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#6855: Utterly flat

Very hefty day today--took a long-planned trip to the zoo, then got Mrs. Fungus' car out of dock and turned in the rental. Once we were home from everything I flopped in bed for two hours. I still don't have any real energy but at least I'm awake.

It means, of course, that the spare room carpeting will not go out with the trash tonight as I had planned. Paint is done and dry but I need to de-mask the room, and because Mrs. Fungus must be at work early tomorrow I cannot do any work in the spare room tonight. Imagine my heartbreak.

Anyway, on to the post.

* * *

What is this tendency that abortionists have to keep trophies? Kermit Gosnell was the same way--he kept a jar of baby parts (thumbs, I think). I identify them as "abortionists" because these aren't gynecologists who happen to do a lot of abortions; these are people whose entire practice is built on performing them. And out of this set, a startling number of times, they're found to keep trophies or collections or whatever ghastly name there is for someone who keeps a piece of every baby he's killed.

What possible purpose could such a collection serve?

Meanwhile Captain Useless is saying that he hopes this issue "...doesn't get caught up in politics at a time when women need access to health care." Oh. So, women usually do not need access to health care, but right now they do? What a load of fatuous crap. He doesn't care about the 50,000 babies killed by this guy or the 2,200-odd trophies he kept. He wants abortions to be commonplace and routine and easier to get than cold medicine. But that's not "access to health care"; those words are used by Democrats to obfuscate the issue and to hide their true intentions.

* * *

"Marxism Means Government Control of Your Labor" is probably the pithiest encapsulation of the meaning of socialism I ever saw. It also does not do it justice, though. I'd say, something more like, "Marxism means you are a slave to your government."

Marxism is slavery.

* * *

This article echoes something I said.
I don't know, taking my guns away with a mandatory buyback seems like a violation of at least three Constitutional Amendments (2nd, 4th, and 5th).
"Hell, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47," Beto O'Rourke exclaimed at last week's Democratic debate. The gathered crowd was enthusiastic about the proposal, but other Texans were...less receptive.
Democrats want a disarmed populace because once the guns are out of the citizens' hands it's a lot easier to round up all the people you don't like and pack them into death camps.

And do not tell me I am engaging in hyperbole or "slippery slope" because that has happened every time the government confiscated firearms.

* * *

SNL is not, and never has been, balanced. It has always, always, always been a hell of a lot more critical of the right wing than the left. If you look at the jokes they made about Nixon and Ford, and then the jokes they made about Carter, you will see that the former Presidents were mocked and belittled, while the latter was laughed with. That goes all the way back to the first freaking cast (the one that was actually funny) and it has never been any different.

So, no, I don't buy the claim that the guy they fired was supposed to appeal to "conservatives". I think they're just trying to further the leftist dogma that right-wingers are racist.

* * *

None of this is surprising. Person has autistic child. Autistic child has "rapid onset gender dysphoria", otherwise known as, "I decided it'd be cool to be transgender syndrome". Of course the parent's desire for their child not to be given life-altering treatment over what will probably turn out to be an adolescent whim is branded as "bigotry".

Someone opined that in a hundred years people are going to look back at sex change treatments with the same horror we currently look at the lobotomy craze of the early 20th century.

* * *

How to stop Win 10 from going to sleep in 30 seconds. Useful information. I'll probably never find this link again.

* * *

"Imagine being so rich that you accidentally buy 2 airliners--and then figure, "Oh well, I'll just give one to my cousin.'" That would really be a hardship, wouldn't it?

And a link from the same post, Biden's tale about facing down "Corn Pop" in 1962 may actually be more true than not. To be honest, the skepticism leveled at the story seemed too present-centric.

No, really: the past is a foreign country, 1962 was fifty-seven years ago, and gangs have changed rather significantly in that time. It felt, to me, as if it were plausible--the guy could have been called "CornPop"--it sounded reasonable to me. The gang could have been called "The Romans", especially considering that anyone who was of adult age in 1962 probably got more education before dropping out of high school than kids today who graduate from high school as class valedictorian.

Ultimately, no one cares, but I wasn't skeptical of his story because the antagonist in it did not resemble a gang leader from 2019, or because the name of the gang was something literate.

* * *

Brookfield Zoo is pretty large, so we got our exercise from walking. Photosynthesized vitamin D; I wore a cap but the back of my neck feels hot. Got to see a lot of animals, of course. Mrs. Fungus got to feed kale to the giraffes, which she found exciting.

The main road leading to the zoo was a parking lot--construction--so I ended up taking back streets to and from. What a pain in the ass.

* * *

Anyway, Mrs. Fungus was also tired and has to get up early tomorrow, so she went to bed already. I'm going to play WoW for a little while, I think; get the trash out, and then hit the hay myself.

What a lovely day we had.

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