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#6852: Why is there any doubt about the facts of the case?

She married her brother specifically to gain entry to the United States, which is immigration fraud on several levels so it's clear that Ilhan Omar (D-little Somalia) should be returned forthwith to her country of origin. With prejudice: "You can never come back."

* * *

Two takes on the same story:

Three masked teens try to rob a man, who shoots them dead. Cue the usual caterwauling from the goblins' relatives about how they didn't deserve to be shot. *rolleyes*

The Miami Herald conveniently omits the "armed robbery" part.

Look: if you go to someone's house with the intention of robbing it, you had better be damned certain that no one is home, because if there is someone there and they have a firearm, you can be KILLED. And guess whose fault it is when that happens?

* * *

Two from Kim du Toit on Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke's proposed confiscation of firearms:

"When you threaten gun confiscation — that is, having the police forcibly disarm citizens — then YOU are the ones threatening violence."

"I would respectfully suggest that this is similar to the situation where someone teases an otherwise-quiet dog into attacking, then shoots the dog 'because it was vicious'."

* * *

The left's answer is always totalitarian control of the masses. University of Alabama students don't stay for the whole football game, and that makes people in the athletics program unhappy.

I think Karl Denninger's solution is good: if you want people to sit in those seats for the whole game, then pay them to sit in them. Not with an app and "points" but actual cash. Otherwise, fuck off.

* * *

Big surprise. I think that "File 770" (no link; he doesn't deserve it) is a pustulent boil on the posterior of Science Fiction. And: "It's always amusing to see how SJWs are shocked to discover that the laws apply to them too."

Copyright law is pretty explicit. If you insist on linking to protected content after the owner asks you to stop, you're a pirate.

Oh, Larry Correia is the source for this and his description of "File 770" is even better: he says he thinks that "File 770 is the Prolapsed Anus of Fandom".

* * *

Tom Baker with kittens. Balm for a troubled soul. I'm not sure how or why, but it is.

* * *

So, today is Tuesday and I need to get cracking. That ceiling is not going to paint itself.

But! Once the ceiling is painted, the rest of the day is mine, to do with as I please. Whee!

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