically new, of course.) But 90% of the house was just left "as-is".

* * *

Today's major task is to paint the ceiling in the spare room. I'm going to go to the store for a few sundries, and I'll stop at Ace to get some little fiddlybits that I need for painting. Come home, have lunch, then get to work.

Once the ceiling is painted--that'll take two coats--I'm going to start working on masking all the woodwork, and once the woodwork has been masked I'm done for the day. (I do not have to do it all if I don't want to. There is no real rush.)

Tomorrow will be the day to mask the ceiling and then paint the walls "socially lime".

Wednesday I expect to work on removing the carpeting.

Duct cleaning is scheduled for the 24th. Realistically speaking, even if someone called me for an interview today I wouldn't start work before October, so I don't expect there to be any conflicts.

* * *


At some point I should sit down and write the story out for all and sundry, because it is fraught with bullshit, but I am still disinclined. I have been let go from jobs before, but only one other time in my life was it done in such a massively piss-poor fashion, and without warning. I want to deliver the story with a calmer head than I have now, even though it's been a couple of weeks.

But I've been tossing resumes at positions, of course, and something will click. As previously stated I do feel pretty positive about the situation. I'd like to think that I'll find myself in a better job than I had; certainly I wouldn't say "no" to working from home if that were in the offing, and I applied for a job today which offered that possibility.

I don't like talking about it here, though, because--superstitious as I am--I don't want to jinx anything.

* * *

Before I can paint I must go to the store. If I do not start soon I will not finish painting the ceiling before Mrs. Fungus gets home from work, and dinner will be delayed. Off I go.

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