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Airplane mechanic Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani, who sabotaged an essential flight system on an airplane, turns out to have ISIS videos on his cell phone.

Last Friday I said, and I quote:
Oh, yes, absolutely, I believe the official story. Mechanic sabotages a passenger jet.

Mechanic's name: "Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani".
Notably, Alani's decision to tamper with the plane's sensors comes at a particularly sensitive time for the industry. Faulty sensors were blamed for contributing to the two deadly crashes of Boeing 737 MAX 8s that forced the global grounding of the planes.

According to Alani, "his intention was not to cause harm to the aircraft or its passengers" but to "cause a delay or have the flight cancelled in anticipation of obtaining overtime work," per the affidavit.
Sure it was. Absolutely. No question whatsoever.

The story goes on to say that union employees deliberately sabotaging aircraft happens all the time.
AA characterized this as an unprecedented escalation in a labor dispute that has seen mechanics routinely engage in conduct intended to slow or stop the return of aircraft to service. These small-scale sabotage attempts have led to the cancellation or delay of hundreds of flights.
So, sure, absolutely, this was nothing but union bullshit, right? The union spoke up almost immediately and denounced the shithead for doing this.

And the fact that he has ISIS videos on his cell phone, that's nothing but a coincidence. I mean, he just happens to be from Iraq and he just happens to have ISIS videos on his phone and he just happens to sabotage an airliner. Right?

* * *

Anyway, the spare room is now painted "socially lime" and I am done for the night.

Two coats. The first coat almost did a great job of hiding the original paint, though. I had to have Mrs. Fungus give it the once-over to decide me on doing the second coat, but ultimately we decided that since we'd bought two gallons anyway we might as well.

I used one gallon plus maybe a pint from the second gallon to get it done. Argh etc.

So I'll let it dry overnight and take the masking tape off tomorrow. We have a new ceiling fan; I'll install that either Friday or this weekend--that's maybe a 30-minute job. Tomorrow, regardless, I must get the carpeting out, because Thursday night is garbage night.

When I first started painting, the color looked like it was that peculiar glow-in-the-dark paint color. That had me worried, until I remembered that every time I've painted the color has looked bad, one way or another, until it dried. This was no exception; it's a lovely color when dry. (I did think it'd be really cool to paint a room with glow-in-the-dark paint, though.)

Working on the paint this afternoon I remembered that both Dad and my maternal grandfather had been in paint, one way or another, and I realized that I felt connected to them when I paint. The surface preparation and the masking and doing the edging, it's a craft--and as I worked I realized that my grandfather would probably tell me that I'm doing it all wrong.

I never met him. He died less than a year before I was born. I don't know how we would have gotten along, but considering that he called the University of Chicago "University of Moscow" I suspect our politics would have aligned nicely. He was a painter--both of walls and of pictures--a musician, a writer, a soldier, and a naturalist. A man of many talents, with only an 8th grade education, yet he'd owned a business and raised a family and did not suffer from poverty.

Anyway, it made me feel a little sad that I never knew him. Such is life, though.

* * *

Today was, as I said in the last post, something of a mess. With the excitement of this morning's events, I finally flopped a bit after noon, and slept for a good three hours. I'd intended to sleep until four, but I woke up hungry and wanted to get moving on things. Grabbed a pizza from Little Caesar's and worked on work paperwork; then hit the spare room and got cracking.

Mrs. Fungus got home a bit after I finished the first coat. We had dinner and watched an ep of Mad Men, and then I did the second coat.

If at all possible, Friday I am going to spend sleeping in, doing absolutely nothing, and playing WoW. Work starts Monday at 8 AM. Whee!!!

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